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This 3 year milestone causes much reflection. So much so that I have spent time reading my old blogs.  I see where I started, who was with me and how I have grown in so many different areas of my life all which I am humbly grateful. 

I have so many thoughts and reading the blogs brings back memories, more than I can expound upon.  Since I consider myself  a bottom line person there is no way I can speak on it all.  I would not want to bore you. (smile)   A wise elder once told, "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing". c2q . So today the #1 main thing is "who was with me".  I am thankful to those who encouraged, inspired, challenged and sometimes even tested me to get to this point in my quit smoking journey.  There are too many names to name, the ( Elders, Quit Buddies, Friends , Admin, Supporters).  To the leaders who came before me, I truly understand their passion, compassion and desire to give their very best "to help" on this quit smoking journey.   Normally, I would say that today is not about me; but truth be told, "today it really is".  After 3 years, I have grown to become one of them, "to help".  I pray that I am able to do it with the same love, compassion, patience, humility, knowledge, wisdom, peace and understanding that I have been shown to inspire someone to be like us......FREE,  which quite frankly "is the bottom line". 

 As Mike.n.Atlanta would say, "keep on keepin' on" and Summer-Rain  would say "the journey continues". 

I say, "Hold on, hang tough, stay close, never give up, never give in, protect your quit it is your own because the best is yet to come". 


My advice today is to blog or journal about your journey, you will be glad you did.


"Unfinished Business"

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 6, 2018

New Years Resolutions?  I really don't care to make them.  I am evaluating areas of my life that need improvement. Today as I am moving around the house I notice several things that I need to do.  Things that I have put off.  I usually keep a to do list.  Lately, I haven't.  I notice things from 2017 left undone. Things that I said I was going to do and haven't.   As I looked at the pile of paperwork, small projects, crafts, unread books, magazines etc,  "unfinished" my mind compared it with the thought; if you have not quit yet it is "unfinished business".  I will say it plainly, "Not quitting is definitely unfinished business".  I thought of those who have relapsed and haven't found their way back on track. 

To those who have not initiated a plan, made preparation or have not set quit date, it is "unfinished business".  It is something we all must do to have a healthier and better life style.   It is a cloud constantly hanging over your head.  It is that weight on your shoulder that needs to be lifted.  Quitting smoking is not easy but it can be done.  Quitting smoking will become one of the most beautiful parts of living if you just get started. 


To those who have made a resolution to quit smoking do not let this year go by with "unfinished business" as so many of us have done in the past.   I plead with you. If you have relapsed to get back on track, set a date, get started before it is too late. You already know that your life depends upon it.  If this note strikes a cord with you do not allow  (EXcuses) to cause your quit to be "unfinished business".  Start now and make it one day at a time.  Quitting is so doable especially  with the support of EX but you have to take the first step to get your "business finished".

Happy New Year again.  1077 DOF