Doable....Even at Christmastime

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Dec 26, 2016

When I first came to EX one word that intrigued me was “doable”.  My first goal was 24 hours...doable. Then a week, 30 days, increments 90, 120, 200, 300, 365, 400, 500, 600 700 all have been 'doable".  Looking back over the last few weeks while looking forward to my 700 day goal, I was apprehensive  that something may get in the way of my easy going quit and it did...Scourge.  I was annoyed that I had to focus and protect my quit, especially at Christmastime.  It wasn’t anything in particular that happened.  I could not understand why this slight anxiety surfaced. There must be truth about entering seasons which may have attributed this slightly annoying trigger.  Trust me, when I say slight, I have had more difficult times but this was CHRISTMAS. 

I have seen it happen and I did not want to blow my quit for any reason but I kept smelling cigarette smoke. I could not figure out why.  I told my quit buddy she said no not matter what don’t smoke.  I finally noticed it was more prominent when I passed the Christmas tree.  Weird.  After thought, this tree had not been used in several years and was stored in the garage where I use to smoke.  Bingo!  I think maybe.  Anyway, it sounded good.  I pulled out my old faithful Fabreze, you know the stuff I used to spray after smoking.  Several sprays and the problem was solved.

While preparing for my holiday gathering an occasional urge popped up.  Was this Association?  I wasn’t quite sure.   At one point I briefly fantasied about smoking but quickly distracted myself not to bring it to life.  I knew it could be a danger zone.   Next issue.  I would like to have a drink for the holidays but my smoking antenna was up.  Ah Shucks!   Could I have that extra cup of egg nog?   Big?????   I told myself okay “if you drink you will have to be on guard and WORK your quit.  Shaking my finger at myself.  So don’t get annoyed if you have to work your quit during the holidays because of a drink!”.  Maybe just a little amaretto in my coffee.  I had to be mindful, I was entering my second season of Christmas not smoking.

I finally got to the point and said.  What am I worried about?  I am not going to smoke NOPE.  What would it be like if I did smoke?  The image vividly appeared.  Sucking in smoke, yuck, smoke all in my face, whew, waving it away and ducking the stench while holding a stinking cigarette in my hand. Pugh!  Disgusting.  After this horrible imagine appeared, the nonsmoking light bulb in my brain brightly flashed on.  It said out loud, “Oh No!   You can forget that.  That is not happening.  No, no, no  not going back to that!  No matter what. No Way!  NOPE.  From that point on there was no longer a thought of smoking. I was fine and kept it moving

Bottom line:. No matter what day it is, you may have to stop the busy and protect your quit.  It is “doable” even at Christmastime.  Practice makes perfect.  Just because you think of smoking you do not have to act upon it. Before you smoke think about the consequences.  

Footnote: The other day a little airplane shared a thought with us.  If you did not read the blog I am passing it on to you.  “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.  I posted it in my kitchen window where I could remember it in my daily life. Thank you c2q.

Plan Prepare Protect.

Happy New Year

700 +1 DOF Making it through to get to year 2.  It is "doable."