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1 Day - 900 Days

Posted by John10forteen Apr 4, 2017

Thank you all for my ride on the freedom train.


I am blessed, thankful and fortunate to have been able to embrace the (Freedom) instead of running from the (Suffering). Early on it was hard, the same thing we hear over and over again. IT IS HARD to embrace 1 hour of freedom for 23 hours ours of suffering. but you must have faith that the more you learn to wrap your arms those moments of freedom the more moments of freedom you will have until you have what others have. Freedom from all the nastiness, debt, and hopelessness of this needless addiction. 


I'm at 900 days because I did my suffering while choosing freedom every chance I could until freedom became my normal. I'm not at 900 days because I am strong. It's because this collection of friends helped me through my suffering until I made my choice of wanting freedom more than the sickly relief of a puff of nasty madness. 


N.O.P.E. It truly is not for me anymore. I'm not suffering, I'm Free.... with caution and care not to blow it.


I Finally Did It!

Posted by John10forteen Feb 26, 2017

Quit smoking, you might ask? Yes I did do that and because of that I finally did this, Cook a Chile Relleno. Huh???



So the glory shot came out blurry and with a sloppy plating job... But so delicious, it was gone by the time I looked at the picture. What inspired this post was wanting to do something for a very long time but running into an obstacle and not doing it. I've been wanting to make a Chili Relleno ever since Dale mentioned them in a blog very early in my quit but I wanted to post pictures of my first one.But with the old platform, I could not post pictures and I tried. I even signed up with photo bucket but I still couldn't post to the old platform. And I waited patiently for picture posting to be easier. That was my reason. It was a real reason and not an excuse. The time came, and I did it. I finally did it.


Setting a Quit Date involves lot's of reasons. Acting before & on that Quit Date will take a lot of work, but with determination, pride and starting your forever quit on on your quit date; YOU will be able to say, I'm Doing It, I'm Finally Doing It! 


I had a very fun and WOW day yesterday! As your Quit Date get's nearer, you may start getting nervous but check out this blog by Yess Wow! and know it gets wonderful.


I did what you said. Go to home page, click on "Read The Latest  Updates"  (Blue box with megaphone) and then sort by "Created, newest first" . That works great. I didn't get it the first time. Thank you so much for re-explaining.


This is all the content in it's created order. this is what I was looking for.... as it gets posted.


A bonus is the ability to sort by other activity if I wish to. Thank you so much. 

Still working with the Blog icon idea and the Publish Location which ties in with the Home Page tabs


in this test, I used the Celebrations and Events tab and still used the blog icon with the editing pencil. I'm expecting this to show up on the home page in the left column under RECENT ACTIVE BLOGS.  and in the fine print under the Blog title it should say Celebrations and Events.


If it works, here goes.


still testing

Posted by John10forteen Feb 22, 2017

not meaning to be a pain in the butt... no smoking... no butt's about it

There is a lot of discussion about this new platform, but you newbies... do not worry about it. Just keep blogging and keep reading. Stay diligent with your quit, keep chipping away at it, one (clean breath in) and one (breath out) at a time. Support will find YOU. Ask your questions, Blog your woes, Converse your triumphs, Just remember, don't smoke. Chip away at that NicoDemon a little bit every day. If the urge gets really strong, go stick your head in the freezer until the urge passes.... It Works, then blog about it so we can all smile and laugh with you while you enjoy a battle won. We like laughing and smiling in this community. 



Talking about chipping away at things, I've chipped a little bit more away about understanding the new platform. The icons are very relevant.

All these actions below have a specific icon attached to them. I tried to copy and past the different icons but it's not working. That's ok. the blog icon is green and looks like mountains, the question icon blue with a question mark and etc. 


Ask a Question
Start a discussion
Upload a file
Write a document

Write a blog post = What I'm learning for the timeline thing is wherever you write your input, in conversations, blogs or questions... they are all like different neighborhoods with their own timelines... So for a patch test idea, what if we all just used the blog platform to communicate daily and fish all the other platforms for newbies and wanderers. Use all these fancy features after regaining some balance. (It's not real practical but it's doable for now) if the veterans just post to the blog icon it should be in a timeline.... (with that  exception of someone responding to a 6 year post and it dates it as a new post) we'll have to work on that.


