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"Flip the Switch"

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 28, 2015

Yes,  there are times we think about smoking, but it may only last for a few moments or just seconds. Sometimes we even wonder how or why it came into our thoughts. But recognize this: no matter what,  we are in control.  Know that we can flip that switch and think of something else, do something else, be something else, know something else.  We can be better in all areas of our lives with just a flip of the swtich.

All the things we have put off doing we can take action. We are in control. Not nicotine, not procrastination, not lack of motivation, or determination.  We are the winners. All the things we placed on the back burner.  Do it! Take Action, Do Something.  Plant the flower, play an instrument, try a new craft, a sport, write a poem, a song, exercise, spend time with a love one, read a book,  whatever it is, take "action".  Don't waste anymore time idolizing, fantazing over "it". 

We are non smokers and enough time and thought has been spent on smoking, FLIP THAT SWITCH.   I know you can do it it  only takes 2 seconds or less.  Someone may say" easier said than done"  I say, "practice makes perfect."  Try it....Flip the Swich!    You are in control do something else, think of something else. Be a non smoker.

 What is it you haven't  done that you want to do? Name it! Claim it!  Put it on your take "action" list. Get started.  Just "Flip the Switch!  I just purchased a musical keyboard and I am going to practice playing.

What are you going to do?

This has been an amazing journey and I would not take anything from it.  I have learned so much about my addiction to nicotine. I still have a long way to go but I know I am never turning back.  After smoking for so long and wanting to give it up so badly I finally found a support group that has truly been here for me and others like myself.  

To the newbies this is "doable".  You just have to start from the beginning and want it so badly that you are willing to do what it takes not to smoke anymore. No Matter What!  Rock with it Roll with it.  You will find new friends facing the same fears and still winning together. 

God bless you all who  listened, encouraged, cheered me on ,laughed and advised from your experience and success.. To the Elders, thank you for being here and having the information available to help. To my  friends thank you for your support. Onward!Upward! I am a non smoker.  Not on my lips not on my tongue not in my lungs not in my nose not in my clothes.  N>O>P>E>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FREEDOMe

Thank you Thank you thank you could not have come this far without you!


Yesterday is gone

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 24, 2015

Yesteday was my first time out fishing since my final quit.  Prior to going I was wondering whether I would have cravings or triggers.  I had mentally prepared myself because for me smoking and fishing always belonged together.  After being out on the pier all day, I learned a valuable lesson someone had mentioned in a blog or comment. 

Yes there were people all around smoking.  I could distinguish the tar smell.  Cigars, pipes, cigarettes some chewing.  It did not bother me, I guess because that was not my focus.  I was  so glad that I was able to share a day with my grandkids and did not have to walk away to find a place to smoke.  No cravings, no triggers, no urges, no desire to smoke. It was the last thing on my mind.  I had not mentioned to my grandkids that I was still not smoking. I wondered if they noticed, but I did not question them.

But back to the lesson.  While driving home the light bulb came on in my brain. Yesterday is gone.  I do not have to focus on WHAT WHERE WHEN HOW I USE TO SMOKE but that I JUST  DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE. I had an exhilirating 118th day smokefree.  I AM A NON SMOKER.

P.S. My 11 year old granddaughter caught the most fish.


Don't know?

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 23, 2015

What this day will bring.  I do know that no matter what I am not going to smoke.  Today is the first time I go fishing at my final quit as a non smoker.  I have always read that fish do not like the scent of tobacco.  So today I will be testing the waters so to speak. I always took a break to smoke when the fish were not biting.   I don't know how many fish I will catch but I do know that I am a non smoker.   I pledge today not to smoke.  Today I chose FREEDOM.



Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 22, 2015

It can be part of the withdrawal for some.  It can be minor for others major.  For me it was both.. For some it may start in the first 24 hrs.  How we handle it has to  be based on our lifestyle and our determination not to smoke, no matter what.   For me I made up in my mind if this is what it took to be smoke free then let it be. I believe my insomnia started within the first 48 hrs.  Waking up in the middle of the night 2 -3- 4 oclock in the morning.  Sometimes I would get back to sleep sometimes I wouldn't.  Only once or twice did I use medication to go back to sleep.  I asked myself what was I going to do?  Lots of things!  Housekeeping, clean closets,  drawers, cabinets,  write,  read blogs, read books.  Between 30 and 60 days I think I had arranged my furniture in my house at least 3-4 times. My mind was made up,  I was going to use the time wisely and not focus on not being able to sleep. . 

By 60 days.I had become accustomed to it.  My body time clock was completely off.  Sometimes I would be waiting for the daylight with only two to three hours of sleep.  I did not care. I was not going to smoke so I wasn't worried about going to buy cigarettes in the middle of the night.   I kept telling myself if this is what it takes. So be it. Nothing was going to make me smoke....No Matter What.   

