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Best Wishes to you all.

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Nov 26, 2015

As we celebrate Thanksgiving I include you all in giving thanks for your support and friendship.

NOBBBBAB Not Only be Blessed But be a Blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving.


If you drink alcohol and have to smoke , don't drink.  If you around smokers and have smoke, don;t be around smokers.  Keep ii simple. Know your triggers and protect your quit.   It is yours.  Someone may slip this weekend, don't let it be you.

305 DOF and proud it.



Thank you all

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Nov 22, 2015

I have to take a moment to say thanks to all for your well wishes, greetings and comments on my 300 days of freedom.   It means a lot to me and I appreciate it.  Have a great weekend.  Remember if you drink alcohol and have to smoke, don't drink.  If you have to smoke if you are around smokers, don't be around smokers.  Have a great Sunday enjoy your day smokefree.  SINAO  (smoking is not an option)


It's here

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Nov 21, 2015

I had previously mentioned that this day would be coming soon.  Quite frankly, I have been anticipating this day.  It feels like celebrating day 1 or 3, 21, 30, 50, 60, 90, 100, 200. (My Milestones)  Yes! Thank God I have made it this far without a single puff. NOPE  I started out just like you new guys and gals. Sometimes it was one day at a time.   Fear of failure, wondering, am I going to make it?  Insomnia. When will the thoughts stop? Living all of my emotions all the way LIVE. Thank God at the time I lived alone.  Reprogramming my thinking to believe that I do not have to smoke.  Talking to myself, telling myself no, "I don't do that anymore".  Blogging, reading blogs, commenting, researching and learning about nicotine addiction.   Some days my eyes would be so tired and hurting from reading the elders pages and other suggested information i would have to take a break.  I would be up early mornings learning how to do things differently.   Ex had become my new addiction.  I finally was giving my quit 100% which I never really did before.   POW! BAM! My ah ha moment at  day 83 finally mentally 100%  believing  that I am a nonsmoker. My overall confidence taken to a new level.  My advice is don't give up don't give in no matter what smoking is not an option. SINAO  Today I humbly bow my head in gratitude for the support of my Ex Community friends and the elders at 300 days smoke free and still learning.   My forever quit.  6% here I come!  To God be the Glory Amen.

I have always considered myself a very positive person.  A survivor, when the goings get tough I am a “handle” it kind of woman.   My last blog did not represent that.  It showed that even at almost 300 days quit that I am not perfect.  Yes I may have a little bump of an urge.  So what?  I sure didn’t get sick. I didn’t die, and by all means didn’t smoke. 

Okay so I thought about it.  I was in the mist of where I always smoked, never bothered me before but it did that time.  Maybe because of the other stressors going on.  My journey of freedom is definitely a learning process.   Lesson, nonsmokers have good days and bad days.  Period. I don’t have to smoke to get through anything.   #1)  I have made a commitment not to smoke and that’s the bottom line.  No matter what! Period!

Blame it on the season change….no way.   This is a time of Thanksgiving.  I love the fall of the leaves. I love the wind blowing the chimes.  I love the rain, hail, sleet, and snow.   My focus should be thankfulness: for still living without major health issues.  Thankful that I have food and shelter, friends and family.  Thankful for a time to do the things I enjoy without smoking. 

So this morning I decided to do things a little bit different.   Literally on purpose got out on a different side of the bed .  Opened the curtains to let the light in even though it is rainy and overcast the sunlight came through.   Focused on my personal needs first instead of someone else’s.  Did not read the blogs with my coffee as usual.  Just had coffee and meditated.  I did not wait for anyone else to wake up and cater to.   I was out the door on a mission.    Thought?  How can I take care of someone else if I don’t take care of me?   I signed up for a senior exercise class.  (FREE)  starts tomorrow.   Still reorganizing my garage, work area, office, crafts shop.  This is my life get a grip.  It is not the end of the world because of all the STUFF going on in this world.   It is a new and DIFFERENT DAY.   No complaints....Actions.  I am going to work on my list of goals and I am not putting them off anymore.  Glad I went through to get to.  I am a nonsmoker and I will always be whether I urge or purge.  Whatever! SINAO (smoking is not an option) but I will still BOG (be on guard).  Thanks you all for your words of wisdom while I was going through.  Here it is 2 o clock and folks are just waking up.  Just think of the time I would have wasted


Ups and Downs and UP

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Nov 17, 2015

I haven’t written a blog lately.  To be honest I haven’t had any new topics of inspiration.   Yesterday I celebrated 295 days of freedom and for me it’s always bitter sweet because I wish I had quit a long time ago.  On and off for the last few days I have had the sense of/for smoking.  They are very slight and last a few seconds.  I pause and wonder, where did this come from?  However, I do not spend a lot of time thinking about it or trying to figure it out. I just let it go.

I have been cleaning and reorganizing the garage. The place I smoked the most.  It seems to be a slight trigger which is a little disappointing because I am there daily but the last few days have been different.   Maybe it’s a good thing and not a curse.   I can use it as a reminder that I still have to protect my quit.  Even 4 days from 300 it is still a “choice” and I choose freedom.  There is nothing automatic about staying quit. No I don' think about smoking that often but there are still times that it takes work and determination that no matter what SINAO.  Smoking is not an option.

On the funnier side, for the last month or so I have been pursued by (get this) men that smoke and or drink excessively. Yuck!  Lol.  I could tell some stories.  They just don’t get it but I refuse to go there.  I lost a quit dating a smoker and I am not going to do that anymore.   I have been in a funk with all of the lastest headline news  and so many lives lost.  Writing this helps put me in a better place.  Like Marilyn said we spend too much time adding up troubles instead of counting our blessings.  So on that note.  I am very thankful that I do not smoke anymore and wish the very best to all and prayers for our dear Ellen.  I appreciate the support in good times or bad, funny or sad.   Still moving forward.  NOPE not one puff ever.


Staying a live @ 295 DOF

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Nov 16, 2015
  Sing or dance with me to celebrate 295 days smoke free.. YAY My quit theme song.  Click the link"


Blowing Steam

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Nov 6, 2015

Ever have one of those days that you could blow steam.  Well my father has a tendency to pull my chain and today I allowed him to do it again. In fact he started smiling the moment he saw I was upset.  In April 2014 I blew a quit after having a heated disagreement with him.  I made up in my mind that I would never ever let that happen again.  Well today it was one of those days. ' Mind you I have been trying everything possible to accomodate him to take care of his personal hygiene e.i. shower grips, chairs. occupational therapist.  You name I have done it.  But he keeps making excuses not to bathe.   Today,  I let him know everything I was thinking about him not wanting to bathe or shower or shave or get a haircut. Yes TMI. I was not nice. Yes I blew steam, yes I got mad all because he made a shady remark because I would not let him put his dirty, hand in the cracker jar.   I will be glad when I learn to handle my emotions and not start screaming and hollering.  I had to go outside and sit on the porch because I was so angry and almost in tears.  While sitting there I recognized that this would have been a time that I would have smoked. I would have puffed hard.  It wasn't an urge or crave just an association. ANGRY part of HALT  I wasn't concerned whether I would smoke or not because bottom line is I just don't do that anymore.  I have calmed down but disappointed that I let him control my emotions.  But anyway, guard your quit don't allow anger to rob you of your quit. They are precious. No matter what smoking is never an option.  NOPE Whew

Congrats to all for another day smoke free. 

We can do it NOPE!

Get up and dance let's shout!

Holla what your quits about.

I am FREE! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!