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Happy Valentine's Day

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Feb 14, 2017

Grateful for 751 Days of Freedom. 


Profound Voices.

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Feb 12, 2017

It has been awhile since I have really written a blog.  I have been told by some they are an inspiration.  Some of my blogs are excerpts from my spiritual life.  Others are based on what's going on with our quit or just EX.  My desire is to motivate, encourage and educate. Hopefully that will happen tonight.  However at this very moment  I am not sure where it is coming from.  So here we go.

 It has been 2 yrs. 2 weeks quit for me so I should be able to say something profound to help right?  Every now and then I will jot down my thoughts and write a blog.  I have written approximately 260.  I am all “thunked out”.  I do not want to be boringly repetitive and I do not care for reruns. lol  Today in order for me to say something new and profound I have to quote someone else.  Let’s take one from today, quoted by my wise 95 year old dad.

“From the day we are born, death is only one step behind us”.  Wow, now that  statement put me in question mode.  Where did you get that thought/idea from?  Response: ”I don’t know, but it is true”.  Profound

So now think about that one cigarette. Now think about that one breath from death. Would that be enough to make you quit?  Its absolutely not that simple!  Or it could be.  First, we have to come to terms that we are addicts and educate ourselves about nicotine addiction.   Each time we light up, "death is one step behind us".  Imagine Death. We know smoking kills. Period.  Is that profound enough?  So what are you, we, us, I going to do?   

Fill in the blank___________ ___________.

Next I have a very special friend at EX, we talk frequently on the telephone.  She tells me some very profound “STUFF”.  I encourage her to write but for her own reasons she hasn’t.  SO I TAKE NOTES.   She tells me things that stop me in my tracks, make my heart beat rapidly, cause my brain to ponder and to shout out with acclamation. YES!

Here is one that takes my breath away.  “Recovery is one nicotine addict helping another nicotine addict, no matter where you are in your quit”.  It sounded so profound you will not believe the number of times I asked her to repeat it.  Now this next one is a tear jerker.  Okay, I cry easy but listen. “You have to give it away in order to keep it”.  Whoa!  Now doesn’t that make your heart stop?    

Here is another thought this dedicated EXer expressed to me. “Addiction does not go away.  Now that is profound!  She further says "We have to stay on track to help each other stay quit”.  

Now the next one is really big.  She says it BIG so I am writing it big bold and underlined. She says  "TOGETHER we can do this.  It is not about the leader board, or the most views or comments”.  Here she goes again. “It is one addict helping another addict.  She says she could give all her points away it wouldn't matter.  I say “oh no”.  You have earned them. Keep them. (and she has a L-O-T)  By now some of you may know who I am referring to.  The lady helps when you are having the worst time in your life no matter who you are or where you live. She will be there if she can. She may have ruffled feathers a time or two because she will stand her ground for her beliefs.   You call her Terrie, I call her Ter, (ha she lets ME.) REAL friend, and EXer.  She has been shining on this site before her quit day.  Oh, I am getting mushy here.  I guess I can say Happy Valentines Day and get a pass for writing this.  Don’t be mad at me, please.  I love you.  TerrieQuit


Ps… Sorry, I don’t care much for long blogs but I could not get around it.  It takes longer when you are quoting someone else.

Hang tough, be mindful, stay close, don't give in, don't give up. Peace Out. 


Don't forget

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 31, 2017

Image result for workers in the trenches t

We need workers In the trenches helping the new people.  Takes a little more work to identify them but we can do it.