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Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Apr 30, 2016

Newbie needs help.  Lives with smoker.   Asking for advice.,

Here is the link Dieseldoggie


Thankful for 460

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Apr 29, 2016

Today I thought how thankful I am to be smoke-free.  I did not want this day to pass without saying it.  I am also thankful for EXcommunity.  I am truly grateful for the wonderful friendships and relationships that have developed due to EX.  I can take a deep breath of relief I am truly free. Thank you all for your support.  I could not have done it without you.  Have a great night. 


Work your quit!

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Apr 23, 2016

I was very Excited when I started visiting the EX site.   I was having success in my quest to stop smoking.  The Elders would be encouraging but they would always add "guard your quit, protect your quit, don’t be too confident".  I just didn’t quite get it.   There was a period early on that quite a few  EXer’s were “relapsing”.   It was very frightening and I didn’t quite “get it”.    Now, I am here 454 days smoke-free and I get it!   Being and staying smoke-free is an ongoing process.   It's okay to be confident in your quit BUT there are times you have to rely on your skills and work your quit so that you don’t smoke.  You have to remember that it is a choice.  Today I choose not to smoke. NOPE

I know there are demons in this world and that the nicotine demon once had a grip on me.  Lately, that little demon has poked his head out to remind me what I use to do.  I once believed that nicotine could solve my problems. It was automatic, I smoked a cigarette whenever I got upset.  I had to relearn that thinking and not smoke.   I am still learning.  I am at a point that the demon can put his head back down in the dirt because I am stronger than any desire to put a cigarette to my lips.  I will never surrender my quit   I have educated myself and have a support team.   I will never allow the addict in me to ever be in control again.   Today I bind it up, cast it out, and keep it moving because I am a nonsmoker.

I am blogging to acknowledge you can be 1 yr. or even 6 yrs. and that demon may still try to poke his head out at any given opportunity.  So as the Elders would always tell me…. guard your quit, protect it, have a plan and work it! 

Thank you Elders.


Don't give up

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Apr 20, 2016

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  The kind of days that I would have smoked....a lot. Since SINAO  I haven't and I won't because I am free.  I can sing that....I"M  FREE!!!!!!!!  OOH!

My family members are getting better physically, now onward to rehabilitation.  Still some issues but smoking has nothing to do with it.   I am learning to deal with life as a nonsmoker. YAY!  

If you are doubting your quit please don't give up. Come here blog, ask for help.  Take a moment to protect what you have started.  It is so worth it.  Learn and believe you  don't have to have a cigarette.  It is one of the best feelings imaginable. Practice makes perfect one day at a time.  Learn to protect your quit, it is the best thing  you can do for yourself.  Quit and know that I you will never pick up again.  .  

One of my triggers was anger and I am learning not to allow other peoples stuff to cause my stuff to be ugly. Breathe Baby Just Breathe.  Over the last 16 months I have grown and I am proud of it.  Where would I be if I had given up.  Anyway, another day beats the smoke.  Freedom! . Yay!  I am happy.   Keep on living and learning.  Whoo Hoo 451 DOF.  NOPE Always Saves me.  SINAO  smoking is not an option.  Yeah!  #BreatheBabyBreathe.


Thank God I am free.

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Apr 15, 2016

I am at peace but today was one of those days if I was a smoker I would have smoked a lot.  Funny after all that has taken place today I did not think about smoking at all.  My day started off as usual with the Ex and coffee then off to exercise class.  Returned home did a few things on line.   Dropped by my sister’s house found her sick in bed. In excruciating pain. That is when the day became hectic running errands for her, answering calls from home care for assistance.  She was in so much pain she could not talk.  She had called Rescue because she had fallen ( a second time this week)  In the meantime  I am going back and forth to my house to keep a check on my dad.  Running errands for my dinner which I haven’t prepared yet.  Ended up at the hospital with family to support my son in law who is having surgery.     At the end of this day on my way home, I thought I haven’t had a desire for a cigarette or thought about one.  I did notice while doing errands that I have an automatic breathing exercise that comes into play when things get hectic.  It has replaced puffing a stinky.  That is why today I am saying.  “I am free.”  446 Days of freedom.  Hallelujah.  

After posting my blog yesterday I thought more of those who have quit and live with or have a life partner who smokes. I want to take a moment to congratulate them for going the extra mile to be smoke free and not using it as an EXcuse to continue smoking.  They are an example of a committed quitter who has closed the door to smoking.

