Defining Moments

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 6, 2016

Yesterday I heard a minister speak about defining moments. Listening to the message caused me to reflect on quit smoking. This is a summary of what I got from the message which was about temptaion but in my mind was geared towards smoking.

When we make the decision to commit to quit smoking it is a defining moment.  It affects everyone around us and our future generations.   We remember the exact moment, where, how and why.   We can call that a “defining moment”, but it does not end here because we are often at cross roads in the journey to freedom.   For instance,  the time you were so stressed out, climbing walls, not knowing what to do while wanting to pull your hair out, screaming, crying but No Matter What  NOPE you did not smoke.  That is a “defining moment”.  You made it through.

When those little voices you hear telling you: “just one” shake your head and say NO. The crave goes away…make it your defining moment.   Say am a nonsmoker whenever the urge hits.   It will become a reality.   You may call them an ah ha moment but for this blog I call it defining.

 Remind yourself with each defining moment you will become stronger, healthier and wiser.  It may not be easy in the beginning but it does get better for you and all of those around you.  Dig your heels in,  get started and make the right choices.  It may be uncomfortable for a few moments but learn, relearn and discipline yourself until it becomes automatic.

A little bit of pain is far better than a long time of regret.   The “just one” is only pleasure for a moment.  Let your defining moments be good ones.  When the thoughts of smoking come don’t dwell on them to make it real.   Guard your quit.  Treat it with urgency.   Stay out of compromising situations.  Don’t play games with it to see if you can endure.  If you are around smokers and have to smoke don’t walk, RUN.  Stop putting yourself in the same situations that will cause you to relapse.  If you have to smoke if you drink alcohol, DON”T DRINK.   Changing people, places and things so you will have more greater defining moments.  With every temptation there is a moment of grace to make the right decision. Choose FREEDOM.   Hang tough, stay close, don’ give in don’t give up.  Peace out. I am a nonsmoker. 590 DOF