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New Day, Move Forward

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Dec 26, 2018

 Love Yourself/Forgive Yourself

There were times in my life that I felt I wasn’t loved.  As I look back I now questioned whether I knew how to truly love myself.  I often ponder how does one love or forgive themselves.  One of my main reference for questions is the Holy Bible.  So there I go to search.  I do not find anything that speaks directly of loving oneself.  However, there is a passage that says we should love our neighbors as ourselves.  So I can interpret that as to say we should love ourselves and love others.   Let me be clear, I am not a Bible scholar but the Word has been a part of my life most of my life, my "self-help" book of which I have read many.  The Bible is the best one.  My search leads me to "Love thy neighbor as thyself. Mark 12:31.  I am sure many of you have heard, read and were taught this scripture. 

Question?  Do we live it or are we holding on to a disagreement or misunderstanding and not talking to our neighbor.  Are you harboring anger in your soul?  Who does that help?  Forgive them move on.  How do we do it?  I think the proper term should be "acceptance."  One of life’s obstacles is self-acceptance.  Though it may be difficult, learning to be okay with who we are is one the most important things we can do to be happier individuals.  No matter what life has dealt us, we have the opportunity to accept ourselves and learn from our experiences to be used tor our good. 

How does this fall in line with quitting smoking?  Quitting smoking will open the door to help us reach a higher level of accepting ourselves. It is a growth process within the quit that brings this assurance. It is easier to live than to put into words.  It is about a healthier and more spiritual lifestyle. This attitude of acceptance makes life more wonderful.  So NOPE no matter what. 

To all who are MAD and ANGRY about something.  We have all been hurt.  We have been lied on, talked about, abused, scorned, etc. How we respond to those misdeeds is our choice. We can forever burden our hearts by constantly reliving the hurts or we can release the hurts, forgive our offenders, and move on. Carrying the hurts keeps us in bondage. Releasing them gives us freedom.  Which do you choose Bondage or Freedom? 

Wish the best to/for those who hate and despise you. 

Matthew 5:44 

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;


How do you know when you have forgiven someone?  

Answer: When you do not have to continue to speak ill of that person.  

Note: Start Your New Day with a New Way.  Forgive others to allow forgiveness for yourself in order to move forward. 


Thank God I am Magnificently Made  I am stronger, wiser, courageous, loving, generous, kind, forgiving, funny, smart, beautiful, talented, not perfect but a happier more self-accepting person smokefree.  I can smile about me. I am loving my life smoke free1431 DOF

Don't quit on your quit.  Keep it Movin Forward

For every Exer no matter where you are in your quit.

I pray that you have peace and joy this time and forever.

Forgiveness for our sins, those we see and don't see.

I pray that you accept your quit, not as a struggle but "doable."

Praying that difficult days to be made easier

And giving up is not an option no matter what 

NOPE. Not one puff ever

 SINAO smoking is not an option. 

I pray for your loved ones,

those estranged, who have lost loved ones and are lonely,

the sick, and all who need and are willing to receive God's help.

I pray for healing and forgiveness in our relationships.

I pray this journey will cause you to love yourself more each day.

That you have comfort on difficult days

 And you will trust and believe that too shall pass.

I pray that if you fall you will forgive yourself and

Have the strength and courage to get up and start a graceful forever quit.

I pray for peace and harmony on this site

That love overrules all, for we are an EXtended family

I pray that each life be blessed

Knowing God will fulfill all of our needs 

I pray that you will receive help here and one day pay it forward.

I praise God and I am humbly thankful for a changed mind

And deliverance from nicotine

With gratitude, I will protect this precious quit.

Mindful, that no matter what NOPE

Most of all, thankful for true friendships here

May we continue to focus on freedom goals

With love and respect for each other.

Bless the elders, newbies, and administration.

In Jesus Name I pray….

Amen & Merry Christmas.

Love you all the most. 


Be On Guard

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Dec 21, 2018

Don't be fooled. 

Protect your quit. Many a quit has been lost during this time of year.  

Don't get caught with your guard down. Plan Prepare and Protect your quit.  Keep your toolkit with you.

You do not need a cigarette to celebrate the holidays. 

Stay Close.  If you are having problems come here first and ask for help.  Have a contact.

Keep it simple. 

If you are around smokers and you have to smoke, don't be around smokers. 

If you have to smoke if you have an alcoholic drink.  Don't Drink Alcohol. 

Don't quit on your quit just because of the holidays.

It is no longer cool to smoke. 


Don't believe the hype.