Be ready

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on May 28, 2016

Okay, so you have been smoke-free for a while and you’re feeling rather confident that you’ve got it.  Well, don’t be fooled, staying quit requires keeping your quit tools sharpened and ready to use.  You have to protect your quit because our addictive brain (the trickster) may try to regain control.   Why? Because it has been controlling for years and doesn’t like not being the boss, so be ready. Don't be tricked by the trickster. 

 Be ready, use the tool Self-talk.   Don’t be blindsided by letting the trickster "out talk" you.  Tell your addictive brain to “shut up!”   Let the trickster know that it is wasting it’s time because no matter what you are not going to smoke.  Say it like you mean it.  “I don’t do that anymore”!   “I am not going to be fooled,  so trickster, move on”!  It will get to steppin’. 

 Be ready when the argument with a loved one occurs and  leaves you totally exasperated. Don’t smoke!    Find a quiet place and breath.

 Be ready when loneliness, boredom, tiredness, depression, sickness, death or a family event occurs. Don’t let the trickster make you think you have to smoke.  You don’t! Get your hands Busy /Change your location.  

Be ready when the trickster says “oh just one”.  Don’t be fooled pull out your quit tools.  It is a test.  Pass it. You will become stronger each time.   Don’t take the easy way out.  Wait it out and let it go.  SINAO.  Smoking is not an option.   

Believe in yourself.  Know that you can do this.  Make up your mind that nothing and no one is going to get in your way.  Think outside of the box, your quit depends on it.  Kick the trickster to the curb by any means necessary.   N.O.P.E (not one puff ever) NO MATTER WHAT!  

Enjoy the holiday weekend but protect your quit.  

Keep it Simple…. If you drink alcohol and have to smoke, don’t drink.  If you are around smokers and have to smoke, don’t be around smokers.