Happy Sad Day

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jan 23, 2017

When your sister-in-law passes on your birthday it can be called a happy sad day.  It is a day filled with mixed emotions but with confidence I will not smoke.  I may be saddened to remember this day, 1 day away from a two year quit.  Happy Sad, Mixed Emotions. My heart is filled with love while shedding tears.  Mixed feelings mixed tears.  Happy sad day. Gosh I will remember this day.  She will be missed.  We use to laugh so very hard together. So I have the memories. Mixed feelings mixed tears. Happy sad day. 

I won’t, don’t, need or have to smoke over it.  Not part of the process anymore.  Happy; I am very glad that I don’t do that anymore.  Condolences birthday wishes on the same day. Happy sad day. No need to smoke over it.  No problem.  God’s got this.  This too shall pass. Happy Sad Day. 

Today I am reminded we are on this earth for a reason and only a season.  We are to spread love while we are here.  Just like NOPE no matter what.  Mixed feelings. Mixed tears. I am happy and sad but I don’t need a smoke to fix either one.  Just saying, I use to smoke whether I was happy or sad. How could it have fixed both.  Just rambling.  I am sad, Thank God I am free. Happy  Love you Joyce #tears happy birthday to me. Spread Love.