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Hello Everyone! I had my CT scan yesterday but won't know anything for a day or so. Its always hard waiting around for answers, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm not smoking over it though, yeah me! I don't have much to say this morning, don't think I was ready to get out of bed and think I'll crawl back in.

I'm wishing for all of you a bright, carefree, smoke free day!

Just a beautiful day..

Posted by JustSharon Nov 29, 2016

whether it be cold outside or foggy as it has been, it will still be a beautiful day, because I am smoke free. I have a ct scan this morning for that mass I found in my stomach. Dr says its the size of a baseball. So if you would, send up a few prayers please. I should know the results soon I hope.

A few words of wisdom I found:  Worry less, Appreciate more. If you want something, make it happen. Apply that to a new quit! Have a great smoke free day everyone.

24 DOF

Posted by JustSharon Nov 28, 2016

and a happy smoke free day!

Keep on Learning

Posted by JustSharon Nov 27, 2016

Good morning everyone. This Sunday I am reflecting on all that I have learned here and still learn every day. I read a blog about faith and one day at a time, all things I still practice. I am yet so vulnerable to relapse that I must be vigilant about all that I learn here about staying quit. I read a lot every day and that plus practice is a good quit. It’s football day and I’ve yet to see if my Seahawks are playing. That’s the only game I watch. I usually crawl back into bed to watch and fall asleep through most of it, LOL. Think I’ll watch on the sofa today.  Wishing you all a happy smoke free day!

Just had to.....

Posted by JustSharon Nov 26, 2016

Bring Maxine out this morning I cleaned a toilet at 6am, geez. But ya got to keep busy in these days of not smoking.

Good morning everyone. I'm trusting that you will have a great smoke free Saturday. I know I will as smoking is not an option, but cleaning a house is and because of my knees cleaning will fill most of my day, even with Jakes help.

21 Days today!

Posted by JustSharon Nov 25, 2016

Getting somewhere with those days wracked up. Hoping you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. We had a nice one and I only had to step away from 2 craves.

Does any one brave Black Friday? That's one day I would'nt go out for anything. I would rather pay more money than deal with those crowds.  I had my Xmas shopping done for my grandson in Oct. He will be coming home to us for good in June, so I'm saving his Xbox till then as we will have a party of Xmas and his birthday when he gets here. He's going to be surprised that grandma isn't smoking any more.

Well, that's what I know for sure this morning. Everyone have a fantastic smoke free Friday Hugs

Have a blessed day!

Posted by JustSharon Nov 24, 2016

Jake and Sharon

Couldn't help myself

Posted by JustSharon Nov 23, 2016

She is just to funny! I feel just like her at times. How is everyone this morning? I had some sort of stomach bug yesterday, but it went away pretty quick.

I was wondering how soon into a quit does this awful cough go away? I know that I have COPD, but I also feel that smokers cough. I get exhausted at time, ribs sore.

Jake is going to try quitting again. There are no cigarettes in this house. I'm hoping he will make it this time. Cigarettes laying around on the back porch was a big trigger for me. No matter how I tried if I saw them, I wanted one. Made my fight that much harder. 

I'm coming up on the 3 week mark real soon, though I've been there just to fall, I feel stronger and more commited this time around. Here's hoping!

Have a fantastic smoke free day!

Up way too early again, but I suppose its ok, I come here to talk to all of you and that makes getting up early worth it. I don't remember if I told you that I have given up my cup of coffee in the morning as it was way too much a trigger for me. I far prefer my water. I have a cooler cup in every room, so I'm just floating away every minute of the day. lol.

This many of you have felt that way, I sure did on my last cup! That's all I have for this morning. I continue to be smoke free and hope you all are joining me this morning, HUGS

17 DOF

Posted by JustSharon Nov 21, 2016

Good morning or afternoon depending where you are. I layed around in bed all day yesterday with an awful headache, but not bad enough to see my Seahawks play. They won!! Just like I've Won another day.

We are headed for a short day of it Xmas shopping..For my grandson who is closer to 11 than he is ten, I just don't have any  ideas. We bought him an xbox one, but hesitate to mail it as his other grand mother is very strict on that stuff. Oh blah blah. Any one have an 11 year old and any ideas I would appreciate it. He's not giving grandma any ideas.

Working hard to protect my quit today. I got binky and straw back out. Just some oh my Gosh cravings come right out of the walls. I have my armour on though!! And I will accept Gods gift and move right along. That's the best I can do!


Posted by JustSharon Nov 20, 2016

cONGRATS ON 6 MONTHS DOF! Hope you trip is going well.

Just Stuff :)

Posted by JustSharon Nov 20, 2016

Slept in this morning rather than my 2:am usual, felt fantastic! My only plans for today are to shop for Thanksgiving dinner. I like to shop on Sundays, its usually pretty quiet. Oh yes, I've also got to replenish my supply of patches, can't forget that, they work for me.