 Fortunately I am retired.  I felt sorry for those who were experiencing this and had to work the next morning. I don't know how they handled it but I wished them well.   Then at 114 days in my quit, I have been sleeping like I have never slept  since I quit smoking.  All night, half of the day for the last three days.  Thinking about it I am reminded of a new born baby, waking in the wee hours of the morning, colic, cutting their first teeth, need diaper change or just hungry.  Eventually they sleep all night.  What a happy time that is for mom and dad.  So as I wake up this morning. I am a happy momma. I have slept two nights straight without waking up and several hours yesterday.  My baby quit is over. Correction, my baby is growing.

Any day without a cigarette is a good day.  You may wake up in the morning and think about a cigarette, but you don't smoke.  That is still a good day. Sometimes you may wake up and may not think of a cigarette at all. That is even a better day.  You may go all day some days and not think of a cigarette.  You count that as a GREAT day.  You may venture to a familiar place where you use to "puff" it doesnt even bother you.  That's even a better day.  What about that day you get upset about something.  Those triggers start acting up.  Something tells you you need or want a cigarette but you work through it. That is the GREATEST day.  You pass someone who is smoking, gosh the smell is awfully strong and toxic.  You wonder how in the world could you miss that. That's a good day.  Your smoker friends drop by and you see how they frenzie for that cigarette. You want to explain to them why they are acting that way, but you don't because you know it may fall on deaf ears. You are so thankful that you" don't do that anymore", now that's another good day!.  We can say some days are easier than others.  But when you don't smoke everyday is a glorious day. A day to be thankful that you are free from the chains of nicotine.  Yes, you may have to work that quit.  Some say "slay the dragon" (withdrawal, triggers, cravings, urges, tendencies, addiction) but at the end of the day you win, still free a non smoker. That is a helluva good day.  So don't think that it as being so hard, or that you are having a bad day, because anyday you don't smoke is a better day than when you were smoking.  So if you are new to your quit.,just remember Jackie said "there will be day's like that" but  any day without a cigarette is still a good, better best, great, greater, greatest day of your life.  Live It. Be happy there is always a better day.

jk day 115


I love TDC 110!-1

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 15, 2015

Sounds Good To Me.  Let your day be smokefree, I am. a non smoker. Today i choose to be smokefree.  No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Don't give up don't give in, know your triggers and be ready to win.


I love TDC 110!

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 15, 2015

Sounds Good To Me.  Let your day be smokefree, I am. a non smoker. Today i choose to be smokefree.  No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Don't give up don't give in, know your triggers and be ready to win.


Words of Freedom

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 13, 2015

I was thinking how happy I am that I no longer smoke.  I was reflecting on how unhappy I was, before I quit.  I was so tired of smoking. I was literally disgusted by it.  As time had progressed I was smoking more each day.  I was up to at least 10 or more cigarettes a day.  Not a lot compared to others but still a lot for me and it was getting worse.  Thank God I was able to cross the line to freedom and not go back.  Taking that step to freedom was like becoming a new person, shedding the shame of being a smoker.   A load lifted from my chest, my mind, and my heart.  No more nicotine!, I knew I was done, nothing was going to stop me. With the help of this communty I have been successful and  I am very pleased with myself.  I do not miss smoking. Each day it gets better.

These are the words that come to my mind when I think about where I started and where I am today @ 108.days .. I know I am going the distance. It is amazing, brings so much joy, peace, quiet, calm, relief, happiness, strength, faith, dignity, self confidence, determination, acceptance, satisfaction, courage, committment, willingness, forgiveness, honesty, belief, trust, patience, support, friendship, self-talk, health, wisdom, awareness, knowledge, sacrifice, growth.  What are your words of Freedom?  God Bless you all for your support.  Even you Dale (lol) side joke.


Oh Snap! Lightbulb on*

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 11, 2015

This morning I had one of those ah ha moments.  My brain told me that I don't have to smoke.  It was a moment of reassurance and relief, not to fear.  It will always be a choice.  Today,  I choose to be a non smoker.   Not on my lips, not in my hand, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my nose, not in my clothes.  Done with that. Yes, I can do this. 106 days of FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! Oh how sweet it is.  Today I have no fear of turning back no matter what, who, when, where no how. I am not going to do that anymore.



Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 10, 2015

May your day be filled with extra love and blessings with family and friends. 

Have a smoke free day I am a non smoking Mother.

Coffee Time.


Has turned into a whirlwind. Several times I said to myself I would have smoked by now or this is just something that is testing whether I will smoke or not.   I try to remind myself that material things do not last and we have to prioritize how we feel about possessions. 

Today was the very first time I ever parked my brand new car on the street. Right in front of my house because I planned to return to unload it shortly but obstruction in the drive and I got sidetrackd by hunger.  Low and behold I hear this noise like a jack hammer.  I went outside.  My neighbor is cutting rocks with his lawn mower. (literally)  I run into the house to get my keys to move my car can't find them.   By the time I had returned Guess What. Window shattered.  Now I am frustrated.  Deductible $XXX.00  I know he doesn't have any money so what is the point of me approaching him.  He is drunk anyway.  Breathe Jackie Breathe, this is just something trying to get you to smoke.  But you are not going to.  Scream Holler, no don't scream don't holler.   Passed the test. I had planned to take a trip Mothers Day.  I am going broken window and all.   I am stronger than what I think I am.  Broken window, drunk neighbor, burnt potatoes. But it is all good.  Breathe Jackie Breathe.  Have great Mother's Day to all of the Mother's....Life goes on even as a nonsmoker.  We can do this.


