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Posted by JustSharon Sep 30, 2016

Kind of tired this morning and feeling a little down. That's not like me. I did want to tell you that the counter says we been free for 8 days now. I know that is the longest Jake has made it this far. This quit feels different to me. It feels sure, confident, feels like I can do this! I don't want to smoke ever again...I pray I never will. How is every one doing this morning?

My computer gave up the ghost yesterday before I could finish getting information off of it. Off to the store, came home with an "all in one" computer. Its really nice, has half the cords laying around and the screen is larger than what I had. I'm a happy camper. I was really stressed working on the old computer I just wanted one smoke...oh but did I? Absolutely not. Instead I grabbed my straw and was perfectly satisfied, whew, I had myself worried there for a few minutes. How's everyone doing? I missed blogs yesterday, I misses all of you! Well, I am going to read and see what I can catch up on. Have a fantastic day!!

No Smoking Here

Posted by JustSharon Sep 27, 2016

I am Happy to report that Jake and I have 5 days smoke free! My computer keeps locking up so this will be short....time to buy a new one. Hope that all of you have a fantastic Tuesday, Smoke frr!

Another Monday Morning!

Posted by JustSharon Sep 26, 2016

I don't mind Monday's at all. In fact its just another smoke free day for me and I don't mind that at all!

Whoever mentioned using a straw , god bless you, as it has been a life saver. I can now sit on my back porch and if I get a craving I have my straw. I use it to deep breath which is something someone with COPD should be doing.

I wish you all a wonderful smoke free day!

Sleep Well

Posted by JustSharon Sep 26, 2016

Happy Sunday

Posted by JustSharon Sep 25, 2016

and Good Morning to you.I'm looking forward to another smoke free day. It is so early on in this quit, this time around, that I won't promise anything and I don't want to share my meter till I've got some time built up. What I do say is Jake and I had a wonderful smoke free day yesterday, we even colored together. Now how many guys would do that??

I'm getting deep breaths of air out of my straw and still using Binky, but not so oftem any more.I'm trying to crochet with a very difficult yarn to work with. its frustrating. Going to go back to the craft store to buy sime different. The last thing I need is frustration!

Have a great morning and I hope you all slept well!!

Can someone tell me......

Posted by JustSharon Sep 24, 2016

Exactly what no mans land is,  in relations to smoking? 

1:30 am

Posted by JustSharon Sep 24, 2016

Good very early morning. Good very smober morning.       Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey and I didn't ! 

These first couple of days seem easy because I've been there before. Cravings are light because I'm using tools I've learned here and taking serious. Jake even said that it was a good day the last 2 days. I'm so thankul to all of you who talked sense into me because I'm glad I stayed.

When you are up and awake. coffee's on me!!


Day Won

Posted by JustSharon Sep 23, 2016

Wow, I finally got a good night sleep last night! Hope you all did too. Jake and I finished our first day with courage and resolve. We spent a couple of hours in the craft store finding new things to do. Jake paints on canvas and is very good at it. He now has new supplies and I came home with 2 more color books. I have my crochet to do and rug latch. We are surely not at a lack for things to do. We had a couple of craves and just got up and moved away from them. We had a wonderful first day. I will continue to stick close here but jake still shows no interest in bloggin and such. I tell him everything, so maybe he feels thats enough...I'm holding out hope he will jump on board....prayers anybody  I'm dedicated to this quit. Thanks again for all your help. I need all I can get!

Good day Today

Posted by JustSharon Sep 22, 2016

Hope that you all had a wonderful day, smoke free! I did. 1 craving and that came only after eating. I was able to send it away quckly by telling my self "its time to walk away. Works for me. We were able to reset Jake's clock for today as well. We had a very long talk down at the park. He is ready to quit. And so it shall be.  Just wanted to share.

I'm glad I stayed, thank you one and all!!


Posted by JustSharon Sep 22, 2016

Well here I am starting at day zero. I swear I don't want to know what my quit meter says until it reaches 30 days!

I have this written on my page and forgot about it until in my blog about leaving, one person commented to me those very words. Although all of the other 23 comments I had, started to jog my thick skull, the reminder of that phrase brings me back to the only place I know that can help me get this quit on the  way again. Thank you Sootie, I don't even know you. Thank you all.


Posted by JustSharon Sep 21, 2016

I am leaving the EX community for a while until I can get real serious about quitting smoking. I chose to light up several of Jake's cigarettes this morning making this  the 2nd or 3rd slip I've had since I've been here. Anyways, I'll lurk around, from time to time. I've enjoyed each and everyone of you. Thanyou for teaching me so much, for yor time, comfort and care.

Happy Tuesday to you

Posted by JustSharon Sep 20, 2016














Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week and I don't even know why, though I suspect that maybe it has something to do with the fact I was born on a Tuesday. Well I made 15 days and now beginning 16! Seems I've been here not all that long ago. This quit is going easier than the last two though. I'll check in a little later, I really need to go back to sleep for a while. Have a fantastic smoke free morning. Freedom feels great!

