Give yourself the Gift of Life.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Dec 1, 2016

Each year Christmas seems to be a little different for me.  At my house there will be no stockings hung by the fireplace.  Oh, heck,  there is no fireplace. lol  Anyway, I have been thinking about wrapping my own presents to place under the Christmas tree..  Each year as the shopping starts I usually purchase a few gifts for myself.  I would have plenty to place under the tree, along with things that I have purchased and haven’t used yet.  Some really great stuff.  Then I think, what a waste of wrapping paper.  Then I tell myself umm, some of the paper I have had for centuries, use it.  Lol again.  

This Christmas time  I am reminded of the greatest gift I gave myself.  It was not materialistic and it will last for the rest of my life if I protect and guard it.  Oh what a wonderful gift as I think of it.  I know my lungs are very happy.  I can breath and the air is so much fresher.  I don’t have that crazy cough every time I laugh.  I can fill my lungs full of fresh air as I run.  Yes, run at least 3 times a week averaging 3 miles and probably could go further.  I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, thats what I tell myself as I run. Oh well let's call it jogging.   As I jog, I think of this gift of freedom that I could only give to myself. I will protect my gift and not let anyone or thing (EXcuse) take it away.  No matter what NOPE. Not one puff ever.   I will standup for my gift, I will remember it every day not just at Christmastime.  I will NEF never ever forget how long it took for me to give this precious gift to myself. I will NEF what it took to get this far. I will keep my committment and no longer use smoking as an option in my life. SINAO.   What joy that gift brings to my soul.  I can shout out gladly what this gift does for me. 

So at this Christmastime be vigilant, don’t give up your qift.  Remember the work you have put in, so protect it and if you haven’t given yourself the gift, this is a good time to recieve the greatest gift of your life that only you can give......FREEDOM.  What a lovely gift, beautifully wrapped by yourself, for yourself, placed under the Christmas tree.