Create a poll
Create a video


P.S. I really did chip away at that boulder last week, clearing a road for my KY camp... Woo Whoo I did it!


For Terrie_Quit....

Posted by John10forteen Feb 20, 2017


Hi Terrie, this one is for you kiddo. You helped me out so much early to midway to all the way in my quit. Maybe not so much your pledge page but you. I didn't participate with the pledge page so much but being a saver freak, I used get so disgusted when I put so much work into something and it just got pissed away for one reason or another.


For the past year I've kept my finger on the pulse of this wonderful community because it saved my life and a couple people kept checking in on me too. I want to contribute just as much back to help another soul as this community has helped me. Many Many long time members (I refer to them, in my heart, as site elders) are the core energy of this site and I include you with that group and I can easily name several others.


As I've kept in touch, but not so involved.... (I've actually been waiting for the site transition to finish) I have been so impressed by an administrator that has taken so much personal energy to make this site better. I may be off my mark here (no pun intended) but to communicate regularly with an administrator is pretty impressive to me instead of being put on hold for a month and so.. with that said, to lose what's been built is hard to take, but something you did not lose is my gratitude for the influence you have had on my life So before you go, I just want to say thank you. and I don't know too much about your Pledge page and Mark but I hope you find a different solution. If not, thanks again, you are so dear,


My friend, Cheerio


This is Cheerio. Look closely and you'll know what he's saying to you.... N.O.P.E. Not One Puff EVER

.... Or Else!


I hope everyone makes through the next hour until the day ends and then repeat today tomorrow as it does get easier for the most part except for some big bumps occasionally.Say NOPE to those bumps or I'll sic Cheerio on you and he''ll muddy your clothes and slime your face so BEWARE. 



Avatar: A cool (mostly unknown) hiking trail on Jones Mountain, NW corner of Connecticut. Heavily shaded & mossy, a place trolls may live. Graitti carved into stones dating back to the early 1800's. 

I love nature all outdoorsy activities. I actually wrote a lot more about things I wanted to share but I lost it all. I should have known better to write it and save it before posting it. I'm primarily an optimist and enjoy life in general. 


Brief Description

Married & Trying to keep life simple.


No website in profile.


beautiful and historic new england


cooking, camping, bicycling, fishing


home improvement contractor, auto / bicycle mechanic, (also jet the past.) stained glass artisan

It was about this time of the year when the cold world outside surrounded my body and my mind and it was hard to escape the cold and relentless truth, that I needed that thing that decieved me by promising relief  and exploiting my weakness. It was a coldness I tried for years to escape and by taking many paths, I stumbled on this community. 

With the warmth from everyone here, I was able stop fighting myself and let go of that harsh cold lie, that I wasn't good enough and I couldn't do it. The warmth here is honest and given to all freely so be sure to stay close and use it often as we commit to stay smokefree for our first big holiday season... or 2nd.... or 3rd... and yea, jingling all the way! HO HO HO.


Thanks everyone!

Posted by John10forteen Oct 19, 2016

Ya'll a bunch of dang QUITTERS! and I love ya for it! It's been two years and and I still don't like the idea of being a quitter. I would rather be called a stopper. A stopper.... but then the idea of a dirty sink drain..... yuck, maybe not! 

Can I be a non-smoker and an ex-smoker too? My wife says no... medical term for non-smoker is someone who never smoked...... I don't care... I am a non-smoker and she better be careful disagreeing with me or she will be an ex. haha (Actually She is an EX also. She has suceeded with her quit also, she started 5 days after me and so now she is one day shy of 2 years!) 

Whether you are a quitter, a stopper, a non-er, or an ex-er.... YOU can be anything you want to be.... without a cigarette. That makes you a WINNER. (You'll win your days back free of the enslavement) No confusion there, just believe!

With love and thanks, John

(Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments on my two years) 

Finding solutions can be easy, hard or sometimes, just plain tricky. By the way, thank you all who commented on my 700 days and last weeks blog. It's been a while here for me so it was wonderful to hear from all of you, Nancy, Ellen, Terri, Marylynn, Dale, Newme, Shawn and others. 

