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Its Spooky Day!

Posted by JustSharon Oct 31, 2016

Quit Date

Posted by JustSharon Oct 30, 2016

I have set a quit date for November 4th. I have just reread the materials here on EX to get my mind a jump start. It did! I watched about 4 videos that our Shawn suggested for me. I have a lot of rereading yet to do. I want to be well prepared in my mind for this quit. I want it to be my forever quit! I’m sure that I understand keeping my quit separate from Jake. This quit is my own and whatever he decides to do is his own.  I so want to be quit and I know I can do this. I’ve done it before. And that’s that.

And on a lighter note, I’m hoping all is well with you and that you are enjoying your morning or early afternoon if that’s the case. I’m waiting on my Seahawks to play, here in about 20 minutes. Go Hawks! Have a great day everyone, smoke free of course.

It's a new day

Posted by JustSharon Oct 29, 2016

Happy Saturday. I’d like to address a couple of you that placed a comment on yesterday’s blog that I’m leaving Ex. I’m sorry I gave that impression, but I’m not going anywhere. I need to set a new quit date and I haven’t done that yet, but I will get there soon. I’m not going to give up. No, I haven’t reached out to the community when I needed to, it was just too easy for me to walk backwards to this awful addiction that I didn’t want anyone to know. I took all your blog comments very seriously and know now even more what I need to do and I thank all of you!

Now its time to read blogs for a while and then I’m off to do laundry and house cleaning…don’t that sound fun! Have a great day every one of you!!!

I couldn't make it for 1 day. Part of it, but not all. After having made it for 30 days, you would think this would be easy. I just don't think I'm ready to quit again already. I just don't know what to do at this point.

I hope all the rest of you quitters have a wonderful smoke free day.

Well here I am again. Back to quit day. I'm going to try till this is successful for me. Try and try again and again. That's all I can do for now.

Dark, dreary day here, but

Posted by JustSharon Oct 21, 2016

HERE'S A LITTLE SUNSHINE. have a great day.

Good Morning

Posted by JustSharon Oct 20, 2016


Posted by JustSharon Oct 18, 2016

Happy Birthday, hope it will be a good day for you!


Posted by JustSharon Oct 18, 2016

Good morning friends! It's a fdreary. chilly, rainy day here in WA State, but I've got sunshine in my heart. I'm struggling a bit this morning. I'm still getting over a cold and the worst ever time to smoke, but it used to comfort me when I was sick. Memories of certain situations haunt me. Its only been 26 days and I tell myself that is extremely little time to get through all that. BUT...I choose not to smoke. I've got better things to do! Have a great smoke free day.


Posted by JustSharon Oct 17, 2016

A couple of you are here on your first day of quitting smoking and I wanted to share with you about my rescue pack for quitting. I got myself a cooler ( a backpack or even a grocery sack will do) and in it I put things to do to keep my hands busy. I put yarn and crochet needles,  a word search book and a squeeze ball. To keep my mouth busy I put straws, suckers and hard candies. I give my pack attention every day. I also have color books and markers (they don't fit in my pack, put they are readily available. It's really fun! Just a suggestion, but hope it helps you along your way!


Posted by JustSharon Oct 16, 2016

Happy Sunday, football day for many! I've been down sick the last couple days with a cold and headaches so bad I wanted to scream, nice not to be smoking and be sick too. Jake and I are both doing pretty darned good in our quits. Hope everyone out there is doing well in your quits. Have a great day!


3 weeks! I made it. With the exception of a couple of bad days, all went smoothly, considering I had 3 trial runs before I made it here today.

I've been reading blogs and there are a few with their struggles today and my heart trult goes out to them. For some its not that hard to put their foot down and say no right off the bat and never smoke again. Others find it difficult to find that resolve. Jake gave me a quote this morning...."there is no try only do or do not." I feel that is a profound statement and a good mind set in quitting smoking.

I wish you a good smoke free day.

Good Morning

Posted by JustSharon Oct 12, 2016

Well here I am smoke free still, I didn't allow my daughters drama to cause me to smoke, so it;s 20 days afterall. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers!

19 DOF

Posted by JustSharon Oct 11, 2016

Here we are another Tuesday...where the heck did Monday go? Seems like one day melts into the other.




Having some serious issues with our 31 year old daughter who came home to roost almost a year ago. Smoking won't make a difference or change a thing, but I'm real tempted none the less. A couple extra prayers wouldn't hurt.


