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Life brings us all challenging experiences and it isn't always rosy.  It is how you respond to those challenges that determine the outcome.  I have always considered myself a rather positive person, when life happens I am looking for the way through or the silver lining. Pardon me if I sound too optimistic.   


When I first came to this site there was a major emphasis on changing your thinking.  I had never heard of that approach to quitting smoking before EX.  There was this quote always floating around, to change your "stinkin thinkin ".  What?  Yes, Change the brainwashing that you "need to or have to have" a cigarette.  Along with this mind Conversion you needed to Commit with Confidence, Conviction and Courage to go through some difficult Challenging times of nicotine withdrawal. 


In order to have a successful quit you have to commit to make a change to no longer abuse your body by smoking.  Sounds rather simple doesn't it?  As Ex smokers we finally realize how strong smoking is part of an addiction and how damaging it is to our bodies. The other day at my WW meeting I heard this quote.  "Take care of your body it is the only place you live".  You are under an obligation to yourself to take care of your body for you.  You have to be willing to do what is necessary to have a healthier life.  It's up to you.


Walk by faith with Confidence, believing that you can and will make it.  Be mindful of what you need to do not to smoke.  Be willing to trust that you can make it without a doubt.  Have a yes you can  No matter what attitude! NOPE


Have the Conviction that no matter what, when, where, why, how, or  who (literally) you will never ever put a cigarette to your lips or your even in your hand.  Have the conviction not to ever surrender to the addiction even in those dark moments but surrender with the willingness to never ever smoke again, knowing that the dark moments will pass.

It's what's between the ears, I was told. It's up to you.


Courage to make it through because those dark moments do not last forever.  We often get the question...How long will it take to get over this?   My answer is however long it takes for you to accomplish and experience what you have to go through in order to get to your true life's purpose of freedom from smoking.  It is not hopeless because quitting smoking is building a new better you, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially.  With courage, diligence and time it is doable.  The reward of a greater you that you could ever imagine that only being smoke free can render. If you need support we are here. It is up to you to not be afraid to use it. 


 Make a Choice to, Take a Chance, to Make A Change. 

When I first came here I would always end my blogs with my number or days.

Today is 1,001 because another day is WON 


As my quit buddySummer-Rain  always says "the journey continues". 

I say "Never give up, never give in, protect your quit it's up to you. 


Thank you all

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 21, 2017

I am thankful to all who celebrated on the train with us today.  It was a great party.  Wish you all could have been there.  Lori did a fantastic job with all the celebrations .  Oh so many milestones recognized today.  I am thankful to have 1000 days of freedom. It's judy like having one of the best birthdays ever.    Whether you are just starting, in the middle or a long way up the road in this journey, "remember to take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live".  Have a grand weekend everyone.  God bless. I love you. Thanks for always being here with me.  Until the next time....NOPE no matter what is happening in your life.