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Trick or Treat

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 31, 2015

Going to a Halloween party?  Are you gonna be ghouled like a fool?

If you have to smoke if you drink don’t drink.

If have to smoke if you are around smoker’s don’t be.

Don’t be Tricked by Nic.

Don't fall for the one night stand.

Smoking is not a Treat.

Don’t give up your quit.  NOPE


By any means necessary

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 30, 2015

Eight months had passed since my last attempt to quit.  I was really sick and tired of smoking.  I literally hated it.  Could not stand the smell.  Hated spending my money and wasting my time.  Really, really pissed off mad at me!  Angry that I had allowed myself to get caught in this trap AGAIN. 

My mind was made up whatever caused me to relapse before was never going to happen again so I started working my plan. I decided my birthday would be a good start date.Two days following my birthday was THE DAY.    I had made up my mind, if I can make it 24 hrs. then I am on my way.  24 hrs. passed, not too much of a problem, mostly water,chewing gum, meds, focused on staying busy.  48 hrs.The urges kicked in, Bam! Drama!  You know the feeling. The pull, tug of war to smoke.  What am I going to do?  I said to myself.  Self "No Matter What you are not going to smoke".  After 72 hours which seemed like forever grueling I knew the nicotine would be out of my system.   What was I going to do?  No matter what! I was not going to smoke.  I would keep telling myself if this is what it takes to be smoke free then by any means necessary. I was willing to do whatever it takes to be smoke free.  My mind was made up.  I will never take another puff. No Not One.  i was not playing around.  It was on! No turning back.

Since those first three days there have been ups and downs in this journey.  Sometimes it is not easy but we have to adapt and relearn our thinking to believe that we DO NOT HAVE TO SMOKE.   With the support of this community I am able to get through the roughest times a lot easier.   I am Now 278 days smoke free.  Still no matter what.  NOPE- NEF SINAO. Smoking is not an option and thank God, I don’t do that anymore.  I AM a nonsmoker.

  • $810.00 Saved
  • 2700 Cigarettes Not Smoked
  • 6% Here I come
  • Thank you Ex Community
  • My buddies that started this journey with me, see you @ 6%
  • Celebrate Dance to the music
  • click below


Stay Connected

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 21, 2015

I have been on this site for 9 months (updated, 3 yr3 yrs 11 months and 12 days) (4 yrs 6mths 20 days)  5 years 9 months, and when I read that someone has relapsed, or started back smoking  one of the first things I look at is how long it has been since that person last posted or wrote a blog or visited the site. Usually, it is a very long time and I usually have never seen the name before or vaguely. remember.  Some also admit that they should have stayed connected to this community. So I am figuring to myself one way for some of us to keep our quit is to stay connected.  No, I am not saying all day everyday blog, post but this community is a lifeline that should not be forgotten.  There are people here readily available when support is needed.


There have been times that I did not have anyone to express what was going on with my quit.  Whenever I posted I got a response. Those responses can help you see things in a better light.  Just doing that let me know that everything would be okay.  It is reassuring that I have people to connect to when necessary. Come here first before you light up.


I have seen a post that states they don't use the site much because it makes them think of cigarettes. For me, it helps me to forget and has become a daily routine for me to visit my friends via Ex-community.  If this site has been beneficial in your quit wouldn't it be wise to stay connected?  Just saying. 269 (1192)  (1650) ( 2051)days smoke-free.  Take what you can use and leave the rest. NOPE will keep you free. Never give up, never give in, protect your quit it is your own. 



It can happen

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 18, 2015

What am I talking about? Relapse, lapse, slip, slipsies you name it.  I am simply repeating what the elders have taught and what I have seen.   Just because you have a numbers days, weeks, months, years under your belt you are not immune to losing your quit if you don’t guard it.   The elders constantly preach protect your quit and they tell you.


