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My Sacred Place.

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 29, 2017

It has been raining all day but I won't complain.  I planted my fall garden yesterday so it is a "good thing" and I have had a nice long nap.  Falling into a deep sleep from the sound of the rain was wonderful.  Some call a rainy, wet, day a nasty day.  I never see it that way. Everyday is a good day when you are free from the chains of nicotine. Even with the rain we still have to continue on with our lives.  I see it as a day to use an umbrella or raincoat for added protection.    Like quitting smoking we have to do what is necessary to protect our quit.

 When I think about my quit, I am proud that no matter what challenges life brings I know deep down in that sacred place that I do not "have" to smoke.  I never used the word struggle in my quit.  I have always considered it a challenge that was/is doable.   My challenges with quitting smoking may not have seemed as difficult as others.  That may have been due to the fact I was relentless when the challenges came I would use self talk and tell myself that "No Matter What" I was not going to smoke.  That seemed to have lessened the difficulty for me.  However the work, determination and commitment to NOPE created a sacred place inside of me that I will protect, first and foremost. NOPE no matter what is going on I will not smoke.  That sacred place reminds me never ever forget, NEF what it has taken me to get here.  

I do not want to minimize the strength, determination, and commitment it takes to make the necessary changes but being willing  can make it a lot easier.  If you are having a hard time with the challenges of staying smoke free remember everything that you go through is worth it and you will not die.  Do everything, by any means necessary not to smoke and you will create a sacred place inside of you.  That sacred place will not allow you to give up. Take your umbrella and protect your quit (sacred place) with NOPE....not one puff ever no matter and you will have a better life overall whether it rains or shines.  

Hang tough, be willing, stay close, be mindful, don't give in or up, protect your sacred place. 



Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 25, 2017

Pops from the feedback I have received you may have thought my blog was about you.  It was not.  However, you can take what you can use and leave the rest.  Again it is about the community first: not a page or blog or person.  Hopefully you will recognize that no one intended to assault your character.  If you feel we did please forgive us. Everything is still a choice, it would be nice if you chose to return and continue your commitment on the Pledge Page.  I don't believe it would be the same without you. 


About my EX

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 19, 2017

I have been on this site for over two years and counting.  People come and go but for those who remain and offer support, stand up

Image result for take a bowyou deserve it.  Where would I be if not for the elders, my quit buddies and others who supported me?  Their experiences, love, encouragement and support helped me get this 937 Days of freedom. I did not do it on my own.  I listened, paid attention, took the advice and used it.No, I did not always agree but I would research on my own to get my answers.  It is amazing to me and I am so grateful to those who continue to help with sharing their knowledge and wisdom.  There are people who depend on EX through life crisis because EX has become family.  So thank you all for being here to offer support, love, prayers, encouragement and keeping it real.  I am very proud to be a part of this family.  Here we can bear our souls, sing our songs, recite our poems, cry our tears, and share our joy.  Sometimes there is a "little" drama but families do every now and then.  However,  we will reel it in and start all over again with the main purpose.  A wise elder once told me  c2q  The most important thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”.  I say "Quitting smoking is better together, so hang tough, stay close, be mindful, never give up or in, protect your quit; it is your own".  Peace out.

I wrote this blog 25 days into my quit. "Just one more" 2/19/15  

Since the topic has been on "just one" it reminded me of how far I have come.  Thanks EX community for helping me get there.  NOPE has kept me free. SINAO smoking is not an option for me. 


Last night I was up until the early hours of the morning, watching some Celeb Apprentice espisodes.  As I sat there I was thinking how comfortably gratifying and calming it was that I did not have to focus on when or where I would be taking a smoke break.  So let's get to the one more thought.

It has been 25 days since I told myself just one more, or this is the last one, or I'll do it when.... my grandson is born (16 yrs ago) ...when my granddaughter is born (10 yrs).  Oh, this is the last one because I am the only one in the office who smokes.  Just this last pack, telling myself, I'll do it for my New Year's  resolution.  Just one more then I will do it because my doctor advises it.  No more !....because my husband died of heart disease. Of course, this is the last one because they are starting to cost a lot more. I could go on and on with this just one more.

Yes, I have had a few short quits here and there, but all for the wrong reasons.  I finally had my ah ha moment when I decided to do it for ME. My quit date was my birthday.  I was only two days late and it has been a great birthday gift to me from me.  The thought that it has taken this long almost makes me want to cry but that's okay because with this quit  I am learning to care about ME.,............................ finally I have had the last one.


I am a nonsmoker.  Thank God 928 DOF