...because I smoked

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jul 30, 2019

Yes, I can run marathons, obstacle courses, 5K's, fitness competitions but I still smoked.  Out of 7 kids, I was the only one that was a long term smoker.  Now as we age I wonder, will I be the first to go...because I smoked?   No, they do not run marathons, nor watched their diets, but they did not smoke.  I did.   I sit and ponder why did I do that to myself?

I have a few clues. I can almost cry at the thought of so much wasted... because I smoked.  Now, I wonder, what does the future hold for me ... because I smoked? 

I have not been diagnosed with any smoking-related diseases, but will that day come?  Should I not be concerned?  Life is good and I have crossed the line of addiction with a firm commitment to never turn back  Was it too late?  Will I still have to suffer the consequences....because I smoked?  These thoughts crossed my mind. Will I have to pay more of a price? 

My answer for today:   I can not see in the future.  I  can only live today to the fullest knowing that the use of the drug is behind me. I am blessed to breathe very efficiently and move well for a woman of my age group.  Thank God. So many are not as fortunate. No matter how long I live, I have conquered the use of the drug nicotine for the rest of my life. I am free and the journey continues for I am firmly committed that I will forever protect my quit no matter what and never turn back ever again. Amen.  Some say you can't say that because you do not know.  I can, because I know that I know that I know! 

 If you are questioning whether you should quit or whether you can do this and have a forever quit.  The answer is yes. If you have become a serial quitter, you don't have to be.  Make a firm commitment to NOPE.  NOPE no matter what can set you free.   It is a choice to cross the line from addiction to a new life of freedom. One step at a time in the right direction to freedoms journey.  It is never too late.  Start today to truly live without smoking.  With the help and support of the EX community, you can Have a new life and end the vicious cycle of addiction.   1646DOF  I know!  You can do it too.