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I pledge today SINAO

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 28, 2015

Repeat after me. Not in my hands,  not on my lips, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my nose, not in my clothes, not in my throat, not going to choke.

Have a great weekend everyone. No Smoking.....your live depends on it.

I had enough! Waking up early in the morning the first thing to do .

I had enough! Last thing to do at night even after brushing my teeth.

I had enough! Coughing every time I laughed, talked  or made a sudden movement.

I  had enough!  The dental damage it caused.

I had enough!  Constanly trying to hide the stench of a cigarette!

Trying to find a place to smoke. Spraying scents, perfumes  to hide the odor.

Being the only one in the group who smokes.


Being controlled by an addiction

Having to start withdrawal again.

Living a lie with the guilt and shame of smoking.

Burning my money.

Making excuses for smoking. (Anger, Stress, Hungry, Not Hungry, Tired, Relaxing, Working, Lonely, Happy, Sad, Sick, Depressed)

I HAD ENOUGH of   Committing Suicide.

Have you had enough?  For me SINAO Smoking is not an option.


Good morning Exers

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 23, 2015

 Just stopping by to say hello and wishing everyone the best in their commitment to quit.  Shout out for me @ 210 days smoke free. remember SINAO  Smoking is not an option.  More to come....onward upward FREEDOM  2,100 Cigs not smoked.

When we initially quit smoking sometimes some of us can not recognize what is going on with our bodies, minds, emotions.  206 days into my quit I have learned a few things.  One of them is H.A.L.T. very very important.  Newcomers, if you haven't heard this phrase let me quickly explain and you can research it or an Elder may post more details.  Hungry, Anger, Lonely, Tired they can be confused with the desire to smoke. 

Know these and manage these issues and you will better handle your urges. 

As a nonsmoker, I learn something new everyday.  Frankly,  if I take a very close look at myself, I don't actually crave or have urges at this point I deal with memories which I am thankful are fading.  This morning I looked outdoors to see what could be done to maintain the landscape.  A very slight feeling of drawing on a cigarette surfaced in my throat.  I would always smoke before, during and after working in the yard.  So that let's me know that there is an addiction there however small still needs to be guarded. I will never assume that I am above the law of addiction. NOPE  I have a forever quit but I still can only live one day a time. 

Somebody say "Amen" (It's the preacher's daughter in me)lol

Good morning Ex Community.  I hope you all are feeling well.  Let's pump it up today with some healthy thoughts. "As a man thinks so is he".   In others words you are what you think you are. So let's think like nonsmokers.   Lets say and think. NOPE  Not One Puff Ever. 

Bust that Crave say "I don't do that anymore." 

 Each time you get one of those urges to smoke just think.....this will pass in just a few minutes. I am just going to ride it out. I am not going into battle.  I will ride the wave like a surfer. Cool and Smooth and Breathe

 I pledge today that NO MATTER WHATSmoking is not an option.  SINAO. 

Not in my hands, not on my lips, not in my mouth, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my nose, not in my clothes.  Yay Freedom 205 days


Does it make any sense?

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 15, 2015

There are ups and downs on this journey of non smoking.  I was told by the Elders  For every trial, test or challenge that we meet and do not smoke we get stronger.   I recognize that there is very little you can tell a smoker, that smoking makes no sense.  Been there, done that. As a smoker sometimes you just don't see a way out. The desire to smoke or not to smoke is a constant tug on your inner most spirit.  The addiction that we voice but don't really understand or know what to do to bring it to end.  A vicious cycle,

As I look around and see people smoking, dragging hard on a cigarette as if it is the last one, my heart goes out to them.  I too once was blind did not realize that I did not have to smoke.  I did not have to throw my money away.  That I did not have to burn as Thomas would say a "dried leaf, wrapped in paper dipped in chemicals" to get satisfaction. 

