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Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 27, 2016

This is a big, bold, and “bad to the bone “statement.   It is so powerful.   It can take you the distance on your quit journey.  There is no, if, and, but, or in between.  It says what it means and it means what is says.  It says that no matter how bad my day is I will not smoke.  Even if my home burns down, it means I will not smoke.  If I lose my job or someone I love becomes terminally ill I still will not take that one puff. NOPE!  It says. if I have death or divorce in my family smoking is not an option.  SINAO

Why?  Because smoking will not, cannot, fix or change ANYTHING.

When I quit smoking I knew that my main trigger was Anger with a capital “A”.  Whew, just thinking about it makes me want to exhale.  However, on this forever quit, I had made up my mind that no matter, how angry I got I was not going to smoke.  What was I going to do?  I wasn’t quite sure because I was learning but I had a few things on a list of what to do.   

So it happened.  In fact, several times since I quit.  How did I react?  First of all, the list flew out of the window.  I raised my voice, hollered, screamed, slammed doors and cabinets, paced back and forth with steam coming out of my ears.    Finally, almost in tears I went outdoors, sat on the porch to get some air and breathe.   A quick thought raced through my head as I looked down the street in the direction to the neighborhood convenience store.  “This is the point where you would go and buy the smokes”.  What did I tell my addiction, oh no,  no matter what I am not going to smoke.  Breathe Jackie just breathe.   I calmed down, came to the site and blogged.  Now when I get angry I have a way to handle it.  Fresh air, breathe deep, calm down and blog.   Wow, I just had an aah ha moment while writing this blog. Oh my goodness, who would have thought?

“ QUITTING smoking has helped me learn ways to handle anger”. 

Bottom line no matter what is going on in your life, if you make up your mind that  you won’t smoke you will learn to  handle life just like a nonsmoker  : ) .  End of Story.

Have a smoke free day. I love you.  God bless. 


365 days of NOPE

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 25, 2016

I had written several blogs about this upcoming milestone so I wasn't sure whether I would be blogging today. I could not sleep so here I am at 4:00 am and I am on it.  This day is rather humbling and I am very thankful that I have come this far but as Summer Rain says “the journey continues” and that is a fact.  I never want to be complacent in my quit and there are other mountains to climb so I am going to keep it short and simple. Onward and Beyond!

As I continue to reflect on this journey one of the things that has been profound for me was learning about nicotine addiction.  It is very important that we understand the facts and dispel the myths on this subject. 

To make a long story short. I live in the tobacco growing state Virginia, one of the first colonies that produced the drug.   For years I have traveled the roads of the tobacco farms and even as a smoker never given much thought to what I was putting into my body.    After quitting and learning about nicotine, tobacco, all the additives and addiction the blinders were lifted.  

Here are several links that I recommend to get a better understanding of nicotine which could make your quit a lot easier.  I try to refer these in all of my welcoming comments.  If you haven’t taken the time to read these you may be missing the boat or train.

.I am also learning tips from the old and the new. Here are some eye openers: 

"My trick was to just fake it being easy until it was my new reality" - TimFriday2 .

If I take one puff I will surely die Immediately. JACKIE

And of course I have to play my theme song.

To God Be the Glory, Have a wonderful smokefree stress free day.


If you drink alcohol and have to smoke, don't drink alcohol.  If you are going to be around smokers and have to smoke, don't be around smokers.  Know what your triggers are and be prepared to protect your quit.  iT belongs to you.  Have a great weekend. Baby it is cold outside.  They say blizzard I say lizzard.  East Coast VA in the house. Good night.


Voices in My Head

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 22, 2016

You may not think I know what your voice is like but you all have a voice in my head.  I have only personally spoken to one person on this site and their voice sounded like what I imagined.  So I venture to say that the other voices in my head really sound like what they are or a least close to it.   When I first starting hearing these voices some of what they were saying was a “tiny” bit hard to swallow.  I am positive that was my addictive brain hearing it.  The voices in my head have spoken to me DIRECTLY because I have been here; reading, blogging questioning, commenting, singing, dancing, supporting, screaming, and begging so we have a CONNECTION. 


Before I go any further let me acknowledge my Quit Buddies, Bonnie B. #1cheerleader, Girl you are the best and marching beating the drums, always got  my back Jimmie A Littrell . There are many others but  I have to mention these two. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here.


It is getting closer to 365 now at 362 but tomorrow is not promised.  I strongly advise you to listen with an open mind.  I am going to share what the voices told me DIRECTLY .  The Voices of The Elders.  Today I capitalize the “E” because I am close to being one. (lol side joke between me and Terrie, my own Sunshine).


Without further ado, here are the voices in my head and I echo especially to the newbies.  


Barbara145 God bless and keep each one of you. Do your work and you can have a much better life than you can imagine.  You will get over cigarettes!!!!!!  It just takes time!  


Breakinthechains - Quitting smoking is not about hoping it happens, it's about deciding and doing it. Honoring a choice can be simple. Don't make things too complicated by letting in a bunch of outside factors. "But this...But that..............." NO! These are just excuses. You CAN do this!


jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 -Nothing will do it for you except a decision and your willingness. As we get older it becomes "I can't do that anymore. Keep them away from your face!       


Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 - You educate yourself, find a new way of thinking about quitting. You remain willing to deal with any physical and emotional changes that may happen. Seek support and support others.     


elvan -There will always be good days and bad days and there will always be choices about how we deal with them.  Education is the key to a successful quit


freeneasy We are not immune and can't let up our guard -even for one moment-it can and does happen-but it's still a choice.


froguelady_quit_3-16-11 - . I will not smoke for today and that is how we become nonsmokers, one day at a time. Take care of you first. NOPE counts for No in some cases (may she rest in peace)RIP


Giulia - Each time you do something as a nonsmoker that you have never done before you just get stronger "When nothing is certain - EVERYTHING is possible!"  And depending upon how you view that statement, the possibilities for good things happening are limitless. ( Visit her web page)


hamptons - Simply not an option for us anymore..... I have grown a back bone from my quit so far it's working. –


@Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14  -There will be temptations but you just have to blow them off - it only gets better! As long as you are blowing steam and not cigarettes that’s okay.


Larry OldBones-Larry Keep that quit rolling strong!!!


@Marilyn.H.July.14.14. -Quitting smoking is absolutely “doable” and remaining quit is also absolutely “doable” and absolutely vital to our quality of living.   We never ever want to go backwards         


mike_in_alanta in Atlanta - Keep on keepin’ on my friend,               


 J November -You do whatever it takes to protect your quit! -          


Youngatheart.7.4.12 Blog Nancy -"Life is always going to happen; it's how you respond to it that is important."  Choices! - As addicts, we must remain ever vigilant....but it is oh so worth the small challenges, and they get smaller and smaller as time passes.


RickM - Accept the fact you are now an ex-smoker and cigs are not your friend and you can live a normal life without burning one every hour.   


ShawnP Thank you for all the graphics and positive messages of encouragement that you send.            


SkyGirl  -You educate yourself, find a new way of thinking about quitting. Your remain willing to deal with any physical and emotional changes that may happen. Seek support and support others.     


smorgy8513 I am an addict.   If I smoke even a drag I will open myself up to being back to a pack a day. I must guard my quit.  One way I do this is to come here every day, make my pledge and read blog listen.  This is how I've done it for all these days.....make a promise and KEEP IT!   RIP


Sootie - May I make an OUTLANDISH suggestion.....enjoy the ride; THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD.


Sparky-eg Nothing, nothing makes you smoke, except you, you choose, choose wisely.   I've come to realize this is an ongoing journey and when we lift up others we lift up ourselves.


Summer-Rain Rain-The journey continues


meWisconsin - We must stay committed and always be on guard in our quits..


Thomas3.20.2010 Knowledge is POWER!  Thomas even gave me a theme song  I received a flyer  on the 28th day and it made a difference in my quit from that day forward. (Picture to follow in comment)


pir8fan   Tommy -If you can quit smoking you can do anything.   


I congratulate the Elders, my friends and the EXcommunity for guiding me through my quit for soon to be  365 days. Onward and Beyond!.


Updated 2/24/2021




Newbie Shout Out!

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 15, 2016

Okay!  Okay!   Thomas had a shout out for the elders so can I get a shout out for the newbies  quit time 1-364 days quit  State your name quit time and any other statement you would like to make.  I am starting the shout wih 355 DOF Jackie   you all know me SINAO Smoking is not an option. MAKE FRIENDS



Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 11, 2016

Can't find the morning blog.  Hopefully he can get back on line.  I gave up yesterday. 


Protect your quit

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 8, 2016

Keep it simple. The quit you save is your own.  If you are going to be around smokers and have to smoke do not be around smokers.  If you have to smoke a cigarette if you drink alcohol, Don't Drink Alcohol.  

As I was preparing my coffee this morning I reflected on my nonsmoking journey.  The thought of  smoking is no longer the foremost thought on my brain.  I know when we quit we wonder when is the thought of smoking going to stop?  At times it can be very agonizing.  The answer:  If you just hang tough there will come a day that you don’t think about smoking.  I am sure you read it here all the time, but I am asking you to believe it does diminish.   There will come a day when you are no longer concerned whether you desire a cigarette after a meal or cup of coffee.   Most of us call it our Ah ha moment.    You will know when it happens.  The moment it clicks, and you realize “I don’t have to do that anymore”.

 It has to start with the first 24 hrs. to hang tough, no matter what you are not going to smoke.   Then you can make it through to the next 72hrs and your system is clean.  There are ups and downs on this nonsmoking journey.  Some equate it to a roller coaster ride. I still say hang tough, hold on, scream if you have to, the rewards outweigh the discomfort.  Make your 3 weeks of withdrawals easier if you stay close to the site.  There will be times that you have to out talk and out think your addictive brain but know that things will get better if  you stay close for Reading, Studying, Blogging , Questioning, Making Friends, Researching, Learning, Relearning how to handle it all.   It takes work and commitment. It does not happen overnight

Thirty (30) days passes very quickly while you are learning tactics to protect your baby quit.  At this point you recognize that you have not lost a thing but have gained so much more.  60, 90, 120, 200 days you still have to work this quit but you can hang a little loose.  You know how to ride the wave of a crave.   You know your triggers and you are prepared for them.  You are in control so now you can hang a little loose because SINAO smoking is not an option in your life ever again and you know that no matter what you will not take that one puff ever.  NOPE saved me. 346 days smoke free is the best feeling in the world.  Right now I can hang loose and still protect my quit.

Yes/ No?