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On a happier note, I finally brought myself around to get four new Rhode Island Red biddies.  It took me a good while to take that chance again.  The three chickens I had for over five years were killed by animals owned by a psychotic neighbor a few houses down who refused to control her pets.  Her pets are gone now, and I will once again attempt to enjoy these beautiful birds' personalities, antics and their fresh brown eggs when they start laying in another six or seven months.

Nothing tastes better than fresh brown eggs.  Actually, nothing tastes better until you stop smoking and remain smokefree, in order to allow your taste buds to enjoy things on a whole new and different level, especially fresh from your backyard.


Have a happy Saturday!


Irish Rose   


Major Number of E-Mails

Posted by IrishRose Apr 3, 2019

Did everyone get hundreds and hundreds of messages to show up in their inbox just recently???  Messages appeared from over eight years ago in my inbox.  So many people are just gone from here.  May I ask what is going on now?  UGH!  It saddened my heart to receive all these messages from people who have just disappeared from this site.  Many people as soon as just last year have not logged on since 2018.  


Irish Rose