From the Other Side

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on May 16, 2018

Missy's Mandolinrain 's blog reminded me of an encounter I had today. I was returning home from shopping and decided to stop at the WAWA  for a cup of coffee.   I am parked at the WAWA checking my phone and making up a song about sitting at the WAWA waiting on my ya ya. but don't have to smoke. This is one of the main places that I purchased my cigs. The song thought was cute but I could not get all of my words to rhyme.  I go inside, get my coffee and proceed to the line. Quite a long line I would say but I didn't mind the wait.  Retirement helps to keep me out of rush mode. As I stood in line, I noticed the cashier was anxiously searching behind the counters.  She mumbled to the customer "we may not have any". The customer waiting had her head down resting on her arm on the counter. It was more like please, please, please find what I need.  Relief, the cashier found her brand. As she stood up I noticed that her face was swollen along with that bluish-purple look you get from smoking. The one we don't see when we smoke.  Now it is 81 degrees outside and she has on this heavy jacket.  A little girl was very close to her. Cashier asked are these the ones?  Something short is a red box.  Yes, the brand she wanted. I could see the relief on her face. She got two packs paid for them and quickly stuffed them in her pocket as if to hide them and we do try to hide them or even look around to see who is watching us buy them.  Sad, she was pregnant. I tried to tell myself, maybe they weren't for her. She put her sunglasses on and walked out of the store with the little girl.

Next person in line asked for a pack of Salem light menthol.  My brand but he wanted the "shorts" I smoked the regulars. Shorts were always too short for me. Wow Iooked at them, said to myself, I use to buy those things.   The gentlemen struggled to pull the money from his wallet and get the correct change to pay for that pack.  How I remember emptying my money jars to go get a pack. $6.56 they haven't gone up that much in 3 years if I remember correctly. I stood there wanting to say something about EX but I didn't.  I just thanked God that I am free and do not have to stand in line for smokes and there is no temptation to buy any  The cashier seemed surprised that all I wanted was my coffee with my coffee.   

As I proceeded to my car  I sang.

So I was sitting at the WAWA waiting for my JAVA  Yeah

May sound funny but I don't smoke anymore. Yeah. 

Sitting at the WAWA waiting for some JAVA Yeah.

May sound funny but I don't smoke no more. Yeah