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Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jun 30, 2016

  I consider myself beyond the quit but more at a point of protecting what I have accomplished.  Protecting my quit is remembering life before I quit and knowing now each day is a beautiful journey as a nonsmoker.  Of course, 522 days is much easier than the first 22 but I don't want to NEF never ever forget what it was like being a smoker.    

I don’t dwell on it but there are times I should remind myself and NEF that my morning wake-up call was often from a cigarette.  Now it is a breath of fresh air.  Ahh, so refreshing.

NEF that I use to think that I “had to have” one with my morning coffee.  What a foolish thought.

NEF I how I rushed to finish a meal just to engage in getting my fix and fulfilling a ritual. “ I don’t do that anymore”.

NEF the time I wasted to make sure I had one before leaving for work. How about the one riding in my car blowing smoke out of the window, flickering ashes outside the car.  NEF how desperate, disgusting and ignorant that looked and felt.  “Chained” “Hooked”
NEF the stench I thought I was hiding.  What a fool I was.

NEF hiding in corners, behind buildings, down the road, at breaks, sometimes before/after lunch.  I thought I just wanted to smoke.  I am now aware of the addiction I was trying to satisfy.

I will NEF the drive home, then arriving.  Before, during or after a task.  Before and after dinner.   Again for evening relaxation, again before bedtime and any other excuse in between before the morning cigarette alarm woke me up again.  So consuming. What a vicious spiral.   Thank God I am free.

To protect my quit is to NEF.   My freedom from nicotine addiction depends on it.  If you are thinking of giving up or haven’t started you can be successful too.  First, by educating yourself about nicotine addiction. NOPE,  NO MATTER WHAT and NEF.  


Hello Exers

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jun 27, 2016

Hello, everyone.  Hope all is well.  I haven’t been around for a few days. I have to catch up on what is going on.

I had been planning, cleaning, organizing, cooking, and decorating for a birthday dinner party for my son in law.  Well, it was a great dinner party yesterday.  So today I am resting.  Just a quick note of my thoughts during the course of preparation,  I was very pleased that this venture did not create cravings or the desire for a cigarette. My thought was I had not thought about them.  If that makes any senses but my quit has really grown up in 519 days.   If you are new at this don't give up because in time gets better.  No matter what stage you are in PROTECT your quit.  It is great to celebrate life as a nonsmoker.  I will talk with you later.  Have a  great day. 

I am sorry I did not get to reply to each one individually but thank you .  I am busy living life as a nonsmoker. lol FREEDOM 501 DOF.  Protect your quit. 



Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jun 8, 2016

When I woke up this morning I had forgotten that today I would reach a 500-day milestone.   500 days what would I like to express?   My thoughts went directly to what I had learned and what I would like to say.   One main thing  is PROTECT YOUR QUIT.   Whether you are at 10 days or 1000 it is the most vital part of quitting.   Be aware of your triggers and what you need to do to not smoke.  We are addicts and we cannot allow our addictive brain to ever take over again.  

Another thought is EDUCATION.    Education is the key to a successful quit.  Point blank, you cannot do this without educating yourself.  There are so many things that I want to say.  I will sum it up with words from a previous blog , “The Elders” that have a permanent impact on my quit.

Barbara- May God bless and keep each one of you. Do your work and you can have a much better life than you can imagine.  You will get over cigarettes!!!!!!  It just takes time!  

Breakinthechains - Quitting smoking is not about hoping it happens, it's about deciding and doing it. Honoring a choice can be simple. Don't make things too complicated by letting in a bunch of outside factors. "But this...But that..............." NO! These are just excuses. You CAN do this!

Dale -Nothing will do it for you except a decision and your willingness. As we get older it becomes "I can't do that anymore. Keep them away from your face!       

Dancingthrulife - You educate yourself, find a new way of thinking about quitting. You remain willing to deal with any physical and emotional changes that may happen. Seek support and support others.     

Elvan -There will always be good days and bad days and there will always be choices about how we deal with them.  Education is the key to a successful quit

Freeneasy- We are not immune and can't let up our guard -even for one moment-it can and does happen-but it's still a choice.

Froguelady - . I will not smoke for today and that is how we become nonsmokers, one day at a time. Take care of you first. NOPE counts for No in some cases

Giulia - Each time you do something as a nonsmoker that you have never done before you just get stronger "When nothing is certain - EVERYTHING is possible!"  And depending upon how you view that statement, the possibilities for good things happening are limitless. ( Visit her web page)

Hamptons - Simply not an option for us anymore..... I have grown a back bone from my quit so far it's working. –

Jennifer -There will be temptations but you just have to blow them off - it only gets better! As long as you are blowing steam and not cigarettes that’s okay.

Larry Oldbones- Keep that quit rolling strong!!!

Marilyn-Quitting smoking is absolutely “doable” and remaining quit is also absolutely “doable” and absolutely vital to our quality of living.   We never ever want to go backwards         

Mike in Atlanta - Keep on keepin’ on my friend,               

Mrs. J November -You do whatever it takes to protect your quit! -          

Nancy -"Life is always going to happen; it's how you respond to it that is important."  Choices! - As addicts, we must remain ever vigilant....but it is oh so worth the small challenges, and they get smaller and smaller as time passes.

Rick M - Accept the fact you are now an ex-smoker and cigs are not your friend and you can live a normal life without burning one every hour.   

Shawn-Thank you for all the graphics and positive messages of encouragement that you send.            

Sky Girl -You educate yourself, find a new way of thinking about quitting. Your remain willing to deal with any physical and emotional changes that may happen. Seek support and support others.     

Smorgy-   I am an addict.   If I smoke even a drag I will open myself up to being back to a pack a day. I must guard my quit.  One way I do this is to come here every day, make my pledge and read blog listen.  This is how I've done it for all these days.....make a promise and KEEP IT!

Sootie - May I make an OUTLANDISH suggestion.....enjoy the ride; THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD.

Sparky- Nothing, nothing makes you smoke, except you, you choose, choose wisely.   I've come to realize this is an ongoing journey and when we lift up others we lift up ourselves.

Summer Rain-The journey continues

Thomas- Knowledge is POWER!  Thomas even gave me a theme song

Tommy -If you can quit smoking you can do anything.   

Wisconsin- We must stay committed and always be on guard in our quits

 Thank God and thanks to  my friends and quit buddies who are traveling with me.  To those who have gotten off the road, get back on.  You and I are not alone.

Upward Onward and Beyond!.

God Bless