Another Monday Morning

Posted by JustSharon Sep 19, 2016

Happy Monday to everyone on this beautiful day of freedom. It is 2 am here, but I refuse to fall asleep on the key board, I'm saying my good mornings then head back to bed for a while. Jake has a dental appt.. today and after that we are headed out to the craft store for more adult color books. One that I colored, I framed and hung here in my office, it says "Kindness Matters" and kindness is what we have here at EX, uplifting one another, helping one another, we are a family. I love my EX family!

Have a wonderful smoke free day

My good morning blog was just a graphic and didn't say a word. Well here is what happened. I was at the computer at 3:30 am as I often am. I put up my title and my graphic, then woke up with my head on the key board about 5 am. Now how I managed to post the other one, I have no recall. I was either tired or working in my sleep, I think a bit of both, LOL

I was struggling a bit or maybe alot with my cup of coffee this morning, so first thing I did was dump the coffee and come inside. Here I am ready to read and reread to wrap my brain around some pearls of wisdom and remain another day free. See you around the boards....well till 1pm, then I have got to go watch my seahawks game. Have a wonderful free day!

Have a great day!

Posted by JustSharon Sep 18, 2016

I sure don't know what happened to that last blog, but honest, I saw it when it posted, then bam, it was gone!

Good morning dear friends, its good to be an EX, beginning my 13th day and not having too much trouble. Instead of having things to do when I get bored, strewn about the house, Jake got me down a medium size cooler to use and I packed it up. Rather a good feeling and important to do. I even have suckers, straws and my binky in there. Yes, I still use it but not much anymore.

Feeling better this morning, hoping all battling this bug are feeling better too.

Have a fantastic smoke free day....remember to laugh a little.

Invisible post

Posted by JustSharon Sep 17, 2016

Imaginary Image

The imaginary picture



Hoping all is well

Posted by JustSharon Sep 16, 2016

I know there are many of you out there not feeling well and it is my hope that you get well soon. I'm not feeling all so well, myself. Keeing my quit and going back to bed. I'll check in later

Good Morning All

Posted by JustSharon Sep 15, 2016

Don't doubt your quit!

Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.

Together we can do this!

Good Day

Posted by JustSharon Sep 14, 2016

Good smoke free morning to all of you! I did sleep well... to those of you who commented last night. I hope all had you had a good night as well.

At days end when the counter rolls over I will have 10 days, again. At the rate I seem to slip up, I've got alot of reading and re-reading to do again! I want to keep this quit as I did the others, but I find it a difficult time in my quit. By the way Jake has the same as I, and oh what a bear!

On a happier not. hoping that Wednesday proves to be a good day of freedom for all of you.       remaining free.....Sharon

Signing off.....

Posted by JustSharon Sep 13, 2016

Good Morning to you

Posted by JustSharon Sep 13, 2016

To finish up from yesterday,  The pulmonologist said that I am still at moderate stage COPD but that at this time I don't have a flare up, so I'm good to go with the same treatments.

As to some of your responses yesterday, I do have word search book. adult color books, rug latch. yarn to crochet, so I'm set for things to do. The night I was bored I just didn't want to put in the effort as I was already exhausted from the work I did that day.. My kit is full...see how we all think alike sometimes, what a fantasic family!!

So this morning I say NOPE and      Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.

Have a fantastic smoke free day, remember to laugh, it not only feels good, but clears the lungs too!

Day 8

Posted by JustSharon Sep 12, 2016

I stayed busy all day yesterday then come evening, instead of relaxing, I got bored. Boredom is a difficult mind set to get through, but I did with a hell of a mental fight. I;m still free! I have an appointment with the pulmonologist this morning. Wonder how my lungs sound. He thought I was quitting 3 months ago, we all know how that went. Well better 8 days than none at all! I pray for all of you a wonderful smoke free day. For those just beginning this walk, a positive attitude renders alot, tell that nicdemon in your mind just where to get off at.

I was just curious

Posted by JustSharon Sep 11, 2016

I have read it more than once when someone was experiencing the craves to put their head in the freezer, lol, but what exactly does that do? I was just thinking about that over a cup of coffee...some times I think of the strangest things.

Good morning all. I'm content in my quit this morning. I slept well and woke refreshed, not craving a smoke, that's a first these last 6 days...on to day 7, as well as jake is. He has his own page, now if I could only get him to use it! Any suggestions?

I pray for you to have a comfortable smoke free day. I have finally allowed myself to accept the fact that this is doable.

Sharon   9/11 let us never forget

Learned alot!

