My first day.....

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Nov 4, 2016

of freedom in my forever quit. I looked back at "my quit" plan and realized I've been here since july. Wow I've had alot quit/starts since then. Things are different now that I've learned to put me first and never mind what Jake is doing. Things are different because I'm committed, willing and able. I'm taking this all very seriously. I was sitting here thinking of all my triggers I must over come, both in the house and when we are out and about. Every parking lot is a trigger.  I will give up coffee for a while, I will stay away from my dining room if the shades are open because right outside there is the back porch where I used to smoke and Jake will be out there smoking. I pretty much have my office, which is okay, all of you are here, and my bedroom where I have TV and my crochet project I'm working on. NOPE will become a part of my vocabulary as well as I don't smoke any more. I've definately have my work cut out for me, but it all is going to be so worth, I know that because all you ex'ers have told me so, thank you. Have a wonderful smoke free day and I will too.