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When I came to this site and starting reading blogs I kept seeing this word, “doable”.   It would be in blogs, sometimes in CAPS, bold letters, underlined, or even in “quotation marks”.   It really stood out in the blogs that I read.  Quite frankly, when I first started seeing  the word  I couldn’t remember ever hearing it before.  Even though I had an idea what it meant I still took the time to look up the definition.

 Doable - definition of doable by The Free Dictionary

www.thefreedictionary.com/doable  do·a·ble (do͞o′ə-bəl) adj.

Possible to do: a program that is tough but doable.

doable (ˈduːəbəl) adj. capable of being done; practical. do•a•ble

Nancy, Guilia and Marilyn just to name a few, would consistently use the word “doable” in their blogs and messages.  Emphasizing that quitting can be difficult at times but it is so “doable”.  They reiterated that if you did not take one puff NOPE that quitting is “doable”.  They blogged about things to do to start and stay free from nicotine because it is doable.

 I embraced the word and mentally it became a force to help me.   Yes, things can get tough but NOPE no matter what quitting is doable.  It is understandable if some may not connect with NOPE so I ask you to connect to the word DOABLE because quitting smoking is so “DOABLE”.

As they would say, instead of smoking come here first, study, learn and use quit smoking tools that work for you.   Start saying “I don’t do that anymore”.  “I am a nonsmoker.”  Believe you can because it is doable.  One day at a time quitting is doable.  Hang tough, stay close never give in never give up. 

556 DOF is proof that quitting is doable.  

Education is the key to a successful quit