"It" Continues @979

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 30, 2017

It....What is IT?   Some call it a journey, a process, learning/relearning behavior, a goal or just your "quit". 

Today was an opportunity to remind myself that a cigarette will not /can not replace an emotion or fill a void. 

This morning as I was leaving to attend my sister inlaws funeral.  I started thinking ahead of myself, what I could do to make myself feel better when this day was over.  A vision of me, in the dark, curled in a fetal position, with a drink and a cigarette in my hand entered my mind.  Can you imagine 979 days free and that addictive brain, checked in when it thought I was vulnerable.  Knowing that I could not continue in this type of thought process I had to allow my nonsmoking brain to take control.  My nonsmoking brain immediately told me that a cigarette can not heal sorrow, that I had to think, act and be a nonsmoker because I am.   My nonsmoking brain reminded me that a smoke would only give me immediate, temporary pleasure and I would still have to deal with the sorrow.   Today @ 979 days  journey it became more profound to me as a nonsmoker that time will heal my sorrow, to shed the tears and be happy for the memories of my love one. 


There will be times on this journey, process, goal or quit that we have to choose how we think.