Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jul 24, 2016

Yes, just like many of you I have tried quitting before and failed.  I often wondered why I couldn’t if others could.    God bless the reasoning but as I recall not one reason included me.  Sure, I got rid of the ashtrays and anything that reminded you of smoking.  No longer smoked in my car and all sorts of stuff. As I look back some was a little nonsense.  Books, products, hypnosis, societies and other web sites etc, just to name a few.   Anyway, I was advised by a smoking cessation program at my job to register at EX.  I did and that was it. Almost 2yrs had passed and I received an email from EX.  I guess I had been getting them all the time but was deleting them.  Never had a clue that there was a site like EX available with real people who had successful quits to help me.   I was so tired of smoking and made a vow to myself that if I ever quit again I would never ever go through another day one.  NEF

After 546 Days Free I can answer why I failed at quitting while others had success:   

Until I finally realized the importance of the knowledge of nicotine addiction, what’s in a cigarette, etc. my thinking would not have changed about having the “need” to smoke.

Until I learned, studied, practiced self-talk, and relearned my thinking I would still be stuck. 

Until I accepted the fact that I was not losing anything I may fail.

Until I was willing to let it go I would stay on the course of a vicious slow death.

Until I made up in my mind that I was not going to smoke and was totally committed I would fail. 

Until I gave it my all and pledged to myself that no matter what, I would literally not put a cigarette in my hand, not on my lips, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my throat, I will not choke, not up my nose, not in my clothes;  BTW that became one of my theme songs and mantras and I became a nonsmoker. 

Until I gave it my all and learned HALT, NOPE NEF SINAO and had a support group and friends like the EX community I would fail.  

Until I committed daily to study and read the blogs and listen to the advice of the Elders I would fail. 

Until I learned that my quit was the most important thing in my life I failed.   

Until I did it for me and believed that I was a non-smoker I would never become one.  

Until I gave it every part of my inner being through God’s strength, determination, education, perseverance, honesty, forgiveness, soul searching, praying, making friends, singing, crying, laughing, screaming I would fail. 

Until I meant by any means necessary I will not smoke, no matter what I would fail. 

Each day I get stronger and the practice of smoking is no longer a part of who I am.  I am better, healthier, wiser, and happier and I keep getting better.  There are up and downs in this quit smoking business.  Thank God my ups were/are greater than my downs and I am free because I know deep down inside of me that I gave it my all and I will continue to protect my quit.  At 546 days I don’t have to work as hard.   Will you give it your all?