 1)  You have to change your way of thinking.  It is no matter what, not one puff ever.  NOPE

For me this weekend I could have been in “slipsville” and you probably would not have heard from me because one puff can lead to INSANITY.   My daughter’s 40th birthday party was a major event.  I was under a lot of pressure to help decorate, set up, prep food, greet guest, and clean up.  I will not lie the thought of smoking crossed my mind.   In the course of running around in circles doing errands there were several times that the association of smoking surfaced.  I could recall smoking between stops.  That is what I would have done.   Luckily I had a quick reminder when I went into a store.   I had my back turned to another customer and could smell the smoke.    I smiled and a feeling of joy came over me and I said to myself, “Thank God I do not do that anymore”.   My Dopamine.

 The bottom line is we have to GUARD our quit no matter what is going on in our lives.    

2) Stay focused and not be fooled and throw you quit away. 

3)  If you are going to drink or be in an environment of partying know your limitation.  If you cannot do it DO NOT GO THERE.   We have worked too hard to allow a one night stand to destroy our quit.  

4) Most of all BE HAPPY that you can make the right CHOICE.    

5) Self talk will work if you use it.

Tell yourself that no way am I going back to day ONE* UNO AGAIN!  NEVER!  Close the door and lock it and know that part of our life is over but NEF never ever forget.   

Thank you elders.  I could not have done it without you 266 days smoke free.

Smoking is not an opiton.  Even when my brains says I want a cigarette.  SI N A O Even when I am tired and dragging my heels to get to the other side of the room.  Sinao  No It is not an option when I am so busy going in circles.  This weekend has been the celebration of my daughter (40) and granddaughers (12) birthdays.  My daughter had a major party with over 100 guest. Guess who was the chef.  Actually it was about 70 people. The food was great, dancing lots of fun seeing some of the friends she grew up with.  Had a few drinks. SInao no matter.,  Dog tired sinao. Body aches from waist down; Good night my friends dragging myself to bed.  SINAO no mater what..


I could use an excuse.

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 14, 2015

My 93 year old daddy is driving me close to crazy.  Not an opition to smoke.

Doing everything I can to make him feel at home.  Nothing seems to be the right thing. Not an option to smoke.  Road all over town to find thermals that have not been put out in all of the stores yet.  Complained about me spending money.  Mine not his.  SINAO I am learning at 93 years old you know everything there is nothing anyone can do or say to change your mind.  Lets discuss Depend underwear wrong size even though they are the exact replacement.  The only thing that i can do to make him happy is food., Ice cream neopolitan. Bought home is favorite navy beans and corn bread he pretended he did not want it.  Tonight when the microwave keeps going off because he can not get it right. He will be trying to heat those beans.  He is a  Night owl up all night long.  He has recently given me persmission to wake him up during the day.  I said to go for a walk? he says no for a ride.  It takes 4 hrs to do an 30 minute errand I kept asking for patience I haven' gotten it yet. . I wouln't say my attitude is really  bad but after a couple of nights lost of sleep my disposition isn't that great.  Wants me to take him to his house that is condemned. Not suppose to be there. Loses focus on why we are there.  Have to go through hollering match to get him out  and threatening to leave him. I finally tell him my heart is beating fast and then we can go.  I guess he does not want me to die.  Everybody says he is at the right place with me. Supposely we are alike.  I guess they could not handle all the drama that comes with a very independent irony opinionated 93 year old male chauvanist.  Anyway at least two times today I had to tell myself that smoking is not an option.  I lost a quit 2014 over a disagreement with him.  Steam coming out of my ears and nose and I went directly pass go and bought a pack.  I resolve that no matter how often we bump heads smoking is not an option 
Good night my friends. I think the ice cream put him to sleep SINAO.

Those who have escaped abusive relationships swear to themselves that they will never get into another one.   Nicotine addiction can be likened to a partner who displays abusive behavior.

It isolates and cuts you off from family and friends, deprives you of quality time with your kids.

It may prevent you from holding a job due to environmental or health concerns.

It will blame everything else for smoking.  It's always someone else's fault, the boss, the job, divorce, death, finances, family, sick,  you — 

 It is controlling, it will often rant and rave when you won’t give in to its beck and call. Expects you to serve, obey and remain addicted.

It will constantly mentally abuse and torture you to think that you need it and can’t make it without nicotine.

