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Thank you

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Feb 27, 2018

For riding the train today and celebrating some amazing quits.  elvan, @Bree19 and Anya  It's still not to late to get on board celebrate with these winners.Freedom Train 2/27/2018 

I will quote a poem I heard a long time ago:

My mind is a Garden

My thoughts are the seeds

I can harvest

either Flowers or Weeds.

Lillian   10/5/16


vanlil now an Elder from the blog Rethinking the stinkin' thinkin' 


I Remember When

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Feb 17, 2018

Today I completed my taxes and remembered three years ago doing my income taxes for the first time after quitting smoking.  It was roughly a week to 10 days into my quit and I wrote a blog.  Here is an excerpt to help those who are new.


"Yesterday, I started doing my income taxes and of course the thought of a cig and the urge to smoke arose, but I was able to get pass it.  I have realized that I can get pass it.  I can get pass the urge to smoke.  It only last for about 1 minute now and only 3-4 times a day.  Before I allowed stress to be an excuse. But I am preparing myself when a stressful situation arises.  I keep telling myself that the urge is not going to last that long.  I tell myself NO and mean it. 

It may be that the urge may never go away. I just have to keep telling myself no.  When i say no the urge stops." 


Three years later, If  get an urge it never lasts more than a split second.  Poof!  I know I will get pass it because, I don't do that anymore. The urge is gone almost before it comes.  So my advise to you if you are new is just get pass it each time.  Tell yourself NO and mean it!  You will stay free. It gets better. Get pass it.  (original blog 2/3/2015)