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Dinner time.  

Pops And Nancy @Skygirl and Pops

At Murphys @ VA Beach, the food was great and the service good considering the number of people in the place.  Have to go on down time.

Jo Jo the Diva

These pics were taken from the board walk morning walk "loverly"  Ken Nancy and Myself. Whoo Hoo. 


What can you say?

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 5, 2017

What do you say to someone who hasn't quit?

What do you say to one who hasn’t set a date?

What can you say before it gets too late?


I want to tell you to take a leap of faith!

Quitting is only doable when you give it life.

Yes, doable oh so doable if you only believe

No magic potions to give you to achieve


No special vapor mixes that we can concoct

But stay close and listen we'll give you all we got.

Are you listening closely for the secret mix

This thing call quitting you have to be willing to fix.


The first thing to do is to be willing to commit

That no matter what NOPE you will not relent

This fix comes with determination 

That you will make it through

That you are willing to do whatever you have to do.


Take the step of faith, one step at a time

 With believing and be willing to change your mind.

Relearn behavior and learn what to do

Willing to dig deep for the strength inside of you


Take a leap of faith, trust and don’t procrastinate!

Don’t wait until tomorrow it may be too late

You can’t get started if you don’t get started

One day at a time you will be just fine

Take that weight off your shoulders

We will help you pull the line


I hear you saying “it’s easier said than done”

All I am asking is to start at day One

Please, no more EXcuses to commit suicide

So many folk are sick,  some have died


Don’t be the one we’ll be talking about

At Ex we'll help you work your freedom out

Life is short, why make it shorter with smoke

It doesn’t make sense because nicotine is dope.


Your life is worth giving yourself a chance

Take that step of faith and together we'll dance.

What can you say?