When all else fails

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 8, 2015

I am realizing that part of relapse could be forgetting how the journey started and what it took just to begin. At times we may not wholeheartly tap into what we learned to get where we are.  Yesterday evening  I  had the desire to smoke a cigarette.  May have been from overeating.  You know that feeling, belly full want to have a cigarette and just relax after a busy day.  I had to divert my directions so I would not be in the convenience store buying cigarettes like in my dream the other night.  I eventually just got in the bed and went to sleep, (one of my ways of not having to deal with it).

So I am up very early this morning  reading blogs, making comments.  But the greatest eye opener is reading my old blogs.  The determination in some of them is truly eye opening.  So I suggest when you have those times and you really need to pull it together ,read some of you old blogs.  It will quickly wake you right up.  To the point you will be Scared Straight.  I do not want to go back to that.   Have smoke free day.  I am because I am a non smoker.  I do not do that ANYMORE.  Thoughts be GONE,,,, I am not doing it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Done. No. Back to Basics. Still smoke free day 103! Yay One day at a time. Thank you EXteam.

P.S. Never thought about it but overeating for me could be a trigger.

I had stopped at a convenience store for a break while traveling.  While I was there the idea to have a cigarette came to my mind. Looking up I could see them on  the top rack they looked inviting.   There was no tug of war, at this point I just wanted to smoke it did not matter.  I think I was curious about how it would affect me. At the time I wasn't quite sure. Anyway,  I bought a pack, my brand. So I slowly opened the pack and took out a cigarette, lit and smoked it. I thought it would blow my head off but I did not choke, I did not cough, it felt kind of good, the smoke going down my throat to my head.  The feel of the drag, the satisfaction, relief.

Okay, now that was over I stomped the butt out, and said to myself, I can go right back to not smoking.  I wonder why the clerk let me buy a pack of cigarettes. I am not starting over, this one mistake is not going to count.  She should have stopped me. I guess my guilt snapped in and I tore the pack up and put it in the trash.  Everything may not be in the exact order because this was a dream. (got cha!) Walked out of the store and then I woke up....

Thank God it was only a dream.  So everthing may not be in the exact order. What was confirmed in the dream, it is easier to smoke if you don't have your guard up. You can easily make an excuse to smoke.  All it takes is one puff and you are back to smokling. Don't give in to your foolish whims, stand firm in your quit.  I hope everyone finished reading this before posting. Have a smoke free day.  I am 101 days, or is that lol.

300.00$ saved 1000 cigarettes not smoked.   Yay TDC This is Major to Me.  Happy!




For today because tomorrow is not promised.  Have a smokefree day.  Do something nice for someone.  The reward will be great. 99.5 days and more to go smokeless.  Praise God! He is doing it. Thank you Friends for being here. Forward and Onward we GO!!!! YAY NOPE you know me!!!!!!! Monday Funday.


"Slipsies" Bewildered

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 May 3, 2015

There seems to be an increase in postings of relapses.  I must confess I am saddened when I see someone post that they have started smoking again.  Some are short timers and some long timers. I am baffled, I guess that is part of being a newbie.   It seems that in a matter of days someone has gone back to smoking. I am trying not to make the same mistakes but it is frightening when you see those who have worked so hard and then suddenly announce the "slip."  I hope I never forget where I started.   Some of the comments in response to the post are very encouraging.  I am trying my very best to learn from these mistakes and not be judgemental, but the triggers seem to be constant ...alcohol, being with smokers, caught off  guard,(whatever that means) anger, stress, grief and being sick.  

Help me here.  Is it something in the brain that keeps us wanting to continue to smoke even after a long quit. Addiction? Selfish desires? Weakness? I know that not smoking is a challenge, harder for some than others but I  must conclude that there must be some underlying factor that causes the relapse.  Yes I have tried quitting before, but without resources, this site has made a difference for me.  Live people to help. Help me with this please.

I am so glad I do not smoke.....on the lighter side.

I no longer have to search my pockets for lighters before doing laundry

Or find a lighter in the washer after doing laundry and check to make sure  it still works

I no longer have to search for a lighter to lite up (always had a hard time keeping up with one)

I no longer have to hold my nose to empty disgusting ashtrays (can you imagine) me a smoker

I no longer have to light up candles to try and  get rid of the smoke odor. (Burn baby burn)

I no longer have to spray my hair with Fabreze (OMG) I did that.  lmho

I no longer have to light my cigarette on the stove or toaster because I can't find a lighter

I no longer have to make excuses for STEALING (I use to say take by mistake) someone else's lighter

I was the cigarette lighter Bandit.

I no longer have to lie about why I have a lighter ("they are for lighting candles darling") (lie)

I no longer have to  hide my lighters so no one knows I smoke.

I am still laughing....I did not realize how funny and ridiculous the lighter side of my smoking was.


Can you tell me the lighter side of your smoking or not smoking