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Answer: So pOSITIVE  she created her own positive thought game here on EX. A positive thought for the day - game 


Answer: Straight to the point positive!

Someone slipped, this was  her response

Just calculate how much money you've saved by December if you stay with us and become an EX  You can do it, we are here to help!  Back on the wagon, you go!



How pOSITIVE ??  

She will pick up cigarette trash and discard it for a cleaner environment. lol  Don't fall over Pall Mall 





She often speaks of  A better world   Oh what pOSITIVE lovely thoughts! 

In response to Dales blog, Smoking built a wall, knock it down, let it fall.  

"If the Berlin wall had not fallen, I would not be here with you today" 

 She is a native of Romania.and  Sometimes I really miss my first home 


When things are not well with her health she puts a pOSITIVE spin on it. 

Oh, yes, and I forgot to mention: joints pain (to the point I could not walk anymore, which was my saving grace at the beginning of my quit), and hair loss, a lot of hair loss


so happy when I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism dreaming about losing all that water I was retaining in my whole body...it wasn't more than 5-6 pounds

 Please note some quotes have been taken out of context for humor.

Peace and Positivity  

The pOSITIVity.. No shame to her game when she wants us to get along.Let's stay together 

When it's cold outside she's got the month of May Smile and enjoy 

She also has the cure for any bad odor.  Let her know what stinks she will fix it!Aromatherapy helps 

pOSITIVity with ”love” is her motto. Love and Belonging 


  She has graphics that will Positively calm you.  Healing thoughts 

Or get you excited and laugh


 If her graphics aren't working her meditation will 

3 min meditation 


There is so much I could say about this Elder, more than I could ever acknowledge here.

Please take time to read more of her beautifully written blogs. They reflect her sincerity, humor, genuineness, hardworking, dedicated super POSITIVE Elder

Today I give tribute and introduce to the newbies

 Miss Positivity





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