Quitting smoking is easy, dealing with all the crazy stuff that goes on in your head and with your body is the tricky part. So we say to ourselves, I'm not smoking anymore, I can't stand it! After about 5 minutes of Gung Ho.... The fear sets in that you won't be able to ...blah-blah... and all these things start running around in your head...blah-blah....

That's the Nicodemon knocking at your brains front door, don't let it in and it can't win. It can be real tricky but remember N.O.P.E. (Not One Puff Ever) I remember when I first quit, i played this tricky Q&A game with myself. When my craving was so strong, the question I would ask myself is, "Why do I want a cigarette?" ...... and if my answer was not the absolute truth, I probably would be smoking today. Because the absolute truth was,.. I did NOT WANT a cigarette. I had to figure out how to answer that question every time and everytime I answered it with the truth and dealt with the hard consequences of finding a solution without a cigarette, I felt better about myself everyday and now, as problems arise I would rather deal with them any other way I can because a cigarette never did fix anything for me.

The support group here was pivotal for those times when I did not want a cigarette, but I felt I had no where to turn and no answers for myself. I think the tricky part is finding the solution to things without a cigarette and if you do not want to smoke, don't, N.O.P.E. Just come here to get help with all the other tricky stuff.


Hi Shawn!

Posted by John10forteen Sep 7, 2016

I have a new (or another) understanding of the phrase "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". This is more philosophical in nature than religious, I’ve always understood it to be that there’s lots of people that intend to do lots of good things every day, and that’s it. No good deeds were actually done so hence the phrase which can be attributed to a Saint back in the 1100’s.

A good intention is a good thing that stays in my head which doesn’t really help anyone or anything else. It doesn’t  even really help me, it actually hurts me a lot. And this is where my new perception comes from. I create my own hell with all my good intentions and by not acting on them I create a sense of inadequacy which leads to insecurities and self-doubt. And that’s my new understanding of that phrase.

Sometimes when we try to turn a good intention into a good action, it’s hard to do it alone, and 692 days ago I asked for help with a good intention. Living with my smoking addiction was pure hell, and  what was worse was my inability to turn my desire to be a nonsmoker into a reality. It was the good actions of friends & givers on this site that helped me make it through the tough spots so many months ago. As my need for support slowly diminished and my confidence grew, I drifted away from the site, always intending to start blogging again, but as with all good intentions nary was a blog wrote, until today. Hello everyone. Hi Shawn, I figured I’d surprise you with a blog! How’s that Freedom Train running?

I find the reward for my good action (quitting smoking) is so much better than the  misery of my good intention (thinking about quitting) With that said, my good action wouldn’t have happened without my good intention. So this site is where I was able to (finally) go from intention to action and I believe you can do it too.    


Best Holiday Ever

Posted by John10forteen Nov 26, 2015

And it it was made in the U.S.A..

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Eat a lot, Fart a lot and Laugh a lot. 


ps: loved the video Dale.



Posted by John10forteen Nov 19, 2015

It's hard not to reflect how I got to 399 days. Marilyn, somehow you ended up being my marker because you were about a month plus, (i think) ahead of me and your blogs seemed to ease me foreward when needed, along with the locomotive help of many others. And yes..... ugh, winter is here again. I remember last year.

In reflection, I remember the aha moment of SMELLING the fall air. I think i was a couple weeks into my forever quit. One second, I couldn't function without a cigarette, and the next moment, I walked out the door and OMG...... the FRESHNESS of the FALL. that was my aha moment and I never wanted to miss that again and this fall being smokefree, I have enjoyed that scent all season.

In reflection, I remember the snows of last year, the never ending shoveling and the forever cleaning off the garage roof. I remeber that very well! But what I really remember most is, " I was not taking a cigarette break every 10 -15 minutes". I shoveled and shoveled and it sucked but the fact that I could shovel and shovel and shovel was another aha moment. (And NO.... not looking forward to that again)

For me, I think winter will always be a celebrative season for me, but not without my grumblings.

In reflection, I've been reading the blogs, and I see the same selfless people continuing to offer help support, friendship and ears and I'm reminded the core value of this site is it's people and how you all continue to help each other and anyone that chooses to join and share.

For all us Winter Time Warriors..... Shovel On! But don't smoke, N.O.P.E.