Give it your Heart

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Oct 11, 2018

Just a little note to EX Land, especially to those just starting this journey.  Some days may seem very difficult. There will

be good days and bad days but my advice to you is to never give up.  Give it all you got. But most of all give it your heart.  If you give it your heart, your quit will take on life and sustain you on those tough days.  Life goes on and we are not on this earth for everything to be" peachy keen."   There will be trials and we have to prepare for them.  I sure try to avoid the ugly days but when they come, my quit goes into protect mode. 


When the nicotine addiction (self) starts tapping on your shoulder telling you-you "have to have" a cigarette, tell it is a liar and a time waster and to get to steppin'.  Better yet, knock it off your shoulder and kick it.  Tell that demon you will not allow it to cause you to make any EXcuse to smoke, No Matter What. NOPE!  Adapt to that mindset every day.  Give your quit your all.   Give it your heart and soul.  Bring it to life.  Love your quit with every part of your inner being. Your quit will not let you down if you give it your heart.   You will have no regret for the choice you made if you give it all you got and then some more.  You will become one, "forever" so to speak.  This is the only way you can make it without a doubt, no matter what happens if you have given your quit your heart.  You will become strong enough to go through ANYTHING  in your life and not smoke NOPE if you give it your heart.   If you love and protect your quit it will love you back.  You both grow and go hand in hand.  When you breathe it will breath because you have given it life.  If you develop it and bring it to life it will not let you down.  When you have those down in the dumps days and those cravings come, say "NO MATTER WHAT I will not smoke and mean it." Think NOPE NO Matter What. I will not smoke.  No matter how many times you have to to say or think it, do not give up.   You will see time and time again it will step right in when you need it the most if you keep it alive by continuously giving it your heart. NO MATTER WHAT let it grow by NOPE and you will develop a lifelong quit that has your heart.

Do it!  

It works!