Can't believe I did that.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 12, 2016

Thought I was over it.  Thought I was in control.  How could I not make myself stay home and not go to the store.  The time I have wasted contemplating no… yes.  Just one won’t hurt.  So I did it.  And now within 24 hours they are all gone.   I found myself in conflict like, telling myself if you buy them you will not be able to put them down.  Why not get some ice cream or chocolate candy.   I use to be in conflict like this.  Wondering why I could not stop going to the store.  I would be on automatic pilot.  Even on the trip to the store, I thought "you will not be able to just have one and put them away".   I was comparing this to cigarette smoking. I opened the package and ate about 3 helpings.  Then it was two at a time. One on each side. I never smoked two at the same time.  Oh let see 3, that would be really funny smoking 3 cigs at one time.  Then I put the bag in a drawer.  Within minutes the bag is in my hand again.  This morning they were my breakfast.  Oh My!!!!!  I could compare this to how a cigarette would be. Thank God that is over.  In the last week I have had the taste for M & M's.  Could not eat only one.  Just like smoking, one puff and you are BACK

Just like a cigarette one will never be enough.The very best part they do no melt in your hands.  Now I have to run an extra 5 miles to make up for it. See you later I am off to the gym. Help.  Somebody tell me this is okay as long as I am not smoking.  Happy Monday everybody.