Sometimes you just have to wait

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 24, 2020

Often times we can correlate life activities along with our quit journey.  It is good to recognize they can go hand in hand.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to do something I love, FISHING. I am a fisherperson at heart. The weather was perfect. Wind, Sky A+.  I fish from a pier. This pier is the longest pier in the United States. Ocean View, Norfolk VA, formerly Harrison Pier before Hurricane Katrina.  When I arrived I was surprised the parking was jammed pack. What are all of these people doing here on a weekday in the middle of the day?  Answer: Oh, Pandemic.  Blessed as I am I readily found a parking spot.  Easy Breezy. I unloaded the SUV and headed to the pier.   As I am walking to locate a spot there is a silence that I have never experienced on a pier. Hundreds of folk quiet. Unbelievable. As I walk I am telling folk you have to talk to the fish.  One guy replied, "they have to be here to talk to them".  I recanted. "well, sing to them to make them come".   Most of the people are out of towners.  I call them "tourons" because they don't know how to fish.  lol.


The word was, the fish had been biting for the last 2 days nonstop, but here at day, 3 things don't look that good.  Bottom line the fish were not biting. Sad sad sad day at the pier.  My belief is I am always gonna catch something regardless.  Even if it is just a breeze but I never say the last part out loud. (only positive self-talk is spoken)  I found a nice spot to set up about 3/4 the length of the pier. I did not bring my easy chair for trying not to bring the kitchen sink. The backup plan was to use the benches or I could easily use my cooler to sit on. 

Well, the fish were NOT biting AT ALL, but I knew if I just waited, I would catch something.  I kept telling the people around me the EXact time the fish would start biting. If they would just stick it out they would see.  Some gave up and left. I have been fishing from this pier for over 30 + years so I kinda knew if I just waited something good was gonna happen.


Wow, I am sitting here writing and just thought... no one around me smoked or I just didn't notice for having so much fun waiting.  Can't imagine that because it is so obvious. Go figure. That is amazing in its self. I met some really great people.  We just had to wait.  In the meantime, we could enjoy the scenery and each other and that is what we did. I had so many laughs. Time went by so quickly.  I met a nurseryman whom I shared my flower pictures. Great conversation. His name was Leroy. Do you know there are a lot of songs for the name Leroy?  lol, Of course, we sang them.  I met Otis, a landscape photographer. Amazing work. What a distraction not thinking at all that the fish weren't biting. At least I wasn't and I kept telling everyone it was going to be okay.  Just wait. 


Lo and behold someone was catching a few.  Mr. Nathan A., a 94-year-old gentleman.  He had EXtra patience to wait. I was impressed with his determination to walk the distance to fish. I am glad he did.  I gained a new friend.  We shared coffee and ginger snaps and supported one another. I learned a lot from him since he is an elder and had EXperience more than I.   He had a way of letting the fish hook themselves. By the end of the night, he had out fished all of us. 


Well, it happened as I thought, spoke, and believed at the almost Exact time the fish starting biting.  Once I pulled out my magic sauce it was on.  Those who did not give up, and did not give in, but hung tough No matter how long they had to wait had a great night and gained so much more. WAIT !!!!!!!!!  God Bless