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Posted by jason Jan 23, 2017



Hi I'm Jason and my quit date is 12/12/05: 1034pm.

Im into fast cars and fast women- haha no thats not me. Classic cars, fascination with weather and reading- thats me! And if you didnt notice, that's me on the front page videos of

I quit because I was asked "why am I playing with fate and increasing my chance of cancer when so many others face an unpreventable form of cancer and lose?" My wife's mother lost her battle with breast cancer in 1991 and I have not seen cigarettes the same ever since the night I realized it- Dec. 12th, 2005. Life is so much more awesome now!

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Road to Recovery update...

Posted by jason Aug 28, 2012

This December, it will be 7 long years of smoke free life! I can't imagine how many months/years I have added back to the end of my life because of it. It's a pleasure to stop by every once in a while and see the progress of so many smoke-free friends and welcome new friends who just need a hand up in quitting for good!

I was asked 6 years ago to be on a pilot study for "Become an Ex" in my home of San Antonio. I did the best I could to help launch the site- some of my entrance videos still exist on the home page. Since then, it has been a great ride and I have met many wonderful folks along the way. I treasure every chance to open my inbox and help someone reach a point of not giving into nicotine.

As Fall approaches, I am reminded about those we have lost to lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease and many many others. Those who ultimately fell.  I am humbled to serve in their honor to help spread the word about a road to recovery. This is something you can overcome.

So Set your quit date, eliminate your triggers, put the priorities in your life on your dresser and get to quitting friends!

Your friend,



Free for the Holidays

Posted by jason Nov 11, 2011

Hard to believe, I will be rounding the corner into my 6th year of smoke-free existence! Wow! And at a time when the Holidays are such a warm, joyous time to enjoy, it's the part that reminds me about not having freedom over a chapter in my life.

Just like many of you, smoking was a way of life. There is always a responsibility to "do the right thing" or "do as i say- not as I do". I think I lost that responsibiilty and lost control of my life the moment I lit up. Every once in a while, I get asked about the 'secret' or magic formula. Truth is: there isnt one. There is only "my" formula and "your" formula. Our friends at EX are here to help you tap into that formula and especially for the Holidays- set you free.

If there is any broad guidance I can give- it would be an analogy of driving a car. Yes, like some of you- i totally enjoyed rolling the window down and lighting up. But now, I can liken my Quit plan to being in the driver's seat of my life. You have the rear-view and side-view mirror to always remind you to glance back at where you came from (if just for a few seconds). Your front windshield is the broad, open future ahead of you. The GPS is your quit plan or roadmap for success. And your speedometer is a gauge for how FAST you want to get there. So, step on the gas and get going friends! Don't shave off days for the quick fix.

A todos mis amigos en su idioma: Felices Fiestas y ojala que pasan ustedes una Feliz Navidad y guarden el tiempo para familia, comida y VIDA! Comparten con nosotros su historia de convertir a un "ex".


goodness, time flies! I stopped by the supermarket last week and one of the employees/cashiers had a smoke break outside. As me and my wife walked by, i overheard another employee ask them about quitting... She mentioned Chantix but then she mentioned the "Become an Ex" program and how it helped her. Needless to say- I swooped in and joined the chatter.

I was floored- especially since I had been a little removed from the site/community for months now... I was VERY VERY fortunate to be on the ground level as this program started in 4 test markets- one of them being san antonio. and it couldnt have happened at a better time. My life was in one of those critical points: lighting up for anything, no job, new city, heartbroken. Cigs were simply written into my life. And then, a friend of a friend recommended they needed to help get the word out about EX... What a Godsend! I didnt need them- I never did. Cravings were easier said than done but it got much easier.

The date remains with me just as a wedding date/child birthdate... 12/12/05.  And it started with a plan- and a group of people just as committed for you! Kudos to being smoke-free to all of you- we are here for you!




Posted by jason Dec 21, 2009

From one of the first members of this site, SMOKE FREE since December 12th 2005- its been 4 awesome years now! I breathe easier- I help others and hopefully you too will succeed in separating yourself from tobacco.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may 2010 bring a new decade of clean breathing!

Jason Meza

We invite you to join the EX HispanoAmericanos group if you are a Spanish speaking participant. Find a message below. Hats off to you, EX members! We Love You! -Jason

Hola amigos! Primero, perdoname para no comentar en dias recentes. Espero que ustedes han encontrado soporto y buenos comentarios aqui y en el panel de ingles. Si tienen preguntas o necesitan soporto, por favor piden sin miedo y sin verguenza- estamos aqui para ayudar! Ciao..

