Words Matter

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Dec 10, 2016

What you say to yourself matters.  If you are constantly feeding your brain negative thoughts.

What will you get? ….Negative results. 

I think it is time to address self-talk.

I won’t be long winded this morning I know we all have things to do.

 So Let’s just look at a few.

 “I can’t do this”. ( you have already given up).  Say Yes I can

“This is hard”.  (That is a reality yes but say no weapon formed against me will prosper, yes I can!.)

“I am struggling”. (Sounds like you will never make it).

   Change your words say what is going on so we can address it.  

“I will never make it”.  “Say Yes I can make it”.

“I never could do anything right”.   Believe that you can do all things.

“I am so stupid”.  You are doomed if you keep saying this one.   What a man thinks so is he.

“I look terrible”.  How about a makeover every now and then won’t hurt. Lol  New way new life.

 Get unstuck out of your rut. Make yourself pretty.

   Tell yourself good things

“I can make it.  I can do this,I am beautiful, i am smart,  I am a nonsmoker.  No matter what comes I will not fail.  I am good at what I do.  I am worth it”.  

Get the idea.  Change what you are telling yourself and change your life. One of life’s greatest motivational tools I have found is self-talk.  Use it. It WORKS! I created my own mantra.  Make your own.

My mantra: Not in my hands, not on my lips, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my throat, I will not choke, not up not nose, not in my clothes.   I use to sing, cheer, hum, recite, blog, think, and believe it.

I am a nonsmoker”.  Say it with fierceness. 

How could I ever smoke again if I vowed never to put one in my hand?  Get it? Create your own self-talk it works. It has taken me a long way. 685 days of freedom. No matter what NOPE.  Hang tough, type HELP when you need it. Protect your quit.