Quiet after the storm

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Aug 30, 2016

It may seem that your world is falling apart just because you quit smoking. Don’t believe it. That is not true.  It is a lie. Brainwash!  As humans we all have to experience life crisis.  The death or illness of a love one, our own illnesses, a love one addicted to drugs or alcohol,  job loss, rebellious children , divorce,  bills not be paid and the mortgage is due. The list could go on and on.  Yes, these are stressful situations that could be used as an Excuse to smoke.  Thank God, I am a witness for myself and of others right here on this site that I know it has been proven time and time again beyond a shadow of doubt that “you don’t have to smoke”!   Life happens whether you smoke or not.  So you say what do you do when life happens?

1)      Have a tool kit prepared  (what works for YOU)

2)      Come here first, reach out for support

3)      Know that you do not have to smoke, NO MATTER WHAT is going on.NOPE

4)       Educate yourself about nicotine addiction.  Read Read Read

Get through it!  Know that smoking is not going to fix it.   This journey is about moving forward not backwards.  As Ex-smokers we will continue to learn and relearn how to deal with life issues.  It is not an overnight process.  It continues but NEF never ever forget that vicious cycle of addiction before you quit.     

Lately, I have had to deal with all types of emotions, some I am just learning to identify.  Frustration in dealing with an elderly parent, disappointment in family members support.  The anxiety of not knowing what to do and doing everything you can and still is not enough.  Then there is this anger associated with all of it.   Along with all the other chaos in between.   Through it all I know smoking was not going to help and was not an option on the table for me.  So I may not have said the right things or did the right things.  By gosh I did a lot of deep breathing.    I keep telling myself that God’s got it and I will not smoke over this.  I know that I am a better person for not smoking through this storm.  

So go through the storm.  Be prepared for the high winds and the flood.  Close the door to smoking.  Pull out your raincoat and protect your quit.  Guess what?  The wind will blow, thunder will roar, the lightening will flash and the rain will fall but you will not die.  You will live because Not One Puff Ever will keep you free.  Know that the storm will not last forever and sometimes you have to go through to get through.  There is a greater reward at the end.  FREEDOM> .The quiet after the storm. 

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