My Sacred Place.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Aug 29, 2017

It has been raining all day but I won't complain.  I planted my fall garden yesterday so it is a "good thing" and I have had a nice long nap.  Falling into a deep sleep from the sound of the rain was wonderful.  Some call a rainy, wet, day a nasty day.  I never see it that way. Everyday is a good day when you are free from the chains of nicotine. Even with the rain we still have to continue on with our lives.  I see it as a day to use an umbrella or raincoat for added protection.    Like quitting smoking we have to do what is necessary to protect our quit.

 When I think about my quit, I am proud that no matter what challenges life brings I know deep down in that sacred place that I do not "have" to smoke.  I never used the word struggle in my quit.  I have always considered it a challenge that was/is doable.   My challenges with quitting smoking may not have seemed as difficult as others.  That may have been due to the fact I was relentless when the challenges came I would use self talk and tell myself that "No Matter What" I was not going to smoke.  That seemed to have lessened the difficulty for me.  However the work, determination and commitment to NOPE created a sacred place inside of me that I will protect, first and foremost. NOPE no matter what is going on I will not smoke.  That sacred place reminds me never ever forget, NEF what it has taken me to get here.  

I do not want to minimize the strength, determination, and commitment it takes to make the necessary changes but being willing  can make it a lot easier.  If you are having a hard time with the challenges of staying smoke free remember everything that you go through is worth it and you will not die.  Do everything, by any means necessary not to smoke and you will create a sacred place inside of you.  That sacred place will not allow you to give up. Take your umbrella and protect your quit (sacred place) with NOPE....not one puff ever no matter and you will have a better life overall whether it rains or shines.  

Hang tough, be willing, stay close, be mindful, don't give in or up, protect your sacred place.