My quit so far is going well, although I do tend to say NOPE and "I don't do that any more" out loud and I do get looked at strangely. I don't care, one's got to do what one's got to do.Jake is on and off again with his attempt at quitting. He smokes outside and I don't have to be out there, so he's pretty much alone to deal with it.

From a saying I read. "the only difference between a good day and a bad day is ATTITUDE!" Have a great smoke free day!

Another wonderful

Posted by JustSharon Nov 19, 2016

I woke early with my knees in pain, thank God I've got an appointment for an injection in my right knee on Dec. 2. Not soon enough for me, but you can only have the injections every 3 months. I have one more month to wait for the other knee. I'm content though, its all just a waiting game.

So, how is everyone this morning? I hope well and happy. I know some of you are out there sick and in pain and I want you to know you are in my prayers.

I remain smoke free and do recite NOPE alot. I don't miss cigarrets at all what with the hacking up of my lungs, the stink on my clothing, it has just grown old. Yes its difficult at times, but I guess thats just the nature of the beast.

Well I guess that is all for me this morning. Have a great day!

2 weeks DOF

Posted by JustSharon Nov 18, 2016

I'm real happy about the time I've gathered and just wanted to share. It is only 2:30 am here and of course didn't sleep well. Gives me lots of quiet time before the family is up and noisy. Just found out my daughter is pregnant with her second child.

I pray she can carry to term as she has lost several over the last few years. She is engaged to be married and I wish they would find their own place soon. We'd like our home back. I will be happy to have another grand child! Please pray for her.

Have a wonderful Friday, smoke free of course.

Lazy day!

Posted by JustSharon Nov 17, 2016

I got so busy yesterday that I didn’t take the time to blog or read. I’ve got a lot of catch up reading to do! My poor knees hurt badly from walking yesterday that after blogging today I think I’ll lay around and rest them.  Well, after one more load of laundry. I’m thankful for the busy days, leaves little time to think of smoking. I have 13 days won! Jake is doing good as well. He’s awfully quiet though. I’m so thankful he decided to walk this road again.

Any whooo, just wanted to pop in and wish all of you a happy and continued smoke free day!

Pouring down rain....

Posted by JustSharon Nov 15, 2016

But I've got sunshine in my heart. I sure wish I knew what gets me up so early in the morning. Maybe I just go to bed to early. Oh well, just a jump start on a new day of being a quitter.

Jake quit smoking yesterday. I let him know that his quit is all his own just as mine is mine. He understood as I understand and learned that right here on EX, thank you all. Jake won't be opening a page nor blogging. This is his own way.

What are your plans for the day? I have a small outing to pick up some prescriptons and go out to lunch with my sweetheart, Come back home, nap, hang out at EX,get one load of laundry done, and a little dusting. I think that's about all I can handle for a day. Oh and did I mention, to not smoke!!

All of you have a great wondefull smoke free day!

Double Digits here~

Posted by JustSharon Nov 14, 2016

10 DOF and I'm feeling good! I certainly feel motivated.

On to other things, I must brag just a little that my Seahawks beat the Patriots last night. Don't mean to step on anyone's toes. It was an excellent game to watch, lots of action at times, nail biting action. Enough said.

I'm looking forward to my 11th day. Have a wonderful smoke free day!

Good Morning

Posted by JustSharon Nov 12, 2016

It's been a very tiring morning thus far as I woke at 2am and couldn't fall back to sleep. I forgot to put my patch on yesterday, so that may be the reason. Anyways, I've got another day won and I'm proud of that. Yeah!

Hoping you all have a wonderful smoke free weekend!!

7days Won

Posted by JustSharon Nov 11, 2016

Good morning everyone and Happy Veteran's day to all of our men and women who served this country,my jake being one, fought more than one war. I'm so very proud of him.

Is this cartoon the truth or what? Jake bought his pack in Safeway yesterday and came out with a receipt for a bit over 10 dollars....geez,one of the reasons I've quit. We can no longer afford to buy for two!

According to the Become an EX clock?? I have completed 7 DOF. 1 big week!! And if you want to call it hell week, I sure pray that is over, for like about the 4th time. :)

Well thats it for me this morning. It is my hope that everyone's smoke free day, stays just that!

Better today...

Posted by JustSharon Nov 10, 2016

I just hate it when I allow myself to get so out of control with my emotions as I did yesterday. I'm normally quite in control in any situation, but smoking has had a stronghold on me for 42 years and it doesn't want to give up easy. I'm keeping up the good fight though. Relapsing is a very embarrassing thing, I know,done alot of that.

As for yesterday's sonogram, my doctor referred me over to a surgeon to discuss my options. The mass is a baseball size hernia attatched to the wall of a hernia I had repaired 2 years ago. Sounds like a mess to me. I have had 3 Csections and these hernias seem to like that scar. Oh well, I see him next Wed. and we'll see what's up. Not worried about it at all, will do what needs to be done. At least I know what it is.