3 years strong!!

Posted by jason May 4, 2009
3 years and 5 months since the last puff!

Thanks to EX and support for helping to keep Nicotine from controlling my life! For those who do not know, I am the friendly, yet dorky face, on the beginning of the EX website welcoming all visitors. It has since been a year when we launched the EX website and it warms the heart to know we have reached out to 12,000+ members and countless- countless- others who have breezed thru and seen the awesome quit stories.

Good luck to all and hope all find their big "WHY" reason to kick the habit.


Posted by jason Sep 22, 2008

To all- thanks for sticking to your plans and becoming an EX! Today starts a new season- FALL- but maybe it could be the start of a new season in your life too! I dont know where you are in life- or for that matter in your quit cycle- but remember you have the support with us here at Become an Ex!

We have now surpassed 9,000 registered members and counting! Yeah! Welcome to all new members- feel free to ask any questions and let us know your battle. Don't forget we have Dr. Hurt available for any concerns you have. For current members, share your quit stories and encourage new members to do the same!

Let's start the new Autumn season with a renewed promise to stay smoke-free! thanks.




Posted by jason Sep 14, 2008

It is super great to see so many people reach out for the EX program but more importantly reach out for help! We are already past 8,000 members of EX online and I'm sure we are gaining more everyday. Since day 1 when I saw 4 members, I had this fuzzy warm feeling that people will love th support the site offers. If I look vaguely familiar, I am the person at the very beginning of the become an ex website where most of you came from. I was asked to present a quick overview of the program and give my story.

It is coming up on my 3 year anniversary since i have been smoke free and it has been awesome! I have found myself having less asthma attacks, working out more, back in school and meeting more people since that last puff. For those who are contemplating quitting- let me tell you WORTH THE STRUGGLE! Yeah it was a big tug of war for me- mainly mentally- but the risks outweigh the consequences. People smoke for a variety of reasons but they also choose to quit for so many more reason important to THEM.

My personal life has been enriched and now I finally had the guts to start on my Masters degree in human sciences! Yeah! the EX program is definitely something I am recommending to people who have tried everything in their power to stop smoking. If you or anyone you know needs that extra push- feel free to email me or reach out on this site! Again- thank you and thank EX!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say have a super weekend and best of luck to our friends who have an April quit date coming up! Somebody posted on here they don't use the word "quit" as it alludes to being a quitter or something. OK- well you can "choose" or "stop" or "start living free". Remember you have an online community here of people with similar experiences and advice on how they chose to be an "EX" or non-smoker! 678 members strong and growing!




Posted by jason Mar 30, 2008

Sometimes, life can give you those occasional ups and downs. Thats where smoking came in- like a best friend. Cigarettes were always there- always ready to take a load off. I'll admit there were some times I was driving home from work-checking out my co-workers having their smoke and me just feeling this overwhelming sense of: just one won't hurt!!

Having said that- relapse, I learned, was actually a part of the quit plan. It's OK to feel that way. It is TOUGH to react a different way that was comfortable before. Here I am- breathing fresh, clean air after 2 years. Yesterday I mowed the lawn- right before a nice rain shower and I felt like breathing in that pure outdoors air and thoght- wow this air is great. No more coughing up a lung about 20 minutes afterwards.

I learned my older (and only) brother is coming back home from the Middle East. YEAH! My parents are healthy and just bought a huge (gas drinking) Chevy truck. And Im just happy breathing fresh air. -Jas


Bloggity Blog Blog

Posted by jason Mar 18, 2008

Whuts crackin homies...

Thanks for stopping by! Wow I cant believe its been 2 years and 2 months since I have touched a cigarette. Well- I HAVE touched one after my quit date of December 12th, 2005. Just after I quit- I used to get this strong craving at the roof of my mouth- this sensitive area where I craved that nicotine rush. So- Valentines Day 2006 I gave in and did 1 smoke with my cousin. I smoked half of it- then put the rest out! I rejected it totally. (however I was with my cousin George at the time and pretended to inhale the rest of it).

Become an ex is awesome. I wish I had the support like this when I quit. Now Im trying to convince my cousin and others in my immediate circle to quit smoking.

Sign up and get started.