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The weekend has been one day at a time for me.  Can't do anything else right now but take out the tools and work my quit.  Still smokefree. N.O. P.E. I do not do that anymore.

Had to stay busy, some days are easier than others.  This weekend has been one of the others, but I am going to  keep my quit no matter what when where how or who.   63 days smokefree. 

I am okay and it is going to get better.  I know it is just another retest, to make sure I have learned the lesson. Just blogging this helps to clear my head.  I am a non smoker.  Upward.............Forward.  I am free!

You call it Nicodemon.... I call it you.

You call it cravings......... I call it addiction

You call it urges............... I call it addiction

You call it insomnia.........I call it withdrawal

You call it headache .........I call it withdrawal

You call it a cough..............I call it cleansing

You call it sore mouth..........I call it cleansing

You call it sore throat...........I call it cleansing

You call it nerves..................I call it an illusion

You call it cool......................I call it brainwashing.

You call it stress.... I call it B_!

What do you call it.  Just having fun



Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Mar 27, 2015

Why would I want to smoke a cigarette? What is so important that I have to have one?





Not one reason. N.O.P.E. Nope

Get over it.

I could not let this day go by without posting.  I am going to celebrate.  First by having a cup of coffee. Second by thanking you all who have been a light in my freedom from nicotine journey.  I pledge to stay the course and continue to improve my life by not smoking and hopefully one day, I will be able to help others on their journey. Yay! Have a smoke free day I am a non smoker. Peace out.


How is everybody doing?

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Mar 24, 2015

I hope everyones day has gone well .  I started writing this blog earlier this evening and it went bloop. I hope it does not happen again.  Today was a wonderful busy day.  Tuesday's I volunteer at  a church Food Ministry.  It is very laboring.  Today I got a good example of  "association".  'Even though I did not have a strong urge to smoke, there was an awareness or presence that reminded me that I use to do that.  Get myself all smoked up before starting and reward myself when I finished. Being a closet smoker was a lot of work. I now laugh at myself on how much trouble I would go through not to get "caught" smh

Reality Check,.I am moving forward.  I was over it in a matter of seconds and it did not bother me. 

Reality check,  I did not dwell on it.  Done. I keep telling my addiction that it is wasting it's time because I am not going to smoke. Period. 

Now on another front, I started my 5 week training for a 5K Run Walk fundraiser for Disabled Veterans.  I walked 2 miles with weights this afternoon.  It was very invigorating. I won third place in my last feat and I was a smoker. .  My friend commented that I could have taken 1st if I did not smoke. I was annoyed when he said it but he probably was correct, maybe a little denial on my part. lol  Can you imagine? So this year I am hoping to place 1st. 

Reality check I am a nicotine addict and I can not pick up.

Hope your day was a great as mine.  Have a good night "Toodles" Breathe, I am a non smoker.


Reality check on day 57

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Mar 23, 2015

Just realizing how much nicotine had clouded my thinking.  No it did not make me fall down drunk like an alcoholic. Nor did it make me nod out like a herion addict  But it did make me act like an addict. lose my train of thought, thinking about when and where I would get my next fix. Not really caring about the cost...burning my money. I really can't think of anything good about smoking cigarettes. 

As organized as I thought I was, I realize today how much more organized I can be.  As much of a clean freak as I am, i realize how cigarettes made my life dirtier .(ashes, butts, burns, odor and on and on and on)

The major life goals that I had previously set and never met are now on the horizon.  I can sing!!! I can see clearer the smoke is gone.  All of the smoke clouds have drift away.  It's gonna be a bright, bright sun shiny day.  look all around nothing but blue skys.  Look straight ahead nothing but blue skys. Yeah! My focus is in a more productive.  Yes I know I still have a long way to go.  But there is light at the end of this tunnel.  The scales have been removed from my eyes.  I can shout for joy and really mean it from the bottom of my soul.

Hallejah and stomping my feet.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No not one, no not one.

Not in my hand, not on my lips, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my nose  not in my clothes.

 N O P E  I am a nicotine addict and if I take one puff I will be trapped. Not today folks, I got this.   Today is a smoke free day. I am a non smoker.  I am going to be okay. Urges not strong, very slight almost not recognizable but I recognize they are there and I will not slip or be tripped.  Today is not the day, no not one. Breathe Breathe. Sing, Sing, Run Run Walk Walk. See you later going to  get on with my life without a cigarette.


Good morning.