Sadly, it may take an average of five to seven acts of quitting to finally let the abuser go.

It's easier to avoid an abusive relationship if you're able to detect the early signs. 

Know our triggers and educate yourself to protect your quit.  NOPE Not one puff ever.

Plan to avoid relapse and being with the abuser nicotine.  Read. Study. Research. Prepare.

There is a path to a safer, healthier and happier life which often starts with knowledge.  Let the abuser go! 

Your life depends on it and you deserve FREEDOM from the abuser.


Thank you

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 11, 2015

I did not intend to blog but I have been reading some of my old blogs and I just want to say thank you to my friends and this wonderful support group. Even the ones I have bumped heads with, even your bumping has helped in a way.  lol  When I first quit I did not realize that I was on this site blogging , reading studying researching questioning commeniting almost everyday.  Now that I look back I can tell from the comments how I have made it 259 days smoke free.  I did not do this alone.  I just want to say thank you and I hope that I can return the displays of love, words of wisdom and support that this community has shown me on this journey.   One of my favorite quotes NOBBBBAB "not only be blessed but be a blessing" Thank you.  NEF never ever forget



Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 9, 2015

Happy Friday. TGIF If you drink and have to smoke don't drink.  If you are around smokers and have to smoke don't be. Know your triggers and protect your quit. Stay smoke free.  Have a smoke free weekend.


In a whirlwind

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 8, 2015

Have to keep blowing out air.  So much going on.  My 93 year old day has returned to stay at my home.  Today with Nurses, Physical Therapist, Supervisors, Social Services and on and on and on.  Phone calls. Friend broke his leg needs me to go to the grocery store. Keeps calling back adding to the list.  Another friend called wants me to help him pack he has to be out of his apartment by Friday. Same friend that burnt me with a cigarette several months ago.    Damn didnt I just help him move in? New male friend wants me to go fishing. Enough to make you want to drink.  But I keep blowing.  Now back to my dad he has lost a check $30,000.00 check that he that loses every day.  Wants me to help him look for it and at the same time accusing me of stealing it.  Can not win for losing situation.  But smoking is not an option.  What would it fix.  Yes, I too have my moments of stress but there is no reason for me to smoke.  Just keep blowing.  When he falls asleep I am getting the hell out of here and go fishing. I just have to  laugh and stay busy so I will not blow up on anybody if I haven' already.  Didn't I learn well into this quit that I have to take care of me first.  DAH Jackie.  Holla back.  This is only a movie. Would some one talk some sanity to me. I am strong I am a non smoker. After reading this blog I had to laugh.

Just like many of you I did not know how to post pictures.  Part of my problem was lack of giving it an honest try.  Also there are lots of instructions available but I would get lost in the instructions.  After being on line for nearly 8 months and being a little computer sauvy.  I knew if so and so could do it so could I (DON’T TELL ANYBODY I SAID THAT).  Since I just recently started a group I felt it very important to be able to have some visual effects. So I just went for it.  Lol    After researching I found SHAWN’s post our wonderful computer WIZ.   Here is her link.

 Which I call Posting pics for dummies me included.  I used google chrome so you don’t have to have another programs.  (buckets and all that stuff) Take the time to break it down step by step.  Another tip: Also if your pic does not successful post you may need to put some text comment at the end of it.  That can be the tricky part.  Practice,   If anyone else has a SIMPLE help we would be happy if you shared it with us. Thanks   Let me know how It goes Holla. Love you guys the most.

There will be lots of dancing, food, music and  entertainment.  See you there or are you still square?     lol Show me your best nonsmoking move.  Can you really get down?   I have two great moves. “I don’t do that anymore” and NOPE   Show me what you can do. Get down on it.  Get down. Get in the Groove.  What is your best nonsmoking move? Oh,  by the way bring a party favor or snack.  I got the music.  click on link to hear music and Dance!


250 WTG

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Oct 2, 2015

Yay Me!  Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tooting my own horn. Toot Toot!

! Not in my hands, not on my lips, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my nose, not in my clothes, not in my throat,  I will not choke!