Change your mind and make the right choice

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 22, 2016

Sometimes you have to go through a rough patch in order to get to the smooth side of the road.  No it may not be easy all of the time BUT one thing for sure a crave, an urge, withdrawal will not kill you, smoking will.  Quitting smoking is doable and as time passes it gets easier.


Anyone who has been in this journey for any length of time realizes it isn’t just about quitting smoking. It is about changing your mind which changes your life and the way you live.   Believing that you can quit requires a change in your brain.  Changing our thoughts recreates transformation.  We can break the cycle of addiction by renewing our minds by knowing that you do not have to smoke makes a major difference. You have to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can do this no matter what. NOPE  (Not one puff ever) by any means necessary.


For those who have not quit or are just starting, where you are in your life today is not where you have to stay.  Quitting smoking is a process that creates new opportunities, new freedoms, doors open because you no longer smoke.   Your family life will be much happier.  There is a financial relief of not wasting your money.  You will feel spiritually cleansed and grow.  You become stronger mentally.  A cloud of confusion is lifted.  Some of us finally get a “backbone” and learn to say no more.


Anything worth having requires work and so does changing your mind .  It can be done by coming here reading the suggested material.  Learning what nicotine does to the body.  Learning about nicotine addiction.  Learning how to deal with craves. You have a place to come if you are struggling and need support.  Blog, comment if you like.  Participating isn’t required but you get better results if you do.


 Today is the day to make the right choice.  Choose Freedom.  Hang tough, stay close, don’t quit on your quit, protect it.  If you need help we are here


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