It won't last forever.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 29, 2016

In the beginning, it may be hard but the hardship doesn’t last forever.  If we give up and throw in the towel we will not experience the freedom from smoking.   If we compared quit smoking to starting a new job,a personal relationship or a business startup, it is a challenge.   We won’t succeed if we give up just because things do not go the way we expect is not a reason to give in.  Anything new requires a learning process.  When we have problems we find solutions.  We have to endure, compromise, and make sacrifices in order to accomplish our goal.  We have to commit and be willing to do whatever is necessary to move forward.  By making our minds up and knowing whatever we are going through will not last forever we can make it.  We can take each experience as a learning tool to move forward and know there are better times ahead.   Each time you go through and do not smoke you will become stronger. With a no matter NOPE (not one puff ever) we can do this. It works. 

There may be days early in your quit all you can think about is smoking.  Imagine telling yourself for so many years that you need and want a cigarette.  It takes time to change that thought. So start telling yourself that you don't need a cigarette. Give it time and don’t give up.  It can be done.  Know that this will not last forever.  There may be nights that you cannot sleep, it won’t last forever.  You will find ways to make it through with a no matter what attitude.  Come here blog, read and learn about nicotine addiction.  If you have questions, ask.  Just know and tell yourself that this too shall pass and it will. 

There is no quick fix, no drug, no patch, lozenge, gum that is going to totally do it for you.   These are only quit tools that help to make it easier until you can stand on your own.  Quit smoking takes work, so plan, prepare and practice.  The reality is you will have thoughts, craves, urges, withdrawal systems but they will not last forever.   It will become easy to slap the little man off the shoulder like swatting a fly.  In the meantime, hang tough, stay close, don’t give up, don’t give in because the hard part won’t last forever.  Tell yourself just that and you will be on your way to freedom. 

I am a nonsmoker 613 DOF