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A temporary ex ex

Posted by Jec Sep 28, 2018

I stumbled and fell back into the nasty smoking habit. This has got to stop! I have got to find the strength to quit smoking for good. Just because I felt overwhelmed by life events, I picked the nasties back up again. I'm frazzled that I have given so much power to smoking. Again. I guess this is what addiction is all about. 

I haven't established an absolute quit date but it will be very soon. I'm trying to get the idea into the fore front of my mind and MAKE it my reality. I want to be an ex. Not an ex ex.


Jec Archived Profile

Posted by Jec Jan 23, 2017


I was a smoker for nearly 40 years and have been an ex since February 29, 2016. I am using patches to help break my habit of lighting up. I am amazed at how well things are going. There has been significant stress lately but I have still come this far.

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Doin' my happy dance...

Posted by Jec Apr 20, 2016
Just got back from family and everyone survived. LOL I chewed on drinking straws or chomped an orange TicTac. I have to tend to some stuff so will have to catch up later. Still not a puff tho.


Posted by Jec Mar 30, 2016
My mom is 86yrs old and has copd. She is still a smoker. Next week I am going to visit family and none are aware that I have stopped smoking. I have every intention to wow them with the news. I am on the second step with nicotine patches. They are working well for me. I chew on drinking straws also. This helps me refrain from snacking excessively. I had gained weight prior to stopping smoking and I am determined not to gain more. Thus far, in addition to not smoking, I have dropped just over 5 pounds. I am doubly happy with this.


Posted by Jec Mar 26, 2016
Thanks to each for your supportive comments. The people on this site are awesome! You are appreciated. I am still smoke free and feeling really good about it.

I wasn't going to keep a blog.

Posted by Jec Mar 22, 2016
So I changed my mind and felt that this might be a good thing to do to help with being a newbie ex. I live with a smoker but he is very respectful of my need for a smoke free space. It is my son and he is very proud of my success. In time I believe that he will also refrain from smoking. Well, I am 21 days into being an ex and I am liking it. I pray this continues.