Posted by JustSharon Sep 10, 2016

I finished readinng Alan Carrs book and must say that I layed down the book with a wealth of information and a new attitude about my quit. I no longer fear the cravings but accept them for what they are...nicodemon is all in the mind. Now, maybe not everyone or anyone could beleive that, but I do and stand convinced I can fight him off. There is no reason to fear. I was in the habit of anticipating craves and oh my god how was I going to get through the next one. Now I know that the fear I had was just in my head and I have the power, not the crave. I would have liked to do the "ritualistic putting out of the final smoke and making my resolve", but of course there are no cigarettes here. I like so many of you, do recommend this book!  Hope you all have a good day of freedom from smoking. Oh by the way, I just looked....I'm in my 6th day today!

So True

Posted by JustSharon Sep 9, 2016

lIt's 2:30 am and this is my photo, LOL....Good morning all. Hoping for another smoke free day, why does it have to be so hard. I want 4 months over now, not later. grrrrr....I printed out Alan Carrs book so i can curl up on my sofa and read, read read. I pray the info contained makes quitting easier.

I need the link

Posted by JustSharon Sep 9, 2016

to Alan Carrs book.  Thank you so much

Can any one tell me

Posted by JustSharon Sep 8, 2016

where to find one of those quit counters and how to install it?  Thanks

Happy Day

Posted by JustSharon Sep 8, 2016

Hoping all is well with everyone this morning and that you have woke with sunshine in your heart! I had a restful night but woke way too early as I do way too often. Don't know why that happens. Any who, I enter my 4th day today, that seemed to go by real fast. I pray for a happy quit day for all of you.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.....................Sharon 

Till tomorrow.....

Posted by JustSharon Sep 7, 2016

Good Wednesday Morning!

Posted by JustSharon Sep 7, 2016

Well here I am at the beginning of day 3 glad I didn't let my "stumble end my journey on the way to smoke free! It feels too much better to be clean. It gets more uncomfortable each time I've srarted over so I figured I just won't start over again and stay here where it is comfortable, amongst all the fantastic friends I have made and more I hope to make.

Any who, I pray all of you quits remain solid, because now and always "smoking is not an option"


Posted by JustSharon Sep 6, 2016

Hoping you are having a good one. We've been out for the day acting like 2 school kisds. I guess the makeover on the boards have been going all day. Anyone know about that?  Jake's page is not fully accessable yet. I will send you his link tomorrow. Day two or me! Have a great night everyone


Posted by JustSharon Sep 6, 2016

says he is ready to quit smoking! I'm going to create a page just for him so we don't combine our quit. Isn't it fantastic!!

Day One

Posted by JustSharon Sep 6, 2016

Well I made it through day one hard as could be. Seems that happens every time I jump back to day one. I'll get there though, done it before, will do it again. For sure I'll be hanging around today if only in the back ground. Have a wonderful day!!   

Well, here I am

Posted by JustSharon Sep 5, 2016

Kind of late for me, but my computer keeps giving me fits.  THIS IS MY FIRST DAY QUIT!  again. But that is no never mind...I'm back on track now.  Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to stay!! I pray I can make it into those hundreds!!!  Have a wonderful day everyone!    Sharon

Happy Sunday

Posted by JustSharon Sep 4, 2016

Good morning dear ones. Thank you for helping me want to stick it out. I reset my quit date for Mon. the 5th (tomorrow) I spent the whole day reading how to quit smoking, I even listened to the videos, I printed out my trigger list and what to do, so that I always have it near by. The only thing I won;t accomplish is the weaning away from each cigarette. I'm ready to quit now.

Anyways  just a huge Thank YOU for all of your encouragemet.


I'll stay

Posted by JustSharon Sep 3, 2016

Sad Day

Posted by JustSharon Sep 3, 2016

I offer no excuses here as there are none. I caved, I'm embarrased and ashamed.





every ..time I mentioned "thankyou for your beautiful blgs. there was no lie. I care deeply for each and everyone of you. I learned so very much here. I won't be sticking around after today. Maybe when I get my s*&*$ together I'll give it a whirl again.

In the mean time. God bless each and every one of you, keep up your good work, and maybe I will see you in the future. Sharon  

Hello everyone

Posted by JustSharon Sep 2, 2016

I've been busy reading some of the most inspiring and educational blogs this morning, that it has been motivational. I'm still early enough in my quit that throwing it all away had crossed my mind yesterday. I just love this place here. Really keeps a mind on track! Thank you.

Updatee on the knee surgery stuff. Both knees need doing, but because of my COPD and newly found heart murmer they can only do one knee at a time. It will be a few months before this occur. I was extremely impresses with the surgeon, so I have no worries. And thats the end of the story. Thanks for listening. I didn't give up my quit.     Sharon

Have a wonderful Day

Posted by JustSharon Sep 1, 2016

and Happy September 1st. Im sick with a sore throat and just don't have much to say. A bit nervous about seeing the surgeon this morning,  BUT I'll get through it without a smoke! 24 days and counting