Blog Post created by Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 on Jan 26, 2017

I joined this site early May 2014 knowing that I needed to quit but not really sure that I wanted it badly enough to make it a reality.  After reading and learning about this addiction, I made up my mind that I wanted what so many other members of this site had - true freedom from the clutches of nicotine addiction.  


I am not going to say that it was always easy, because that would be a lie.  But I will say that it is doable!  Be willing to ride that quit roller coaster for a while - the end result is worth the initial discomfort and uneasiness that you will experience.  Freedom from this addiction is truly one of the best experiences that you will ever have!


Here is a link to a guide that will be helpful in learning how to navigate this site!  We are blessed to have this wonderful community!  Take advantage of all that is has to offer.


Getting Started Guide



I am not the author of this but it is one of my favorites!  Hope that you enjoy it was much as I do!


100 things to do besides smoke 



Alan Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking is a good book and highly recommended by many members of this site.  Not really easy but does help to get your head in the right place.