Grateful for 605 DOF

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 21, 2016

I wish that I could be happy everyday all day but realistically that is not true.  I consider myself a rather upbeat, positive person but for the last few days, I question whether I am turning into a grumpy old woman due to some circumstances occurring in my neighborhood.   I won’t waste time explaining that.  Trust me when I say I use the term old very lightly.  Age for me has always been just a number.  Anyway,  to move on the last few days have been very rainy and I haven’t been able to go outside to “play”.  It is a little depressing just watching the news on TV.  but nothing to smoke over.  I have done a few things inside but have loss motivation.  I did clean and reorganize some closets, shelves, drawers, pantry and now my body is a little sore from all of the work. With the rain comes some aches and pains due to “Arthur”.  You guys know him right.    Now I know what “I am a little bit under the weather” means. 

However sitting and contemplating what I should or should not do, I am reminded to be thankful because there is someone somewhere who cannot walk, or is homeless.  Someone has unexpectedly loss a love one.  Somebody is going through cancer treatment and may be counting their days.  Somebody can’t breathe unless they are connected to a tank.  Somebody’s love one is sick and constantly dealing with dr appointments, test, medications, hospitals, or seizures.  

My world is not perfect by no means.  Yeah some of my neighbors may leave trash in the street, or I have to deal with an abandoned car.  I may get upset with my neighbor when she throws pine cones back in my yard from MY pine tree.  My dad may not like the fact that I am not with him 24/7 but life goes on.   I still have to be thankful and spread some cheer even at times that I don’t feel like doing so. I have to let my sunshine until the sun comes out on its own "tomorrow".  I am alive, smoke free with no known smoking illness diagnosis.  605 days of it.  That’s more than enough to be thankful for  Thank God I am free. Peace out NOPE saved me.