It Just Gets Better and Better!

Blog Post created by Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 on Apr 25, 2017

Life really gets better when you get away from the burden of smoking.  It gets better in big ways and in small ways.


Here is my list of benefits of quitting:


  1. My health has improved.
  2. My risk of developing smoking related health conditions has decreased.
  3. I feel better physically.
  4. I feel better emotionally.
  5. My sense of smell improved.
  6. My appetite is good and food tastes better.
  7. Hopefully my breath, body, and hair all smell better.
  8. My home is cleaner and smells better.
  9. My car is cleaner and smells better.
  10. I have a little more money in the bank.
  11. My self-confidence has improved.
  12. I am more productive at work.
  13. I am more productive at home.
  14. I actually enjoy my morning cup of coffee more.
  15. I don't worry about offending anyone with my smoke.
  16. My clothes smell better.
  17. I don't worry about running out of cigarettes.
  18. I don't worry about finding a place to smoke where it is not allowed.
  19. Going on a trip is more fun if you are planning your next adventure rather than your next smoke.
  20. Movies or TV shows are not interrupted by smoke breaks.
  21. I actually eat slower and enjoy my meals more rather than rushing through it to have a smoke.
  22. No more special trips to the store in bad weather just to buy cigarettes.
  23. My fingernails are no longer yellow.
  24.  No more missing out on things at parties or family gatherings.
  25. No more burn holes in clothing.
  26. My teeth are whiter
  27. My health insurance premiums are lower.
  28. I no longer expose others to second hand smoke.
  29. I am a better influence on my nieces and nephews.
  30. I have made many new friends here at EX!