If you are a quitter who lives with a smoker, shout out your days smoke free and a few words of encouragement to those who are in the same situation.  Also, if you started this journey alone and your partner joined later let us know about it.  You may have saved their life. 

I applaud you.   Congratulations on keeping the door closed.   You have shown us that it is "doable."


444 Days Free

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Apr 13, 2016

I was on my way to catch the Freedom train.  I had to go to my quit page to see how many days smoke free I had.  Wow 444 and I liked the number so much, I decided to do a shout out to myself.  I went to a page where I keep notes on my quit smoking thought, blogs and SINAO ideas  I would like to share a few notes. 

Headline!   Did you close the door?  Or is it still open for the opportunity (EXcuse) to smoke again.  When you quit smoking you close the door on many different things to protect your quit.

  1.) If you drink and HAVE to have a smoke  you have to slam the door hard and don’t open it  

 2.)  If it is a trigger for to be around smokers, close the door tight.   Mentally if you live with a smoker.

 3.)  When you quit smoking what  did you close the door to and kept it closed?


I can tell myself not to be angry, mad or no need to be sad.

There are times that we are have problems and someone will say “oh just shake it off it will be okay”. Somethings you just can’t shake off.  We have to face them and deal with it as a nonsmoker.  We have feelings, emotions.  We have to grieve, love, laugh, cry, hurt, be bored, lonely, and angry and still learn to deal with life just like nonsmokers do. 


Most importantly,  life is precious.  Living smoke free is the best life.  Do what makes you happy.  Light the scented candles.  Purchase your own flowers or favorite perfume.  Make yourself smile.  Be good to yourself smoke free.   

 If you are just staring this journey when cravings come, tell yourself that you ARE a NONSMOKER. As James Brown would say "Say it loud and say it proud" and live what happens. .


 My name is Jackie with God's help, the support of this community along with educating myself about nicotine addiction I have 444 DOF.  For me SINAO Smoking  is never an option. Have a wonderful day. I have a train to catch. 


Just do it!

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Apr 8, 2016

We hear that so often when it comes to accomplishing a goal.  Just do it!  Sounds good.  Just do it may not work for everyone.   In my opinion just doing it, is based more on willpower than willingness.  If you are going to do anything successfully it is better that start with a plan, guideline, or set of instructions.  The why when and how are easy to refer to if they are written.  When you register on the EX site there are guideline and videos to follow.   If you skip the steps you may have missed a very important step to a forever quit. 

We also hear don’t give up, don’t quit, one day at a time but more importantly is how. The how?  Well, one of the most important ways is through education. If you are willing to educate yourself about nicotine addiction and learn the truth about smoking you can have a forever quit.  Are you willing to relearn your thinking?   Willing to allow your brain to be washed of the brain washing?   Willing to come to the site to not just lurk but blog, participate and ask for help when you are having difficulty with whatever?  Willing to recognize that you may not be able to do this alone.   Willing to do whatever is necessary for a forever quit and that includes educating yourself.   If you have the knowledge you have the power to overcome nicotine addiction.  My plea to you is to educate yourself whether you are on day 1 or 101.  In this information age we are able to research and share.  Here are two links that were very helpful to me at the beginning of my quit journey.  I highly suggest that you read them if you haven’t.   Have a great weekend. The quit you save may be your own.  439 DOF                    


Non SmokersTRIVIA

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Apr 2, 2016

Not smoking has an impact in so many areas of our lives that we tend not to always recognize all of them.  Yesterday while looking in the mirror to put on my makeup, a thought came to mind, hmmm, I don’t have to keep refreshing my lipstick.  TRIVIA!   As I put on my lipstick I said to myself, oh my!  My teeth are much whiter. TRIVIA  I looked a little closer and my face had this glow. BEAUTIFUL! (singing) I thought on me, oh my I am looking much better since I quit.  I no longer have those purple lips. AAH!  My hair is a pretty silver, not yellow. WHOO HOO!  and  It does not smell.  I am sure my hairstylist is verrrrrrrrrry happy. .  YIPPEE!  There are so many things I could list but I just wanted to mention the little things that seem TRIVIAL yet are great.  Do you have any nonsmoking TRIVIA to share?

433 DOF