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Mar 21, 2015

Just sitting here drinking my morning coffee.  Getting mentally prepared for a smoke free day. Going to read a few blogs  I have been re-reading  some chapters of FFN-TJH. For those who don't know it is Freedom from Nicotine The Journey Home. I have not practiced how to post websites yet. but it can be found on It is a very informative book.  One of the main points is that you can not take that one puff or the addiction cycle starts again.  If you have not read it you should take the opportunity to start reading it. 

Well I have a lot to do today.  Have a smoke free day,this is my last quit I am a non smoker. For all the times I said I is done, thank God.  I think it is day 55 or 56, I am not sure, but who's counting?  Not me lol. Just checked it is day 55.  kudos to me more to go.


Quick note to myself

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Mar 20, 2015

I am so glad I no longer waste my time trying to get a cigarette,

Doing great, hope you are too.  Have a smoke free day.  I am a non smoker.


Thank you

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Mar 17, 2015

All for your congratulations for my 50 day celebration.  I won't forget it. .  Looking forward to many more. Have a smoke free day, I am a non smoker.  Beautiful day outside....gotta go.

Five Hundred (500) cigarettes not smoked. Saved $150.00 in the bank. (wow)

 Who is really counting?  " Not me!"  lol. I am a non smoker.


Have a joyous smoke free day, I am.

Like taking the training wheels off of a bicycle.  Or your parent finally lets go so you balance your bicycle on your own. Or releasing your hand while on your first pair of skates. They no longer have to sit close to the wheel while you are learning to drive a car.  Yes we had our fears in life but when we finally were on our own it brought us so much joy and a great since of accomplishment.

Now we have dealt with letting the nicotine/tobacco/cigarette go.  It feels good. It is not as bad as we thought it could be.  Yeah we may have had a few sleepless nights, headaches, cravings, urges and even gaineda few pounds but we are much better off healthwise and feeling a great sense of accomplishment.  We are no longer trapped.  "Just saying, it ain't all that bad".  It is worth it. So let's continue to move forward knowing we can do this without a doubt.

Have a smoke free day I am, day 49 but not really counting.

I am a non smoker

Still smoke free. I don't have to have it. Lately I have been in situations that I would normally smoke.  I am just so glad that I dont do that anymore.  Makes my life a lot simplier.  I could go on and on about it but I will spare you the details.  But it is great.  Have a good night everyone.  Had a very busy day.  Lungs getting stronger, Choir rehearsal was a blast. Worked as a volunteer at a  Food Pantry today, I could smell all of the smokers.  I have been too busy today to think much about cigarettes. It has been a fun day.   Again, have a good night all.  Be blessed, God loves you and so do I .  Thank you all for your continued support, motivation and inspiration.  Congrats to all who made it another day smoke free.  And for those who didnt, dont give up.  Get back on track QUICK!!!!!! It'slife or death.... you choose.

Peace out.

Day 44 still smoke free the way I want to be. 

My thought and pledge for today, My confirmation to me. 

Not on my lips, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my nose, not in my clothes. 

Yeah,  I have gained a few pounds, 4-5 lbs so far.  I keep telling myself it is muscle gain from all the exercise.  Or that my clothes have shrunk in the dryer.  lol  Oh well,  one thing at a time like one day at a time.  I will not use that as an excuse for me to start smoking again.  My vanity and weight obsession is dead right now, not stressing.(I have to tell myself) Got to keep it moving. lol I have to keep breathing.

Have a smoke free day, I am.



Even though I could not get on the website, everything has been good.  Forgot to reset my clock, but I will live.  I hope everyone is doing okay.  Thanks for your help in gettting me back online.  I have really missed being here and reading the blogs and other important information to help stay smoke free. 

Finally a warm day.  I have been outdoors for the most part.. I have learned to do things outdoors without smoking.  LOTS of leaves and debris from the storms. Good cleanup. What a great accomplishment.

Yesterday was the first time I had been around a friend  that is a smoker.   I knew I could not avoid them for the rest of my life but I was not making any extra effort to be around them.    I have just made up my mind that I will never put another cigarette in my hand so I wasnt tempted to smoke.  I excused myself when they lite up.  However when I got home it seemed that there was some type of residual affect.   I kept smelling it, even though he did not smoke around me.  It made my night a little more tense in my quit, recognizing I still have a way to go.  So I am not making any extra effort to see my friend.  They have set a quit date of April 4. I wish them the best of luck.  Still staying smoke free.  Not always easy but worth the effort.

Good to see you guys and gals have a great week smoke free, I am


Problems with site.

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Mar 8, 2015

I have been having problems getting on this site since March 1.  Still smoke free.  Hope I was missed. I hope I can get back on.  Missed reading blogs.  Hope everyone is okay and enjoying some of this great on and off weather.