Hoping that you all have a wonderful smoke free day! 

I DID NOT SMOKE. I had an early appt. with my doctor this morning and I had to forgo the computer. I'm ok. Found a baseball sized lump in my abdomen and had to have an ultrasound. The doc will have those results today and I hope he doesn't leave me hanging for long with a what's up.

As for this morning I was so worried about all this that when I saw Jake;s smokes, I just started not only craving, bit trying to talk myself into one. I didn't want to lose my quit, but I wanted to smoke regardles. As my hand touched the pack I come running to all of you. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.I touched the pack one more time to give it to Jake and I haven't seen it since.


Posted by JustSharon Nov 9, 2016

I have an overwhelming desire to smoke and even have them available to me. I wanted this to be my forever quit and now I'm afraid I'm going to throw away 5 days again


Posted by JustSharon Nov 8, 2016


Posted by JustSharon Nov 7, 2016

Well, I tried my cup of coffee this morning, used ny other hand and almost dropped the cup. I even used a different cup. Drank the whole thing and all I wanted was to smoke. I'm now deternined to give it up for a while. I'm headed for a nice hot soak in the shower. We installed a rain shower and its fabulous! Have a great smoke free day and I will do the same!

This is how I feel ;)

Posted by JustSharon Nov 6, 2016

I miss my coffee! I am drinking tons of water though, which I don't mind as I always drank alot of water. Coffee is a big trigger for me, but as you see in the graphic, I'm not all to awake without it!

Another day smoke free,and I seem to be trembling alot. Anyone else have that problem? I planned to use the patch and keep forgetting to put one on. Maybe I should get to that.

I was thinking and wondering how many times did you slip before you got your forever quit? I had I think 4 slips before I got as serious as I am now.

Well I'm just rambling so I'm going to finish off by wishing you all a happy smoke free day!

Don't forget

Posted by JustSharon Nov 5, 2016

To turn your clocks back tonight

Day Won

Posted by JustSharon Nov 5, 2016

It was difficult at times, but I came through it with flying colors. Hoping the same for day two. Alot of blogs here this morning, so I've got my reading to keep me busy for a while. Then I need to restart my crochet project. Haven't crochet in years because of carpal tunnel and I can't beleive I've forgotten how. I've got a book on how to, but still its hard to start over again. Nothing to smoke over, I'll get it sooner or later. Hoping you will all have a blesses smoke free day!

How's my day going?

Posted by JustSharon Nov 4, 2016

 Well after starting out the day on a positive note (AND still am,) I sure have had my time of it. I took a long nap and this is how I woke: Any crave or trigger that I have to address is popping up out of no where. Geez, maybe next time I will skip the nap. LOL 

My first day.....

Posted by JustSharon Nov 4, 2016

of freedom in my forever quit. I looked back at "my quit" plan and realized I've been here since july. Wow I've had alot quit/starts since then. Things are different now that I've learned to put me first and never mind what Jake is doing. Things are different because I'm committed, willing and able. I'm taking this all very seriously. I was sitting here thinking of all my triggers I must over come, both in the house and when we are out and about. Every parking lot is a trigger.  I will give up coffee for a while, I will stay away from my dining room if the shades are open because right outside there is the back porch where I used to smoke and Jake will be out there smoking. I pretty much have my office, which is okay, all of you are here, and my bedroom where I have TV and my crochet project I'm working on. NOPE will become a part of my vocabulary as well as I don't smoke any more. I've definately have my work cut out for me, but it all is going to be so worth, I know that because all you ex'ers have told me so, thank you. Have a wonderful smoke free day and I will too.

Not much to say this morning. Awfully tired and not sure why. Have a good day everyone.

Friday is Coming

Posted by JustSharon Nov 2, 2016

The clock is moving quickly to my quit date and I find myself excited for the day. Jake and I have had a long talk about how important this is for me and that I'm protecting my quit separately from what he wants to do. I just can't be commited while worrying about him. We have always smoked outside and that is where he will be. All I have to do is stay away from that door! I have asked that while he is not smoking out there to please close the shades while in the house. Since it is a trigger I can't easily avoid, I don't want to have to look at it. He complies and understands. Anyways, I'm ready, willing and able to commence. That will all occur Friday, the 4th. Hoping all you quitters out there have a wonderful smoke free day!!


Posted by JustSharon Nov 1, 2016

I have spent some time thinking about what went wrong when Jake and I lost our quit. It was triggers and craves all at once. We were doing good fighting the craves, but the trigger came after and all fell apart. Off we were to buy smokes and smoked them as if we never quit. My quit date is coming up in 3 days, but Jake is doing his own thing with smoking. Then there was the suggestion that I make my quit my own, at first I wasn’t real sure what that meant but I get it now. I must protect my own quit and not worry about Jake’s doings.

I’m looking forward to this upcoming quit and pray it is my forever quit. I hope you all have a wonderful smoke free day!