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Crossing from darkness into a brilliant light.  A feeling of assurance from a moment you will never forget.  Whether you crush it, flick it, water it, step on it or cut it, it is the last one and you know it.  No more, you tell yourself.  You start to breathe a little differently.  It is the breath of relief because you have come to the light.  There is an aura of embarking on one of the best journeys of your life.  Yes, you may have a little fear because of uncertainty but your mind is made up, you have taken your last puff  NO MATTER WHAT.

You are thinking I hope I am not too late.  You pray, God help me please I really want, need and have to do this for ME this last time.   The reminder of the failed attempts brings tears of grief, guilt and shame but you learn to forgive yourself.  A new day, way and life has dawned.  You are so amazed at how not smoking has brightened your life.  You are filled with joy that you have taken the step from one more to the last one.  Thankful for the 24hrs, 48, 72, which you made it through.   No turning back, 3 weeks past you realize the time and money you have wasted smoking.  You learn to love yourself a little more each day.   One day at a time because there can be good days and not so good days.   

With the help of the ExCommunity and a no matter what attitude you make it through >30 days, 90, 6 months.   Time passes very quickly 7-8-9 months and the thoughts of smoking subside and you grow and grow and grow because you have had the last one.  

If you haven't crossed the line, it is only a matter of one step ..simply..Not one puff ever, NOPE  Give your quit the time it needs  NO MATTER WHAT!  SINAO smoking is not an option. 


Get EXcited!

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Feb 17, 2016

There are times that we become saddened, depressed, lonely even complacent and forget to focus on the JOY of this journey.  Can I get an Amen? Get that sad look off of your face!  Stop the whining!   You have not lost anything.  Get Excited! This is your quit for the rest of your lifetime Hall of Fame. You should have a big smile your face.  You should be standing proud and jumping for Joy about the leap of Faith you took to be free.  You are free of the horrible, miserable, stinking, life sucking chain of nicotine. Can I get an Amen!  Come on, let’s get Excited!  

We should celebrate every day for the peace that overflows being smoke free.  Yes Real Real Dopamine Ya’ll.  Glory!  There may be some discomfort in the beginning but it cannot outweigh the wonderful feelings of FREEDOM!   Even if you are in your first 24 hrs or 72 or your first week , CELEBRATE!  If you don’t give up and don’t give in the best is yet to come.  The road will get easier and easier and easier.  And I say that loudly.  EASIER!!!! (Echo,, echo,, echo.  That should make you feel great inside. Dopamine overflow Ya’ll.  Whoopie! And I don’t mean Goldberg.

Come on let’s rejuvenate no matter where you are in your quit.  Get Excited!  Keep it going.  Raise your hands and shout!  Do a happy dance!   Say, I ‘m so EXcited because  “I don’t do that anymore”.  Tell somebody about your quit.  Get EXcited about this new life.  Get EXcited about the Freedom from nicotine.  Get EXcited that yes you can do this!    Think about what brings you the most JOY and forget about a stinking cigarette. I wake up in the morning and I REJOICE because a cigarette does not cross my mind. Hallelujah!   Tell somebody you love them. Amen Amen

388 DoF

What are you Excited about on this forever quit journey? 



Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Feb 10, 2016

Some of us come to this site new on our freedom from nicotine journey.   Upon arrival we are called “newbies”.   We come with fears, anxiety, depression, addiction,  along with life crisis.   We introduce ourselves not sure of how we will be received but we are suprisingly welcomed.   Greetings come along with instructions from an “elder”.  Another elder points the direction to the path.  While another takes your hand to help you step up on the path.   As you are wandering along you see others just like yourself.  You become friends, quit buddies, BF’s encouraging each other.  You learn, laugh, love, cry, play, dance, eat, talk, walk, scream TOGETHER.  Always pulling each other along the way so that no one is left behind.   Some are just a few steps ahead but always close making sure each are okay.  The elders are still encouraging but they are not as close because you and your buddies are finding the way.   Besides the elders have to meet greet and instruct other newbies at the beginning of the path.  

Sometimes the journey is difficult.  There are some serious bumps in the road.  There are so many things that we have to learn or relearn so we don’t fall down and never give up on the journey.   The further we travel the more we grow and are able to help someone else along the way.  If it gets dark you may be the one with the spare light.  There is always someone on the road.   So you don’t have to be alone.  There is always someone to talk to, all you have to do is BLOG, or message.   Someone will respond.   If you need any help to stay on the  course all you have to do is ask.   Be mindful If you see that someone has fallen.not to step on them so they can get back up.   

We reach milestones one after the other and we are so  happy to achieve BUT we must continue to pass the torch back so there is light in the middle of the road.   As Summer Rain says….The journey continues. 


 ....make a friend today. 


Beyond the quit

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Feb 7, 2016

Well, it has been almost 2 weeks since I celebrated my 1 year milestone.  With one year there is a good feeling of achievement which required hard work and determination.   I have to admit at times it was tense and I had to give my quit my all in all   With God’s help I made it.   I am not looking back but we should NEF (never ever forget) the beginning of our journey.  My focus has now become beyond the quit.  Hopefully I can explain what I mean by beyond.

Beyond the quit for me is knowing that I will never ever put another cigarette to my lips. NOPE not one puff ever.  Beyond is never to have smoking as an option.  SINAO.   Beyond is still doing whatever is necessary so I will never get caught in the nicotine addiction trap again.  Beyond the quit is liking who I am without cigarettes in my life and being proud of myself whether anyone else recognizes it or not.  Quitting has opened my eyes and I see myself, some people, places and things in a different perspective.  For me beyond is helping and giving back with knowledge, kindness, understanding, patience, and humor so others can also have a successful journey to freedom from nicotine.

Beyond the quit is taking time to enjoy what a beautiful world we live in.  Life is very short and we have to embrace every moment   Beyond is continuing to love myself more each day and taking better care of me. Beyond is recognizing there are other areas in my life that need attention and I can’t be here as much as usual.   As Thomas would say “ There are better things to do than sucking and blowing smoke from burning leaves wrapped in paper and drenched with chemicals”.  Kinda sorta anyway; for some reason I just had to add that in there. 

I am thankful for each day that I wake and no longer have to think about smoking. Hallelujah! That too has taken time but thank God I am here.  I could never have made it without the support of this group.  I will always stay close and connected as much as possible while I continue on the journey beyond my quit.   When I have something to share I will.  God bless you all.