Have a great smoke free day all of you exer's

Though its dark outside and I know its darned chilly (had to feed the fish in the pond). its beautiful because I'm smoke free.


And oh yes, its Monday again, only signifying to me that time goes so fast, doesn't it? But the faster it goes, the faster we rack up those days of freedom. I don't have that many so the faster it goes the better.


Have a wonderful smoke free day!

Good Morning

Posted by JustSharon Oct 9, 2016

 Afternoon in some places so good afternoon to you. Still morning for me though. I slept in quite late and am getting going too late. I've got things to do, but the old knees are really hurting this morning. I'm hoping every one's quit is going well. I'm 17 days DOF today and so is Jake I'm sorry he doesn't participate, but blogging isn't his thing. I tell him all that goes on so he's not in the dark. I have read all the blogs this morning and my prayers and support goes out to everyone who needs it. Have a great day everyone!

Happy Saturday! I'm going to rest in bed today as my kneees are acting up, walking down the hallway is a bit painful.

I hope you all have fun things to do. I have TV in my room to distract me and an afghan I've started . There are so many things you can fill your tool kit with. I have colorbooks and markers. lot of fun things. I also have neccessary things, I have suckers,my straw and my binky. Water I drank constantly anyways.

Never have a lack of things to do  Boredom makes for nasty cravings and we all know where that leads. I think boredom is one of those things that out rate hungry, angry lonely and tired. Those things have an obvious solution if you ask me. But boredom.....Got me back to smoking at one time. I say BEWARE make sur you have fun things to do.

Have a great day everyone, stay clean. smoke free.

Sharon 16DOF

Happy Friday

Posted by JustSharon Oct 7, 2016

Good morning all. I just finished watching a couple of videos off the website Alot of good information there on just what nicotine does to our bodies and why. I was especially interested in the "why". If you haven't already been on that site, I recommend it, especially the video by the "hypnotic coach". (he doesn't try to hypnotize)but he sure has some gorgeous eyes to look at ;)

So here we are at yet another Friday. Days seem to go way too fast as you age. Wishing you all a wonderfl smoke free day!

Ready to move on

Posted by JustSharon Oct 6, 2016

Well I've gone and done it:  14 days, two big weeks, Jake too!!!

If it hadn't of been all of your encouragement to stay and try again, I'd still be smoking. So thank to to everyone who answered my blog the day I said I was leaving.

I'm ready to move on to the next two weeks just one day at a time, working towards that big 30.

Hope that you all have a blessed smke free day, oh and yes, this is doable!

Question enclosed

Posted by JustSharon Oct 5, 2016

Jake and I are both ringing in the day with 13DOF, we are pretty excited about that, almost 2 whole weeks, such anticipation. I have a question....I've read more than once this morning about "tool kits, what exactly is that. I think I've missed something.

I hope you all have a wonderful smoke free day.


12 DOF

Posted by JustSharon Oct 4, 2016

Each day gets easier, spending time reading is really a key to that. Don't have much to say this morning, Just want to wish you all a Happy Tuesday.

Slept in late here!

Posted by JustSharon Oct 3, 2016

Maybe my internal clock is finally adjusting. I sure get tired of being up between 2-4 and it used to be I enjoyed that. That was my peaceful alone time to sit, I thought, and add in there some chain smoking. How pathetic was that? Though the sleep distirbance still occurs, the smoking hasn't occurred in 11 days plus hours. Its so good to be free, so clean!

I hope everyone has a great Monday and a wonderful smoke free day. 

It's beautiful, not because of weather or because leaves are changing magnificently, but because I remain smoke free. That is a wonderful feeling. To you newbies ( i kind of am myself) read Alan Carr's book (you will have to ask one of the other members for the link.) You may agree or not agree with his methods, but I assure you that you will walk away with a new attitude about quitting. Each day remember the feeling of freedom to keep you going strong in your quit. I know that is what gets me through each day. I hope everyone has a blessed smoke free day!

Fall Freedom

Posted by JustSharon Oct 1, 2016

That is just what my tree is beginning to look like. Temps are chilly at night, days are still comfortable, but you can just feel that change.  Another change I feel, is with each passing day I feel stonger in my quit. I no longer use my binkie, just the straw, which wards off a crave in seconds. Drinking lots of water, but have no control over the donuts...can't excercise because of my knees, so I had better give up that habit as well! I'd rather have the few extra pounds though than to be smoking. Have a happy fall day and enjoy those colors if you are fortunate enough to live in an area with lots of colorful trees.