One more puff or the last?

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Feb 24, 2016

Crossing from darkness into a brilliant light.  A feeling of assurance from a moment you will never forget.  Whether you crush it, flick it, water it, step on it or cut it, it is the last one and you know it.  No more, you tell yourself.  You start to breathe a little differently.  It is the breath of relief because you have come to the light.  There is an aura of embarking on one of the best journeys of your life.  Yes, you may have a little fear because of uncertainty but your mind is made up, you have taken your last puff  NO MATTER WHAT.

You are thinking I hope I am not too late.  You pray, God help me please I really want, need and have to do this for ME this last time.   The reminder of the failed attempts brings tears of grief, guilt and shame but you learn to forgive yourself.  A new day, way and life has dawned.  You are so amazed at how not smoking has brightened your life.  You are filled with joy that you have taken the step from one more to the last one.  Thankful for the 24hrs, 48, 72, which you made it through.   No turning back, 3 weeks past you realize the time and money you have wasted smoking.  You learn to love yourself a little more each day.   One day at a time because there can be good days and not so good days.   

With the help of the ExCommunity and a no matter what attitude you make it through >30 days, 90, 6 months.   Time passes very quickly 7-8-9 months and the thoughts of smoking subside and you grow and grow and grow because you have had the last one.  

If you haven't crossed the line, it is only a matter of one step ..simply..Not one puff ever, NOPE  Give your quit the time it needs  NO MATTER WHAT!  SINAO smoking is not an option.