Never give up...You will find Peace

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 5, 2019

To those who have recently quit or set a quit date. Welcome.  I pray that you do not give up because there is so much more to gain than you could ever imagine that vaping or smoking could/will never give. I promise if you never give up you will gain peace.  It was easier for me to explain in a blog I wrote 149 days into my quit.  It was more vivid then. Time has passed.  I believe I have become accustomed to this wonderful peace.  Others talk about it too.  Use the magnifying glass top right corner and type in the keyword peace.  Read what is to come if you never give up. It will amaze you what being quit can do other than just the health aspect.   Just thinking about it gives me a confident joy that I will never allow smoking to ever take away from me.  

  It may be rough in the beginning but as time passes you become stronger with the ability to maneuver through those rough places no matter what is happening in your life if you never give up.  I constantly told myself that.  Never give up, Never give in. Hang tough, the best is yet to come.  Over and over again, "no matter what" I would say to myself as I would go through. 

No matter how hard it may seem at times, it is worth every crave, every urge, every withdrawal, every emotion whatever it takes to do it.

  Why?  There will be a quiet, calm peace, with more inner love for yourself that smoking took away.   So ride the waves of the storm but know it will not last forever. Quiet after the storm

There is pure true peace in the valley of nonsmoking.  It is filled with so much joy and happiness.  Something a cigarette can never give  Give yourself a chance there are so many other things that are more satisfying than smoking.  I am just so elated that I no longer have to smoke to try and fill a void that could never be filled with a cigarette

 Find the things that you like that will lead to your peace. Is it music, books, exercise, yoga, walking, jogging, movies, travel, family, gardening, crafts, helping others?   Hold on Never give up, Never give in, the best is yet to come.  One of them is Peace.