I no longer smoke but I am still human.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Dec 28, 2016

Well the holidays are moving along.  I wanted to do something special for myself.  Last week I made an appointment for today to get a pedicure /manicure.  My treat after working for the Christmas family gathering.  My hands and feet needed it.  I arrived at the appointed time, spoke with the tech explained what I needed.  She took someone ahead of me and set me up at the foot spa.  Forty one minutes pass and I take my feet out of the water because it had become cold.  (I no longer smoke but I am still human.) The tech’s coworker mentions it to her that I had my feet out.  The tech came over warmed the water up and mentioned how great it is to have my feet soaking.  Well after another 37 minutes my feet were tired of being in the water so I took them out again.  I was very disappointed at the service I was receiving. (I no longer smoke but I am still human.)  I dried my feet, stepped down, almost falling to put on my shoes, got my coat, handbag, book and magazines to leave.  As I am leaving the tech says it will be another moment.  I said I well it has been a 1 hr and 18 minutes and I had an appointment.  I quickly left the establishment.  

I guess appointments don’t matter anymore.  My patience was shot.  (I no longer smoke but I am still human.) Have I become one of those old ladies?  Lol   Now I am back home sitting here laughing at myself wondering what is wrong with me?  Am I on the brink of a relapse?   I have stuffed my face with spice cookies.  Now sipping tea and writing, no venting this blog.  This blogging really helps ump.  My own therapy session and free. Thought I would share.  (I no longer smoke but I am still human.) Why do I feel like I did something wrong?  (I no longer smoke but I am still human.)

I still need a manicure.   I have splotches of polish on my nails where I tested nail polish.  My feet look close to horrible.  Shriveled up for being in the spa for so long.   I think I must be going crazy but I won’t smoke over it. Lol   I will have to find somewhere else to get my nails done.  I wanted to call her back and discuss how I felt I was treated but I won’t.  I am googling other places in the area that I have not experienced or vice versa)  I thought I had a good one but I guess not. Maybe she didn’t want to do my feet.  Moving on.  This venting is good but it could be worse. (I no longer smoke but I am still human.)  Do I need an appointment here?  


Happy New Year.