Don't get it twisted.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Dec 16, 2016

 I will start off by saying there is nothing wrong with acknowledging where we are in our quits and celebrating our milestones but our quit is "not just a number".  If your main focus is counting days you are making this more difficult than it has to be.  Again, don’t get it twisted.  In the beginning it is quite normal to count days and keep abreast of where we are but it should not become the priority.   Counting days is only a measure. The number of days is NOT the quit.  The priority should be continuing/not counting to be free each day afterday so no matter what happens NOPE  It is okay to have your measure. That is fine but it is more important to be educating yourself while counting the days.   Are you reading the suggested material or are you just counting to see how far you can go?  Are you coming here to read, blog, ask questions, comment and research?  Are you gathering any close personal support relationships or are you stuck on counting your days and celebrating you. lol

Our quit is more than that!   It is Freedom, New Life, New Beginnings, a Journey.  It is all of the aforementioned and much more.  The more…. Commitment, Determination, Endurance, Education, Sacrifice, Forgiveness, Humility, Sharing Learning, Relearning, Healing to name a few and more….How about  Love and Protection.  These are the elements we need to be smokefree.   So bring your quit to life and stop treating it as a number.  It is not a trophy to put on a shelf. (it may collect dust)  The quit is the life you LIVE each day to remain smoke free by being active here, at home, work, play, church and your community.

Count the days if you may but also

Count the joy that you no longer have to wake up to have a cigarette. 

Count it a blessing that you are no longer spending your money wastefully. 

Count it deliverance of your body soul, mind and spirit that you are no longer a slave.

Count it beautiful that you have become a new creature and growing.

Count it glorious that you are stronger mentally, physically, emotionally and financially with new eyes.

Count it marvelous that you have the support of EX, the elders and others to help you through. 

Count it acceptance that you are able to recieve the help you need.  

Count it smart that you NEF where you started. 

Most of all Count it love, because the quit inside of you is unmeasureable.

As long as you stay smoke free the numbers will automatically stake up.  When you wake up one day and you don’t know what day you are on, it’s a good day.  That is the celebration.  Amen You are free. 

Hang tough, Be Mindful, Stay close, Don’t give in, Don’t give up, Protect your Quit