Thank God the blinders have been lifted and  I have the opportunity not to ever smoke again.   Still my choice no one elses.  I have learned that each day is different but not yielding to that one puff is saving my life. NOPE  I feel so clean that I no longer wonder whether I smell like a cigarette or not.  I no longer have to hide or cover up or live a lie.  I am by no means perfect but just getting better in this quit journey and it is changing my life. . One day at a time, yet I still look forward to what a new day will bring.  I am free from the chains of nicotine. 

I pledge this day and forward "SINAO", Smoking is Not an Option.  Glad to be at this point in my non smoking journey. Come with me walk, talk, laugh, breathe the air is fresh and clean and free.. SINAO


What do I know....200!

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 13, 2015

Yes, I like that number. Whoop de Loo!!!!!!!!!!!! Smoke free.  Praise God FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few things I have learned to do.  Drink coffee without a cig.  Sit in my smoke place without a cig.  Work without rewarding myself with a cig.  Get upset and not smoke a cig.  Learn to stay away from smokers as much as possible.  Learned NOPE.And a lot more too much to post.  Exteam is for me. Shout out to the Elders and Friends 

My Mantra. ....

.Not in my hands, not on my lips, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my nose, not in my clothes.


All is well ends well.

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 12, 2015

My crisis was resolved by a mere phone call.  Just think if I had smoked I would have lost my quit. Thank you all for your support at a very unnerving time.  NOPE that's you and me.  Everybody have a smoke free day I am. I pledge today and forward that no matter what happens, SINAO. smoking is not an option.

Almost 200 days in and my quit was being challenged.   When I first quit, I was told by one of  the Elders who wrote a comment to me not to be too confident with your quit because there would be times that you would have to protect  it.  At the time my mind thought "too confident"?  What? I may have even referred to the statement in a blog  Probably even thought, "nah not me."  I want ot be confident. 

 Lightbulb!!!!!........  There is a difference between confidence and Too Confident.

Now, @ day 198 or something,  I truly understand that further down this nonsmoking road,  it can happen.  It's not  like  day 1 or 3 or even 30 but that addiction is there and you may have to work your quit even at TDC. When you think that you are out of the woods not being affected with urges, etc. and not even thinking about smoking, life still happens.  The addict in us is accustomed to smoking when a stressful situation arises. This has been a topic of many discussions. We have to be prepared to pull on our strength of NOPE. Life happens and  staying quit sometimes requires a little work.  Know before hand what you are going to do.

Each time I am challenged I tell myself if I can get through this and not smoke, I know I will never smoke again. We can not be too confident but focus on learning to deal with life situations without smoking. NOPE   A cigarette can not, has not, will not FIX anything.  We have been brainwashed as smokers that it does. Smoking  only compounds the problem.  1st you will have relapsed and 2nd still have to face the problem.  

I am truly thankful for the support you all show me NO MATTER WHAT. Thank you for listening and giving words of encouragement. I did get a little sleep after googling "don't borrow trouble." Thank God for the EX Team. I could not have made it this far without you.   New day the sun has risen. Coffee time. Have a smoke free day.


My hands are trembling

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Aug 10, 2015

My heart is beating fast.  I had been out all day fishing and returned home to find a notice on my door that has me quite upset and I am shaking inside.  It is a serious financial matter that I really don't know what it is about.  I have to wait until the morning  to return the calll. I feel that this would be something that I would have smoked over.  So right now I am taking deep breathes to try and calm down.  I looked the company up on the internet and see a lot of complaints about the unscruopulous (sp) of this company.   My first thought. Why am I being attacked. Something is trying to get me so upset to smoke.   I can not stop trembling.  I came here after researching.  Blogging seems to be helping me calm down.  I was excited and could not find the documents necessary to prove this matter was taken care of.   Anyway I am still doing my deep breathing.  I have to try and ta\lk some sense to myself.   Well this is it.  I am going to drink some water and see if that helps.  I am sure most of youhave finished for tonight.  No I am not going to smoke.  But I am experienceing a crisis without smoking.  I am trying to hold my head on. All kinds of things are going through my head that someone is trying to take my home.   .  Whew No matter what I will not smoke.